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The practice of wide open urination and defecation around our cities does not help the situation. In the end, who can forget the outbreak of plague in 1994 in Surat resulting in the fatalities of many persons? More than anything at all, Surat brought a negative promotion to the complete country which became a greater cause of concern. Surprisingly, a similar Surat within a year developed into the cleanest cities near your vicinity. And actually, the authorities did not have to undertake any highfalutin projects but to concentrate on bare minimum issues. This is what we have to do when visualising the Smart Urban centers. So , we emergently need to ensure a proper approach to solid and liquid squander management which include house to house garbage collection, a organized network of well-connected draining system, availability of a network of paid and free of charge public benefits, arrangements of scientific slaughter houses pertaining to ensuring availability of hygienically highly processed animal proteins, clean roadways as well as ensuring sale of covered food/street food stuffs.

The latter should be coupled with a regime to get selling similar by the hawkers, e. g., making it obligatory for the road food vendors to sell their very own stuffs simply wearing gloves and head-caps to pre-rhyme contamination. There ought to be a related provision intended for enforcing these types of sanitation and hygiene best practice rules among the folks who should be penalised for breaking the same as is the practice in many of the advanced countries.

The wanton throwing of garbage in public places, open urination/defecation or spitting should be produced punishable accidents. Use of plastic bags to get day-to-day functions should be disheartened as far as likely and practicable as it is among the important factors playing havoc with this drainage system. Again, unavailability of auto parking spaces within our cities cause private and public cars being parked on the roads itself, ultimately causing traffic snarls and difficulty. Hence, there is not only an urgent need to do a customised visitors planning for every single city which include provisioning of notified car parking spaces although there is also a ought to enforce targeted traffic discipline among the people. The latter should include strict compliance with all the traffic rules, zero tolerance for unauthorised parking or placement of household/shop stuffs about public space, roads pavements and footpaths. Construction of decent footpaths and open public parks/community person for pastime and functional purposes also needs to be a concern for the authorities.

National Insurance plan on Urban Street Distributors 2009 needs to be strictly enforced for taking a a semblance of sanity on our highways and roads. This would likewise ensure the pedestrians to safe and free motion. Availability of better and safer means of mass rapid travel system (MRTS) is also a desideratum. Presented the increasing menace of extremism, it really is high time that we have a strong of city security system to safeguard and protected the lives of our people, more so of increasing urban criminal activity and dread activities. Right street light shall definitely prove quite helpful below. The entire towns should be appropriately divided in identifiable areas and specific zones with public display of layout maps and correct road/street signages for citizens convenience and for better policing. Identification of water water supplies and recognition of extremely fire-prone areas should also become a priority with proper understanding regarding catastrophe management plan for all the stakeholders. Enforcement to build rules likewise demands serious attention in the municipal regulators.

There should be an emergency planning for all the outdated and ramshackle buildings and also fire-prone areas. Besides, brilliant effort should be made for natural beautification of the cities. Each of the municipal specialists should come out with their citizen charters and be sure mandatory complying with the same. Online deposition of city taxes and single window system to get licenses/permits and various providers should be produced functional quickly. A strong open public grievance program should be an inalienable section of the overall organizing. While a single knows that budget would be a main hurdle whilst trying to understand these goals, but with intelligent planning and smart delivery, the city authorities can certainly generate even more revenues than they might dependence on the purpose. It truly is good to learn that both central and state governments are already synergising their urban planning to land on the same web page. If these types of concerns will be factored into the Smart City project, then we could actually ensure bare minimum solutions to our individuals in pursuance to a consistent template. The smart urban centers should initial guarantee minimum amount amenities pertaining to ensuring a decent standard of living to our citizens.

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