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Escenario essay

A philosopher pays, reflective and analytical in the views of life in general. For him, every thing offers its proper context, right sense and right principles. There are those who Plato considered to be prejudiced against philosophy. This individual attempted to make clear philosophy through his utilization of analogies such as a: navigator, herb, beast, and tinker. In a ship, the crew keeps the yacht moving, the captain gives orders for the staff to follow, however it is the navigator who directs the dispatch in study course.

In order for the navigator to perform his work, he has to study wind direction, the water current, plus the vessel rate.

A philosopher is like a navigator whom possesses the ability that would continue to keep him coming from straying off course anytime. A philosopher has the wisdom or the gift of reason that would not really allow his unbridled avarice and desires from current over him. The staff represents the out of control avarice and needs that define some people whenever they go through existence.

The captain is a symbol of power. The navigator, together with the important knowledge that he has to commander the ship, has what it takes to seize the energy for himself. This means that there is also a strong temptation for a thinker to use his wisdom in the wrong method.

Plato compared the vices and benefits of gentleman to the weeds and to a good plant. Weeds grow quickly and abundantly anywhere and everywhere but a good herb needs to be nurtured in order for it to grow. The same can be said of man’s wisdom. A person must apply extra effort to develop virtues from that wisdom, because it will never take all the for vices to pass on in his person and in his soul. A beast is incapable of cause. He can be tamed just at a specific time but not forever by simply its trainer. A leader who also exploits the ignorance and bias of men and women is like the trainer who are able to not acquire the beast.

The beast becomes harmful. When appetites and interests can no longer end up being tamed they turn to be the monsters inside all of us. Man will require a strong sense of purpose and knowledge to control these types of beasts. The tinkers do not real talent but they are those who pretend to get the talent. Plato believed that there are plenty of all of them in the Athenian academe, mainly in law and politics. He assumed that the actual philosophers happen to be those with uncompromised beliefs and values and others who have the smallest amount of regard pertaining to fame and money. In his analogies he defended the philosophers and their importance.

Bandeja cited the fact that wisdom of philosophers: 1) keeps people on the right track, 2) prevents these people from searching for power on their own, 3) cultivates virtues and stops addictions, 4) makes their explanation prevail over their avarice and wants, and 5) inspires the pursuit of principles and morals over and above popularity and profit. Plato views the philosophical life being highly ethical and a cut above the rest. The philosophers do not just have knowledge and wisdom kept in their minds, they may have it within their souls and in addition they show that in their behaviour towards others.

Those who are prejudiced against philosophers are the power grabbers, the materialistic, all those without self-regulation, and the self-indulgent people who desire everything for themselves. The concern and values in the philosophers happen to be those that maintain the mind and soul morally upright even though the concern and values of nonphilosophers will be centered on materials pursuits just like fame and fortune. The philosophers hold the virtues like honesty, humbleness, and empathy in the top order, nonphilosophers seeks power for himself and not whereby to serve others. The philosophy of Plato can be applied to all of us in our present circumstances.

Our leaders need to possess the virtues and attributes of a thinker to be able to maneuver our region in the right direction. He or she must use his powers intended for the good of most. As a person and member of a society of people, I believe that my personal actions must always conform to precisely what is for the common good. I have to not consider what is possible for me whether or not it would inconvenience others, like breaking traffic rules. The philosophy of Plato is not hard but when he expounds onto it, the idea becomes cluttered in its complexity. His use of analogie further complicates the idea rather than making it conveniently understood.

It will have been a whole lot simpler in the event he mentioned his protection of the philosophical life in plain terminology or declaring it as it is and not spending a ton examples. It can be another work to explain the analogy and figure out his thoughts like that. His philosophies are mostly about leading a great austere lifestyle, devoid of the frills, although steeped in virtues. In the current times, we do not have to deny ourselves while using conveniences which will make life convenient. Living the golden secret and all the other virtues is not really a monopoly in the philosophers. We need to follow their very own examples mainly because it would carry out us a whole lot of good.

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