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Examination of the road not taken by robert frost

The trail Not Used by Robert Ice shows the narrator arriving at a shell in the real wood, which offers two paths to take. By usage of symbolism and various verb tenses in various stanzas the author was able to communicate the overall that means of the composition. The narrator scrutinized the road but does not find a noticeable difference inside the two routes and thus was stuck determining whether which in turn road is a better decision. However , in the fourth stanza, by the love knot “I required the one fewer traveled by shows that the narrator wishes to take the way which leads to individualism.

The narrator portrayed that in life there are decisions we have to make that must be based on our very own agenda. Emblems also play in identifying the meaning with the poem. The symbol with the color yellowish is value to show more than just the narrator’s cowardice, yet also discolored represents slide meaning the author is at the final of his life signifies that he has thrown away his expereince of living in indecision.

Other symbols such as “two roads and “one traveler inside the first stanza show the thought of free choice and individuality of the narrator.

We can also tie in that because the highways lies in in a bad neighborhood, and that roads represents cost-free choice, the general idea can be comparable to free choice and fate. You are free to select what choice to make in the end the options you make are still a part of your fate. Inside the first three stanzas the poem is usually written in past tight, but in the fourth stanza the poem is written in future tense. By simply repeating “two roads diverged in a wood in the 4th stanza the narrator is implying that he is showing upon in case the choice he had made was the better with the two alternatives.

The 1st three stanzas of the composition being in past anxious hints that he is searching back in his previous, but the 4th stanza reveals us the narrator is hoping “somewhere ages and ages hence the decision he made will advantage him. In addition , because the narrator is still unclear if the choice he made was the better in the two, we can concludes that he is still reflective about whether which will road he should have took, hence it “The Road Not Considered.  Partly, the composition tells us regarding the narrator’s fear of misgivings which at some point leads to his indecisiveness in choice of what road traveling.

The fear of getting mistakes coming from either choice had ruled out the narrator from acquiring any actions.. Frost’s stage is to accept the fact that in life you will discover choices where uncertainty makes choosing challenging, and often our company is paralyzed by the fact of making the “wrong choice.  Words including “sorry,  “sigh,  and “doubted shows the authors misgivings and concern for making an incorrect choice. The very last stanza presented the author’s apprehension furthermore of whether which usually road this individual should take with the stuttered “I.

 Even though in the last two lines the narrator says he requires “the [road] less visited by, and that has made a lot of difference,  the use of the word big difference is satrical to what the poem offers states in retrospective regarding the similarity of the streets. In the composition The Road Not Taken the narrator’s idea of non-conformity along with the fear of regrets coming from making an unacceptable choice apprehended him by making virtually any decisions. The Road Not Used shows all of us that the choices we help to make in life ought to be based on each of our individual principles.


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