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Employee managing in hospitality essay

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Housekeeping Fraud: The Westin Arlington Entrance

Overview of Westin Arlington Gateway

The company beneath research is referred to as Westin Arlington Gateway. Westin Arlington Entrance is a global hotel present in Virginia. Westin Arlington Entrance is one of the global hotels which have captured the state-of-the-art development. Westin Arlington Gateway can be found in Virginia, one of the mega cities in the world with massive travel growth and vibrant human activity. The motel offers a variety of products and services that can meet the consumer preferences and tastes. By Westin Arlington Gateway, almost everything is done for the sake of the customer. The customer, who is the main person in the hotel, is usually assisted to feel at best at all times. As an example, this year, Westin Arlington Gateway has introduced the Westin Wellbeing Movement (Colbert, 2012). This will likely be a global initiative accustomed to create awareness for the shoppers as they strive to access the very best of the products and services from the hotel. Various companies and establishments are important pertaining to the comfort of the consumer at the facility. The initiative intends to comprise of ground breaking partnerships along with supplementary applications that will be presented across Westin’s six key elements of health and wellness. The half a dozen pillars which have been categorical of Westin Arlington Gateway consist of sleeping very well, eating well, moving well, feeling well, working well, and playing well. One of the many features which have been instrumental inside the success and sustainability of Westin Arlington Gateway may be the security in the hotel as well as the clients, in and out.


One particular main problem that is certainly experienced with the Westin Arlington Gateway can be security. Insecurity is one of the key threats which have always damaged the nature of creation and day to day activities within the resort. Theft is definitely experienced in the housekeeping office and influences the resort in various techniques. In fact , a number of items lose your direction in the housekeeping department. Clients lose their home in some illustration, among various other theft cases that have been reported. According to the administration of Westin Arlington Entrance, security has long been beefed up since this is recognized as as one of the ways through which the six support beams can be thoroughly secured and offered to those. With all those inside place, there is also a need to have a central concentrate on the issue of house cleaning theft as it is occurring in one facility at the motel premises (Colbert, 2012).

Exploration objectives

Protecting against it via happening

Low self-esteem is taking care of that is successful when it comes to coping with people and property (Cost 2102 International Training University, Esposito, 2010). Insecurity poises the existence and durability of any business but not as experienced at Westin Arlington Gateway alone. Just before any insecurity, as robbery occurs, it is necessary to put actions in place that will ensure there is a maximum state of reliability offered. As an example, Westin Arlington Gateway needs to invest in the current technology, although ensuring that equitable strategies are formulated and implemented on insecurity possibly outside the resort. The hotel has to educate its employees on how ideal they can handle issues of housekeeping robbery. Awareness should be scaled substantial among the personnel and the security personnel that are working at the lodge.

Secondly, there has to be apparatus to monitor the states of movements and activity within the hotel constantly. For instance, the hotel should certainly put in place enough CCTV cams, surveillance digital cameras and computer systems, and a standby monitoring personnel that could ensure that practically nothing happens without having to be noted by the security personnel. Additionally, the motel has to

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