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Ethnography case study narrative phenomenology

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Ethnography, case study, narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory


The qualitative research file format of the ethnography began inside the discipline of anthropology. Ethnography “is a long-term research of a group (often a culture) that is certainly based on captivation and, optimally, participation in this group” (Ethnography, 2013, The state of colorado State School Writing Courses. ). The researcher sees his or her incomer perspective and contrasts her or his own responses to participating in group traditions and activities with the reactions of the ‘inside’ representatives of the different tradition. The potential topics of ethnography may duration from a great obscure Photography equipment tribe to a group of senior high school football players. One of the most famous ethnographies ever written was Margaret Mead’s Coming old in Samoa, although ethnographies are often belittled if they supply insufficient depth about the culture becoming studied and promote rather than prevent misconception.

One example of ethnography might be a study of adolescents growing up in the Amish areas located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania during their rumspringa, or period of age of puberty when they are permitted to test the boundaries of their society ahead of being baptized by the house of worship. Many children wear modern clothes, travel cars, as well as experiment with medications during this time (Rumspringa, 2013, Amish guy studies). The investigation problem may be: how does rumspringa act as a kind of social launch and/or control for Amish guy youths? The researcher may possibly live numerous community, engage in its rituals, or stick to the young people because they went of their daily lives. The purpose of the study would be to light up what seems like a strange personalized of this sociable group pertaining to the world also to foster higher understanding of Amish beliefs. Research questions may include: is definitely rumspringa different for girls and boys? How has got the practice changed over the course of the past several years?

Case study

An instance study can be described as detailed examination of a highly certain person, function, place, or idea. A “case is known as a bounded system (e. g., a person, a group, a task, a process)” and the results are not actually generalizable to other organizations or persons although the example may be used to take a look at a particular phenomenon well-known to be pervasive in society (Johnson n. m. ). Contrary to ethnography, the researcher in a case study is rarely a participant and functions largely as an observer.

For instance , from the willpower of mindset, a ‘case study’ could be conducted after a BPD (borderline individuality disorder) patient or population (such because those individuals participating in an assistance group). A research problem could possibly be if CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) was an effective way to treat young teenagers girls which has a diagnosis of BPD. The purpose would be study the changes in the ladies in a close acquaintances for BPD patients that occurred as a result of the treatment. The study questions the analysis purported to reply to would be the following: Is CBT in a group format an easy way to treat teenage girls with BPD? Do the girls present a measurable reduction in symptoms?

Narrative request

While the ethnographic format rules the discipline of anthropology and the example format is often favored by doctors in the field of psychology and remedies, the narrative inquiry way is embraced by a wide variety of fields. “Narrative inquiry is a process of gathering information when it comes to research through storytelling” (Narrative inquiry, 2013, Colorado Point out University Writing Guides). It really is based upon the basic that individuals view their lives and experiences through stories and use narratives to shape their perspective of the world. Because narrative is a powerful instrument, it subsequently affects how human beings find and see their lives. “Humans are storytelling organisms who, independently and jointly, lead varied lives. As a result, the study of story is the examine of the techniques humans experience the world” (Narrative inquiry, 2013, Colorado Express University Publishing Guides).

An example of narrative query might be might a group of teenagers African-American girls to share their experience growing up today during the period of an entire college year. A number of the mediums employed include “field notes, selection interviews, journals, words, autobiographies, and orally informed stories” (Narrative inquiry, 2013, Colorado Point out University Publishing Guides). The researcher would not begin your research with a particular problem or focus, such as the case of a case study and there is less of the focus on a bunch vs . enabling the individuals in question speak their minds. Alternatively, the purpose is always to let people tell their stories. You cannot find any specifically-stated problem, other than probably to illuminate the idea processes of the particular individual or group of people. Research inquiries might contain: how do African-American girls see their femininity? What trouble is they worried about in the future? Then simply, the specialist would build a story of the girls’ lives using a beginning, middle section, and end with the subjects’ cooperation.


As its identity suggests, a phenomenology looks for to study a certain phenomenon. “A phenomenologist is concerned with understanding certain group behaviors from that group’s point-of-view. Phenomenological inquiry requires that researchers move through a series of stages in which they try to eliminate their own assumptions and biases, analyze the trend without presuppositions, and explain the ‘deep structure’ with the phenomenon based on internal styles that are discovered” (Phenomenology, 2013, Colorado Condition University Producing Guides). Phenomenology seeks to delve beneath the surface structures of what can be quickly observed and also examines the symbolic vocabulary of particular groups or cultures. “What is the which means, structure, and essence in the lived experience of this happening by an individual or by many individuals? inch (Johnson and. d. ). An example of a phenomenology may possibly encompass regarding the experience of healthcare professionals on an understaffed hospital keep to study the idea of ‘nurses ingesting their young’ (the concept that nurses can treat fresh nurses incredibly harshly and so reduce retention rates of recent graduates). Medical has among the highest prices of lovato of any profession, plus the stresses with the workplace and also insufficient supervision policing of staff habit are often blamed for the phenomenon. Nurses report experiences of “harassment, bullying, violence and assaultStudents and fresh nurses are the most vulnerable, but should you change positions, you have reached risk. We are still trying to sabotage, specially when the female is definitely younger, leaner, more fabulous and wiser. While healthcare professionals are nurturing to patients, they can be horrific to each other” (Hoffman 2013). Although there is a cultural dimensions to a phenomenology, such as learning the symbolic ideation of the specific tradition of a nation, people, office, or self-identified group, the focus is more on a specific thought rather than the lifestyle as a whole.

The investigation problem designed to study this kind of idea would be: what are the functions of the trend of rns ‘eating all their young. ‘ The purpose will be to illuminate this phenomenon to minimize the likelihood of it occurring and reoccurring, which can ultimately compromise both individual care as well as the careers of young nurses. Research questions might incorporate: how do nurses themselves be familiar with phrase ‘nurses eat their particular young? ‘ How does stress between old and fresh nurses turn into manifest? Also, how is the phenomenon identified differently among old and young rns?

Grounded theory

The grounded theory procedure was the one that I chosen for my particular part of research about human trafficking. Grounded theory is an intensive inductive methodology: it studies a particular phenomenon (such while the victimization of women who are delivered subjects of human trafficking) and then constructs a theory from the raw data of interviews and observations. Info is usually ‘coded’ to allow for a point of quantitative analysis in the different participants, and often you will find the aspiration which the research theory created can be of use in front of large audiences. “The hypotheses are ‘grounded’

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