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Effect of ph on food chemical preservatives essay

Salt Benzoate is a common food preservative used in food products such as jams and jellies, soft drinks, pickles, condiments and so forth and in tinned products available in the market. This experiment aimed to decide whether benzoic acid is formed from it’s superior sencillo form sodium benzoate in stomach acid, which can be simulated by simply HCl (pH=2). It has been viewed that for a low optimum pH, i. e. in the presence of sufficient hydrochloric acid, adequate benzoic acid is yielded. The percentage produce is determined in the calculations from the theoretical (stoichiometric) calculations plus the actual deliver from the response.

Also over the experiment, some fundamental laboratory operations such as computing mass and volume, separating solids by liquids by vacuum purification and blow drying solids are familiarized with.

Introduction The reaction of salt benzoate and hydrochloric chemical p is a standard phenomenon of hydrolysis response which adjusts to the concepts of acid-base chemistry and stoichiometry. Within a typical hydrolysis reaction, each time a salt dissolves in drinking water, the salt dissociates to the constituent anions and cations (benzoate and sodium ions respectively).

Also, when ever strong acids like hydrochloric acid dissolves in water, chloride ions and hydronium ions are formed.

Consequently in the effect involving sodium benzoate and hydrochloric acidity solution, inside the presence of high concentration of hydronium ions, protons will be transferred from your strong acidity H3O+ towards the basic benzoate ion. This will likely yield benzoic acid, C6H5COOH which precipitates from the answer as it has a really poor solubility (0. 34g/100ml). The primary reaction can be sketched out below: As can be seen from your difference in the pKa principles, H3O+ is actually a much stronger chemical p than benzoic acid. So , the balance of the response strongly favours its completion and hence hydrochloric acid which usually ideally simulates the acidulent conditions in the stomach, will convert benzoate to benzoic acid.

Safety: Throughout the research laboratory safety goggles, protective gloves and aprons were worn while performing the experiments. While copying the HCl to the reaction vial inside the student cover, the head need to never always be inside the cup hood since vapour breathing can cause choking hazard and irritations. Also the hosepipes were carefully plugged in and out of the filtering flask to stop breakage or tipping from the Hirsh direct.

Experimental For this experiment and basic procedures, calibrated Pasteur pipettes, a 5ml conical reaction vial, watch a glass, stirring fishing rod, electronic stability, small evaluation tube, Hirsh funnel, filtration flask and filter paper are used. The method for this test appears on-page 7 from the lab manual, Multiscale Organic Chemistry (4th custom UB edition)3.

As the primary goal of this research was to understand whether salt benzoate reacts with simulated stomach acid to create benzoic acid, the results clearly show that a good reaction near to completion, in the event not totally complete, happened. The percentage deliver calculation discloses that approximately 90% of benzoic chemical p as white colored precipitate had been recovered from your reaction.

There was a number of factors which might possess contributed to the 10% deficiency in the last yield. It takes to be mentioned though which a percentage produce of lower than 100% can be achieved since the drying from the solid mass after vacuum pressure filtration was sufficient to give a practical amount. During measurements of mass of benzoate and benzoic acid if it’s formed, there have been obvious individual errors involved. Some benzoates were misplaced while transferring to the conical reaction vial from the view glasses, and further loss of the product benzoic acid might have occurred when the remedy mixture was tipped around the Hirsh channel.

We could not determine if the response was finish or not really, so we might not have acquired all the salt converted some. The solution might not have sufficiently and gradually cooled though just about every effort was made for that, hence there could be lack of benzoic acid crystals creating. The litmus test could have contributed to a significant loss of the precipitate, yet only one instead of multiple checks were performed to see if the response mixture was acidic enough. Given the carefully controlled experiments plus the 90% yield, it can be deemed that the strategies used to execute the tests are total proof and performed as immaculately as is possible.

Conclusion The fact that a new substance is indeed when ever sodium benzoate is placed into a simulated stomach acid has been demonstrated successfully with the tests and above mentioned results. A 90% deliver suggests that all of the basic operations were carried out as efficiently and properly as possible and measures taken up minimize apparent errors which may take place although performing the experiments. All in all, the research provided a practical evidence of the idea behind the hydrolysis of sodium benzoate and percentage yield of it’s product.


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