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Essay on my dream

Fantasy, My Future

My desire business is always to own a salon, the name of the salon would be “Jordans beauty boutique”. The salon wouldn’t you should be any salon. Instead of having to go to multiple shops, my salon would consist of many different specialties. My salon would will include a nail salon, hair salon, facials and professional makeup. Generally girls and women might have to go to a hair salon after which separately must travel get their fingernails done. Its just usually chaos, here at my salon you could get it all done in 1 place. You wouldn’t waste materials gas driving all over town and you may book a scheduled appointment and acquire everything right there of course having a complementary drinking water or soda pop and for women of age a good relaxing glass of wine beverages or a specialty margarita. In the main waiting area of the salon their would be publications and a television for girls who were to await or get there early with their appointment, in the waiting room there would also be nice comfy sofas. Also, inside the waiting room if a ladies would have to bring their child in there would be a pin of toys and games in a sectioned off area to keep the youngsters occupied. In my hair salon percentage of my salon their can be nice black leather-pat ripped chairs and long lit up up body system length mirror to enhance the women.

Also in the hair salon part each hairdresser would be sectioned off into a booth like area. This kind of booth like area will make a customer feel as if they were segregated from other folks, the booth would guarantee a bit of privateness. Rather than most salons where you can view everyone vividly. Inside the nail percentage of the salon of course their particular would be massage chairs with a good size to ensure ease and comfort. While you are getting a pedicure, you can also receive your manicure simultaneously. This will allow the client to save time. Typically many nail beauty parlors will have you take a pedicure and then you can expect to receive the manicure as soon as you are finished. A few again rooms can specifically become sectioned off for women that will receive facials and professional makeup. The professional make-up will include just top of the line cosmetic with top of the line professionals that could apply the makeup. Whilst facials will include a variety of different types of facials from acne reduction facials to microdermabrasion facials. The goal of my salon is to proficiently save period.

A vital trait to be able to run a powerful business is definitely leadership. Management is essential to run a business. Management is crucial in running a organization because it requires someone who can easily deal with issues on the spot and also take charge. I believe I was more of a great authoritarian head. An authoritarian leader is somewhat more of individual that dictates and wants points done specifically their way. Although as an authoritarian leader is a person who takes demand and usually takes the bulls by the sides, it is an benefits because this person deals with problems up front. But a disadvantage associated with an authoritarian leader is that they often tell people what to do and the way to do it, a lot of don’t like authoritarian leader because they tend to be more aggressive than unaggressive. But overall I believe an authoritarian head is better than as being a laid back leader who does not get the job done promptly or won’t address the matter at all and waits right up until the last minute. I likewise believe I actually am a bureaucratic innovator because I do think following the guidelines in a work is very important. Rules are not integrated for no reason. A downfall to be a bureaucratic leader is many workers may think this type of leader tends to be more uptight and not and so laid back.

My desire salon is definitely defiantly a business that is practical. My fantasy business merely would take someone using a lot of compassion and determination about what all their business includes. I believe my own business can be really powerful and could really impact peoples lives. Anything that makes life easier, most of the people tend to delight in especially moms. Women love to beautify themselves and sometimes don’t have the time or energy to do so. The beauty salon would help women manage to stay in any one time and not have to travel and leisure far and child entertainment would be a critical impact. Child entertainment would help keep a kid focused instead of complaining for their caregiver. My personal salon won’t seem too much fetched, it appears more cutting-edge. Businesses are evolving and my own salon is the ideal advancement.

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