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David miscavige s use of productive and

David, Scientology


Ever since their inception, the practice of Scientology continues to be of great interest to many outside it due to its unconventional traditions. The House of worship of Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard in 1950 (Wood). Hubbard passed away in 1986, naming no obvious successor (Howell). David Miscavige rose towards the challenge soon after, and he continues to business lead with the title of Chairman of the Table of Religious Technology Center. This role gives Miscavige various responsibilities, particularly as an “ecclesiastical leader” (David Miscavige). This statement will analyze how David Miscavige engages effective and ineffective management qualities as the head of Scientology.

Although this kind of report is going to focus on the leadership of Miscavige, it is important to establish what Scientology is usually through explaining some of the major techniques and morals. In Hubbard’s writing, Scientology is defined as “an applied faith based philosophy and technology managing problems of the spirit, your life and thought” (Hubbard 2-5). The morals followed in Scientology happen to be reportedly as follows:

“75 , 000, 000 years ago[, ] Earth was known as Teegeeack and a great intergalactic warlord named Xenu brought immeasureable his opponents here from other stars and vaporized associated with hydrogen bombs. The spirits of those creatures still stay with our planet, and auditing exorcises them” (Wood).

Many tout Scientology’s credo because bizarre, though others argue “the Scientologists’ beliefs are no more weird than some other religion” (Bradshaw). Undoubtedly, David Miscavige must dedicate a great deal of effort inside the act of dispelling whispers in regards to Scientology in order to maintain the organization. It is time to take a look at what Miscavige truly does to lead The Church of Scientology and keep its incredibly existence.

Leadership Communication Design

David Miscavige features an severe leadership style. He maintains strict control over followers by directly controlling policy, procedures and behaviors and also make[s] distance between himself wonderful followers because means of emphasizing role distinctions (Hackman and Johnson). This can be alleged by past and current figures, including probably the most respected numbers of the Cathedral, Debbie Cook suggested which the organization provides lost it is way beneath Miscaviges way. He, in respect to some, shows up as a tyrant who is unafraid to discipline those who wait in his way or take out executives from other post (Miami). Rathbun, a former senior exec and agent of the House of worship of Scientology, who once defended Miscavige against any kind of allegations now claims that he is simply a your five foot your five bully who also physically disorders underlings (Nark). The current innovator abuses all those in his order and isolates followers from other families, using his fists to contact peoples lives. It is also alleged that acting professional Tom Sail was made to divorce Nicole Kidman in 2001 in Miscavige’s behest. Kidman’s father was considered to be a essenti of Scientology. A stringent authoritarian head such as Miscavige would not permit his expert to be asked (Howell). This kind of also leads to the power distance that is perceived by Scientologists. There is a huge power length, as is according to his stringent authoritarian management. His phrase is law and any kind of argument can cause an individual staying cast out of the group (Growing Clear). Even though Miscavige significantly inspired many current and past enthusiasts, he is constantly on the maintain a strict control of the Church, ensuring that each individual is doing what he thinks will benefit the faith.

To a few well-known individuals like Ben Cruise, whom identify themselves as Scientologists, Miscavige is viewed as a competent, clever, tolerant or perhaps compassionate guy (Nark). Since Cruise is such a high profile celebrity, Miscavige expertly manipulates him by fulfilling good behaviour. After Miscavige convinced Luxury cruise to divorce Kidman, Sail and Miscavige returned to good conditions again. In accordance to Ortega, “by 2004, Tom Luxury cruise was the many gung-ho Scientologist in the world, and Miscavige planned to recognize him for it. This individual called it ‘The Freedom Medal of Valour’ and so they put together this thirty-five day video. In it, they will just appear this concept that Tom Sail is the Minister plenipotentiary of Scientology to the world” (Going Clear).

David Travolta has also been a dedicated Scientologist for several years. Travolta stated, “I’m component to a frontier, in a way, that all few people get to be a part of” (Howell). Although not referring to Miscaviges leadership style, these personality traits can be exemplified in his education efforts. Pursuing in Hubbard’s footsteps, Miscavige holds that he holds an important function in the global community as being a religious innovator, as he is definitely part of a Church that is certainly recognized as a legitimate religious institution. Miscavige has used his electric power for a wide array of initiatives, including drug treatment and avoidance as well as working against illiteracy (David Miscavige).

Leadership Style Blake and Mouton Bureaucratic Grid

David Miscaviges leadership style fits into that of Authority Behavior Management under the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid. This kind of leadership focusses less around the people within the organization and more on the task at hand. There is little to no concern for the significance of human your life (Hackman and Johnson). A few ex-members possess alleged abuses under his command. A few have known as Miscavige a dictator whom isolates enthusiasts from their families and uses his fists to touch peoples lives” (Nark). The efficiency of operations inside the church is because arranging conditions of work in such a way that human components interfere to a minimum degree” (Hackman and Johnson). Miscavige is known as a leader whom lets practically nothing stand in his way. In order for certain jobs to be completed, he is not really afraid to abuse and mistreat associates of the Chapel. In the past, those who stood in his way confronted disciplinary action, and many business owners have even been taken from their post (Miami). In respect to Rathbun, “Miscavige can be described as true who trust. He uses and violations people on a personal level. Its how he got to the top. That is how he stayed in the top” (Going Clear). The best situation was when Miscavige’s paranoia led him to “turn up against the Sea Org’s most high-ranking executives” (Alex Gibney, Going Clear). DeVocht said, “He very definitely wiped out that organizational routine in order to be capable to have ultimate power” (Going Clear). “In 2004, Miscavige ordered the top officers in the Sea Org. to Scientology’s gold foundation in The south. He required them to reside in a pair of double-wide trailers that came to be ‘the Hole'” (Alex Gibney, Going Clear). In accordance to Rinder, former Church of Scientology Spokesman, “The doors experienced bars put them under. The windows all had bars put on them and there is one entry door that the security guard sitting at twenty-four hours a day” (Going Clear). DeVocht recounts, “We were informed that we were required to come up with what each other peoples crimes were against Miscavige and Hubbard so that we’re able to eventually get from the hole” (Going Clear). With tactics such as those demonstrated above, it truly is evident that David Miscavige has little regard intended for the fans of the Cathedral of Scientology, only tending to the tasks the necessity to be done to benefit both the cathedral or him self.

Maintaining Control

Miscavige upheld Hubbard’s dreamt up policies and procedures following his fatality. The “Fair Game” coverage was the most compelling in Scientology’s background. Tony Ortega, a correspondent, explains (Going Clear), “This comes correct out of Hubbard’s procedures from the 60s. He [Hubbard] said: ‘We never guard, we constantly attack. ‘ And they adopted it since that time. They referred to as it ‘Fair Game’ and anybody who have criticizes Scientology is ‘Fair Game. ‘” Scientology got always had problems with the us government because they considered themselves to be a religion and should not have to pay out taxes. When ever Hubbard is at power, this individual fled the us in order to avoid spending millions of dollars in taxes (Going Clear). Yet , a critical moment to get Scientology was on Oct 1, 93, when the IRS deemed Scientology to be a religious beliefs and naturally them taxes exemption. Miscavige said, “What we are going to discuss today can be described as war that could end most wars” (Going Clear). Lawrence Wright, writer of the publication Going Clear, further points out, “Faced with this crisis, Miscavige developed a strategy” (Going Clear). Not only was your church suing the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, but Scientologists also started suing people within the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and looking into the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE for basic crimes that had nothing to do with the Church (Going Clear). Alex Gibney came to the conclusion, “It [IRS], forgave the billion dollars dollar goverment tax bill and granted Scientology it is tax exemptionMiscavige let Goldberg know that if they could get exempt status, all those lawsuits should go away overnight” (Going Clear).

The complete organization is additionally set up on the bait-and-switch principle. According to Paul Haggis, when he first joined, this individual thought that Scientology was a thing simply designed to help attain their personal goals in life (Going Clear). However , Ortega explains, “You need to be a Scientologist pertaining to seven or perhaps eight years and in for the couple hundred thousand us dollars before you finally purchase backstory of Xenu the galactic overlord. Now if you had been told that on day one, how many people would join? inches (Going Clear). This accomplishment inspired fans to remain an element of the House of worship and proven Miscavige a worthy innovator, thus allowing for him to keep control over his followers.

Hubbard made the electropsychometer in order to perform what he called “auditing sessions. ” These periods were supposed to help people solve their inner anxieties and issues. What many people did not understand was that the Church registered and applied their confidential information to manage their conduct. “One in the reasons for Cruise’s loyalty to Scientology, the film [Going Clear] alleges, is that Miscavige maintains a folder of traveler info creating the church’s claim that Cruise engages in ‘perverted sex’. That description of Cruise’s intimate relationships, which isn’t very elaborated after, comes from among the many former Scientologists interviewed by Gibney” (The Star). “Cruise ended his 11-year relationship to Kidman in 2001 after Miscavige became suspicious of Kidman’s daddy, a prominent Australian psychiatrist who was critical of Scientology. As for Boniadi, also an actress and a series regular in TV SET drama Homeland, the film says Sail cruelly solid her out, after your woman was cautiously groomed to be in his campany him (including orthodontic function and 20 dollars, 000 really worth clothes), since she unintentionally disrespected Miscavige” (The Star). Because of Miscavige’s friendship with and influence over him, Cruise is easily manipulated to perform whatever Miscavige decides will benefit the Church.

Following Style

Scientologist believers are conformists, they are dedicated to organizational goals but communicate few thoughts of their own (Hackman and Johnson). They strongly follow the guidelines set by both the publication of Dianetics and by their past and current ecclesiastical leaders. According to Lorne Dawson, a professor in the University of Waterloo, They will [followers] sincerely believe that their lives [due to joining scientology] gain purpose and meaning, and that they have outstanding insight into the earth (Allemang). Under the authoritarian leadership style of David Miscavige, who also maintains rigid control over believers, Scientologists have been completely led to keep back thoughts and ideas because of fear of specialist (Beebe ou al 88). Ms. Jenna Miscavige, niece of David Miscavige, believes that Scientology makes it hard for supporters to leave the faith… since the chapel threatens its dissidents with severe reprisals. Many enthusiasts are often mown from early childhood. To Ms. Miscavige, this tactic is definitely disgusting. Their completely benefiting from someone whos innocent, prone and is without one right now there to protect them (Globe Mail). Members are conformists, being trained in a young grow older and with an institutional fear of the executive users of Scientology. They are frightened to speak up or speak poorly from the religion, as a result holding back ideas. Conformity may also be the reason why Scientology is growing. Canadian Scientology leaders declare that there are 100, 000 scientologists within Canada, although a past census conducted by the government just recorded one particular, 525 (Allemang). Although it is not attracting as many enthusiasts as business owners desire, with followers obeying the rules of the church, the member depend will continue to increase. Scientologys growth technique depends on maintaining the children of the very most fervent Scientologists, people who are nurtured in the beliefs and used to its ways. Many current scientologists were born in to the religion, and still have no choice but to take part in their morals (Allemang).

The ocean Organization

The publication Beyond Idea: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape is definitely written by Jenna Miscavige Hillside, the relative of Scientology leader David Miscavige. Jenna Miscavige Mountain is a north american former Scientologist in Further than Belief: My Secret Existence Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Break free, Jenna explains growing up in the cathedral, her your life as a member of Sea Org, the church’s most devoted core group. Jenna talks about in detail in her book what it was like to be dispatched away since a child to receive an education in Scientology, the labor that was forced upon her, the harassment she faced coming from officials through her life (Hill). Not merely is she linked to Scientology’s strongest member, although after going out of the Chapel of Scientology in 2006, she has be a prominent vit of the corporation and of David Miscavige himself. Jenna Miscavige appears in Piers Morgan Live to talk about her publication, Beyond Idea: My Key Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape. Presently there she confesses to Piers that her uncle, David Miscavige would be classified nasty. She speaks out regarding David Miscavige, stating just how “someone who have decides in the event that thousands of people cannot have kid, runs a church in which he forces child killingilligal baby killing, has persons performing time duties and separates them from their households would be without a doubt considered “evil” (Jenna Miscavige on Piers Morgan Tonight, 2/05/2013. ). In addition , Miscavige inspired fear among the people in the Ocean Org. He was also described as controlling and acting as though he is superior authority determine among the organization. She also explains that he forms a group that is difficult to leave, and guilt is thrown upon you in the event you attempt to leave. He as well makes the people today belonging to the organization not really trust themselves either, often making them second guess themselves so they will feel as if they are not able to produce decisions (Hill). Considering the individuality of David Miscavige referred to through his niece Jenna Miscavige, it truly is evident that the leadership design David Miscavige, the Scientology leader switches into is the Authoritarian style. My experience in growing in Scientology is the fact it is both equally mentally and at times bodily abusive, Miscaviges niece, ex – Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Mountain, told The Hollywood Media reporter. We got a lousy education from unqualified teachers, pressured labor, hard, forced confessions, being saved in rooms, not forgetting the mental anguish of trying to figure out each of the conflicting info they force upon you as a young child” (Corneau). One of the many consequences in Authoritarian led groups will be, “the supporters exhibit even more dependence and less individuality beneath authoritarian commanders. ” Consequently , it would appear sensible that kids in authoritarian groups are more submissive than patients in other groups. These kids in these corporation are “less likely to trigger action with all the approval of the leader and fewer likely to exhibit their opinion and suggestions than children in the democratic and laissez-faire group” (Hackman and Johnson 75). As Jenna Miscavige identifies, this was the problem due to the fact that David Miscavige because an severe leader from this group will “dictate follower behaviour, inches and control them through the use of power and fear (Hackman and Johnson 75).


While the head of Scientology, David Miscavige exhibits an authoritarian leadership style. This is exemplified in his maintenance of “strict control of followers simply by directly controlling policy, techniques and behaviours” (Hackman and Johnson). Miscavige also demonstrates his severe leadership style through the emphasis of position distinctions as well as the creation of a large power range between him self and his enthusiasts. The members of the Church of Scientology exhibit a conformist fans style, which will befits the use of authoritarian management. On Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Main grid, Miscavige’s leadership can be categorized as “Authority Obedience Management” (Hackman and Johnson).


There are a few approaches that David Miscavige should consider in order to reinforce his management. Authoritarian leadership comes with particular drawbacks. Even though it is more positively approved in much larger groups, it is known to boost turnover prices. This situation is usually not perfect for Scientology, exactly where followership is meant to be a life time commitment. Authoritarian leadership is likewise known to boost aggression via followers (Hackman and Meeks 78). Seeing that Miscavige is definitely fashioned while an ecclesiastical leader, the loyalty and trust of followers is imperative to achieve your goals. Miscavige will need to lessen this kind of strict authoritarianism if this individual wishes for the Chapel to be profitable in the future. This can be accomplished by decreasing power length and combining more democratic methods. Allowing followers to feel they may have some control in just how Scientology is usually run may decrease the unwanted effects of severe leadership. Miscavige may also consider distributing a number of his electrical power for making decisions more consistently across additional executives. An example of this would be instituting a Plank of Directors who, along with him, make crucial choices for Scientology. In addition to gaining the expertise of people via a variety of experience, followers may possibly feel even more supported and represented (Hackman and Johnson). There are a multitude of ways in which Scientology can be business lead, each with its own worth, Miscavige would do well to consider the benefits of each.

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