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Examining the theories of erik erikson and sigmund

Erik Erikson, Sigmund Freud

Theory of Development: Freud vs . Erikson

The two Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson assumed that persona is produced in certain set stages. Nevertheless , Erikson disagreed with some regions of Freud’s theory of psychosexual development and so he altered this theory by creating his personal theory of psychosocial advancement. Both of these hypotheses focus on a person’s early expansion and encounters but they referred to as and seen the stages differently. The first stage which is 1-2 3 years aged was named by Freud as the anal level of creation while Erikson called that the autonomy versus waste and hesitation stage. When Freud focused on sexual arousal, Erikson emphasized self-doubt and independence in the event that one works or neglects at this stage. Freud mostly mentioned libido, physical development and psychosexual romance in the additional stages when Erikson highlighted interpersonal relationship and personal identity. Erikson as well added 3 more stages in the period of adulthood. Closeness versus remoteness is the stage in which a person looks for like and romance. Generativity vs . stagnation is definitely when adults support others and produce social efforts. The last stage is honesty versus give up hope where adults feel unhealthy or fulfilled when they seem back on their past lifestyle.

Theory of Operant Health

Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning shows that behaviour can be modified through the use of positive and negative encouragement. Various parts of a person’s environment such as father and mother, friends and teachers react positively or negatively. If the behaviour can be positive, an individual is likely to continue this behaviour but since it is bad, he is gonna eliminate it. Skinner believed which the cause of a person’s action as well as consequences is considered the most ideal way to understand actions.

Continuity and Discontinuity

Continuity and discontinuity happen to be two several theories that aim to explain various within people’s lives. The continuity theory says that transform is a ongoing process. Meaning, people enhancements made on all times of their lives. Discontinuity theory opposes to the idea as it proposes that changes in householder’s lives are sudden or unpredicted.

The Still Face Experiment

The Still Deal with Experiment was conducted simply by Edward Tronick and other researchers in 1975 where they made an experiment on an infant. One of many findings in the experiment was that infants respond based on their particular mother’s facial expression. When the mother is definitely expressionless, a child will cry because he would like his mom’s attention. This kind of experiment generated another finding that infants possess basic social cognition and perhaps they are able to relate facial appearance with feelings (Rathus 125).

Secure Attachments vs . Inferior Attachment

Infants develop either protect attachment or perhaps insecure accessory depending on that they are cared for. When an baby’s caregiver doggie snacks the child in a negative way, he is likely to develop inferior attachment nevertheless an infant is usually treated absolutely, the child will establish secure add-on. Children who have are securely attached to their particular caregivers will likely experience less stress, possess better solving problems skills and tend to build better human relationships with other people. On the other hand, kids with insecure attachment will probably avoid others, show dread, anxiety or anger and overstress.

Unfortunately, 695, 000 children are victims of abuse and neglect each year and there are cases that lead to fatalities. Due to sociable deprivation, many children knowledge a lot of difficulties while very young and this can impact their sociable, mental and emotional development. When a kid lacks interpersonal relationships, he will probably feel unloved and neglected. To seek interest, he is likely to develop unfavorable behaviours just like smoking, having and bypassing classes. Neglected children desire the attention in the people around them so they will do anything to feel their love and concern.

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