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Disability and able bodied people article

Just what normal person? Could it be a man playing basketball with his friends within a park? Can it be a woman using horses by using a grassy field? Or could it be the double amputee that wears pricey sunglasses on a summer day? These photos have all been depicted in the media, nevertheless the latter is usually not demonstrated as frequently. In case the media features disabled individuals more often in addition to a better lumination, it will become the norm, therefore evoking oneness among all Americans.

As a culture, we do not really embrace those people who are different than all of us.

We are only tolerant of those because were required to be. Television, print out, and business advertisements would be the only portrayal that the majority of People in the usa receive of the world around them. To combat prejudice and section between impaired and able-bodied people, there has to be an neutral, well-rounded watch of each inside the media. Picture if you occupied a world to only found ads with people who suffered from degenerative diseases, paraplegia, genetic disorders, etc .

Would you begin to query whether you were normal or certainly not?

During the spring of my personal senior yr in high school, I shadowed an occupational therapist who also worked with autistic children. There are great lessons to be discovered this semester, many of that we discovered coming from observing the kids themselves. I actually began to sympathize with them make myself to their shoes. My spouse and i realized that I was in simply no better shape than these were, and we are not actually that different. Within my free time, We would search tirelessly for ads which brought autism and disability into the forefront in a way that showed that they live all their lives just like I did.

Extremely seldomly could I find one, then when I did, it had been not coming from a major merchant. Disability rights organizations start a great job of raising consciousness as promoters for the disabled, yet I obstacle the rest of the media to do the same. By making the lives from the disabled even more visible inside the media, day-to-day Americans can to see the disabled in the same way I saw them at my internship. The able-bodied will discover an array of persons different from all of them just by putting those struggling with various disabilities on television.

Consequently, bringing able-bodied and handicapped persons a single step closer together. Additionally , the manner in which the disabled are depicted in the media is definitely equally important. Becoming acclimated to seeing impaired people in roles we normally tend not to encounter will certainly further present that we may all live together together. Switching the disabled person from door greeter to cashier in Walmart commercials is one example of this. Finding a incapable person be competitive in the Worldwide Olympic games and not simply a participant in the Exceptional Olympics is also another example.

Instead of reducing the abilities in the handicapped, we are able to portray them in areas where they are apart of and grow with society. Will be disabled and able-bodied persons gelled together living in a harmonious relationship or basically separate groupings put together simply by force? Based on my knowledge, it is the latter, but it will not have to be. The media has played an important role in the manner individuals are viewed throughout history. Once we modify our perspective and awareness on other folks, we change the way we live our day to day lives. At that time we will begin to question who have defines what is “normal and what is not really.


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