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Environmental science chapter 18 assessment essay

Chapters 18-1 & 18-2 Review

Section one particular Review –

1 . List six forms of power, and review the advantages and disadvantages of each. Pros: 1) Unaggressive solar warming may keep a great advantage for a homeowner if there is reliable sun rays that is able to sparkle into the home and produce warmth. As well, it will lessen energy bills within their liquid even though the sun is definitely not shimmering.

3) Breeze power is cheap, clean strength that is the normal household. 2) Active sun heating software has the advantage of holding heat in essentially free of charge once the infrastructure is purchased.

4) Biomass fuel is abundant supply and can convert waste into energy.

5) Hydroelectric energy may be pricey to build, but are inexpensive to control. Unlike precious fuel crops, hydroelectric atteinte do not launch air pollutants into the atmosphere that cause acid anticipation. They also outlast most other plants. 6) Geothermal energy is nearly entirely emission free and can be built underground.

Cons: 1) Passive solar heating may only be seen while an effective utilization of power in case the climate has the capacity to provide enough sunlight.

2) Lively solar heat plans can be very expensive and in many areas, an energetic solar system will be unable to record enough sun light to replace the heating and electrical systems in a residence. 3) Wind flow power could be a failed energy source, for wind flow is inconsistent, unsteady and unpredictable. 4) Biomass energy is harmful for produce and needs a substructure of fossil fuel to get production and use. It may result in home loss, deforestation, and hazardous air pollution. 5) Hydroelectric strength is straight related to simply how much water is available, thus possibly causing a drought. In addition they relate to concours in characteristics due to damming of normal water, changed water flow plus the construction of roads and power lines. 6) Geothermal power is also expensive to get and should be managed thoroughly so that it is not used up

. 2 . Illustrate the differences among passive sun heating, energetic solar warming, and pv energy. Passive solar energy uses the sun’s energy to heat something directly when active photo voltaic heating and photovoltaic strength uses energy from the sunshine that is collected by enthusiasts.

3. Illustrate how hydroelectric energy, geothermal energy, and geothermal energy pumps job. Hydroelectric energy is made by heating up water to produce heavy steam, which then spins the turbines and builds electricity. Geothermal energy is produced when steam rises by using a well and drives turbines, which make electricity. The leftover liquefied water can then be pumped into the hot ordinary. Geothermal energy pumps are used so when the ground is usually warmer, the heat is transmitted from the ground to warm the property and when the land is cool, heat can be transferred through the house towards the ground to cool the home. 4. Explain whether all renewable energy sources get their origin in energy through the sun. Only a small fraction of the sun’s energy reaches the planet earth. However , this energy is enough to electricity the wind, herb growth, plus the water routine. So virtually all renewable energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun.

Section 2 Assessment –

1 . Identify three alternative energy technology, and identify two ways that hydrogen could be used because fuel origin in the future. 3 examples of option energy technology are tidal power, ocean thermal strength conversion, and solar chimneys. Tidal electric power is when the tide goes up, water runs behind a dam and once the wave falls, this particular is stuck behind the damn. Once water in the reservoir is usually released, this turns a turbine that generates electricity. OTEC is usually when warm surface drinking water is boiled in a vacuum pressure chamber. The boiling water produces steam to push a turbine that builds electricity. Photo voltaic chimneys make use of the greenhouse impact to produce shifting air that escapes through a central chimney where wind turbines make electrical power. Hydrogen may be burned because fuel, for doing it does not contain carbon, so they must do not launch pollutants associated with burning non-renewable fuels and biomass. Hydrogen isotopes can also be used within a controlled elemental fusion effect. 2 . List as many ways as you can for individuals and communities to conserve strength. – Changing light bulbs with new cost effective models – Adjusting the temperature of your house while apart or sleeping – Wash clothing with cold drinking water

– Mount low-flow showerheads and faucets

– Turning out lighting in empty rooms

3. Identify the difference between energy conservation and strength efficiency. Strength efficiency is a percentage of one’s put into something that does useful job while strength conservation means saving energy.

4. What factors affect a person’s decision to conserve energy? Factors that may influence a person’s choice to conserve energy are to help decrease their energy bill and help the environment.


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