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Ergonomics and human elements essay

Excerpt from Composition:

Inside the contemporary business environment, web based learned to satisfy their customers, however , they are also instructed to satisfy their particular employees. For example, the Fedex has discovered that there is a statistical correlation between employee fulfillment and customer satisfaction. A fall in employee satisfaction contributes to a decrease in customer satisfaction. It has already been discovered across different industries that employee satisfaction assists in increasing customer satisfaction along with increasing all their loyalty to organizations. Employees who happen to be satisfied with their jobs and working conditions will be dedicated to organizations, offer superior quality services and productivity. Yet , the case of LegoAssembly4You discloses that the a lot of the time employee is definitely not satisfied along with his present task because he is a one concluding most of the job tasks and earns similar remuneration while using part time member of staff. Despite becoming a full-time staff member, he is available the same shell out per hour while using part time staff making him contemplating of quitting the company. Moreover, his motivation to complete the work is decreasing because he feels that dr. murphy is the one executing most of the tasks. The LegoAssembly4You needs put into action motivation model very fast to stop their knowledgeable employee quitting the company.

The objective of this project is to apply a inspiration model to retain the company employee and aiding in improving employees task satisfactions.

1 . Application Inspiration Model to the Case

This kind of study can be applied the inspiration model to enhance the comfort of workers and reduce the workers turnover level. Zhang, Fan, Zhang, (2015) believe that a software of motivation model is an efficient tool to improve creative shows. The authors argue that electricity motivation improves individual creativity as well as improving the quality of leader-member exchange. (Zhang, Fan, Zhang, 2015 s 613). The strength motivation is a ability of an individual to get recognition, impact others, and gain social status.

On the other hand, Fernandez, Moldogaziev, (2015) believe employee empowerment is an effective strategy to improve workers motivation, which assists in improving service quality, maximize customer satisfaction and promote creativity. The writers further speak about that personal strength practice promotes self-determination, and enhancing great job satisfaction. In a business environment, empowerment is a organization practice which involves granting a person power or allowing authority for an individual to do what is important. Empowerment is additionally to trust an employee the ability to make a right choice without having to wait for supervision approval. (Evans, 2016). The goal of empowerment is always to tap the intellectual and creative strength and allow a worker to display an actual leadership into their competency domain. Thus, LegoAssembly4You Company ought to apply the model of empowerment to inspire the a lot of the time employee to lessen the turnover rate. The company should provide decision-making towards the lower staff to improve their reason level and morale of full-time worker, which will help in enhancing efficiency and top quality service. Essentially, empowerment practice is a natural strategy to boost employee involvements. LegoAssembly4You ought to motivate the full-time employee by permitting him to involve in decision-makings. In case the full-time worker is allowed to make decision and in charge of the outcomes from the decision, the worker will not contemplate of quitting the company. For example , the full-time employee should be enhanced to the role of a director rather than serving as a co-worker with the part-time employee. In addition, the a lot of the time employee ought to be given the authority to supervise the part-time member of staff and delegate her tasks accordingly. This empowerment approach will make the full-time to take a leading function in the putting together of the merchandise.


An efficient strategy to stimulate employees is usually to change the remuneration. In a business environment, a change within an organization composition may be tough without changing employees praise system. The moment management demands an employee to assume a brand new responsibility, the management should certainly change the remuneration accordingly mainly because organizations that implement adjustments without changing the remuneration may not move too far. The management of LegoAssembly4You should certainly use both intrinsic and extrinsic returns as techniques of motivation because both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are critical to sustaining specific efforts. Moreover, the company will need to redesign the task environment, praise systems, acknowledgement and reimbursement to enhance organizational effectiveness. The corporation should also upgrade the pay structure to retain the full-time employee because he is the worker carrying out the bulk of the position. The payment structure should also be associated with the acquisition of new skills and workers competencies. Fernandez, Moldogaziev (2013) discover the extrinsic rewards as the powerful tools to enhance performances, motivation, and task satisfaction. For instance , the monetary rewards are significantly valued. The intrinsic rewards that involve shell out per performances have also been marginally effective to boost workers activities.

2: Work Design Method of Suggest

The shortcomings identified in the current work design causes this document to suggest that LegoAssembly4 should redesign the work structure using the determination work style. Parker, (2014) argues that motivational work design theory provides evidence of job fulfillment and impact job performances. Moreover, the theory of determination influences a relationship between employees expectations and shows that impacts different rewards for the individual employee. The general concept of mindset work design is to let individual staff member be responsible for the task allowing them freedom of control and authority. The motivation style consists of the JCM (job characteristics model), and group work style. However , the research suggests using the JCM rather than the group function model getting practice. The JCM motivation model aids individual in feeling in charge of their work outcomes. The advantages of this model will be that it helps job satisfactions, and minimizing employee turnover. Moreover, the JCM helps in enhancing development satisfaction, inner work inspiration and organizational commitment. The analysis suggests that the full-time employee should be energized to function as a director for the part-time worker since this individual has already acquired skills and experiences to execute the tasks. Additionally, the personal strength will allow the full-time member of staff to make a decision with regards to the job responsibility.

Most importantly, the remuneration of the full-time worker must be elevated more than part-time staff

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