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Early adulthood challenges essay

Varied grow older brackets are identified to protect early adult life stage of development. Richard Erikson describes this stage as youthful adulthood, approximately ages 18 to twenty-five (Harder, 2002), the development stage occurring after adolescence. This is how an individual forms down and starts his own family. This is actually the stage if a person usually separates in the parents and becomes self-employed. In the course of this kind of turning point, the young adult goes through voluminous challenges and trials. As he goes through these trials, he will probably need the good support of family, his intimate partner and his peers.

As soon as the fresh adult sails on a fresh life, to look for work in order to eat, spend rent, purchase his requirements, he knows that life is not that easy as it has been when he was under the roof top of his parents. If he can not work, he will be unable to satisfy his basic requires. He would not have the liberty of calming because he can be on his own.

This situation is a same for both men and women. Modern situations put both sexes in related situations when it comes to responsibilities of adult life. Many knowledge emotional malfunction when they finally settle down and begin their own families.

The pressure the fact that community imposes on the small adult, to determine a monogamous relationship with an intimate partner and to turn into a parent could also cause emotional trauma. Those people who are caught unsuspecting for challenges may end up getting anxieties manifested through several defense mechanisms including suppression, regression, and other emotional problems. (Van Wagner, and. d. ) When these types of problems become serious, they could experience sleeplessness, irritability and could resort to liquor or substance abuse. Consequently, operate, family your life and human relationships with the community are affected.

Despite self-reliance, parents of young adults have to continue to keep an eye on their kids lives thus they will be all set and accessible to provide support should their children show signs of difficulties, preventing traumatic experience that may bring about psychological problems. References Andrews, D. Watts. (1997). Understanding Adolescent Issue Behavior. Kentkucky State School. Retrieved 21 years old October 08 from http://fcs. osu. edu/hdfs/bulletin/volume. 2/bull21a. htm Boeree, G. (2006) Sigmund Freud. Individuality Theories. Gathered 21 March 2008 from http://webspace. send. edu/cgboer/freud. html code Harder, A.

F. (2002) The Developing Stages of Erik Erikson. Learning Place Online. com. Retrieved 21 years old October 2008 from http://www. learningplaceonline. com/stages/organize/Erikson. htm Topics of Adult Development (n. d. ) Retrieved twenty one October 2008 from http://209. 85. 173. 104/search? q=cache: K6w_C2TbqDoJ: www. coping. org/write/C6035humandev/Lectures/lecture19adultdevthemes. ppt+early+adulthood+stages+development&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=8&gl=ph Vehicle Wagner, K. (n. m. ) Immunity process. About. com. Retrieved 21 October 08 from http://psychology. about. com/od/theoriesofpersonality/ss/defensemech_3. htm


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