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Throughout background, the film industry provides seen various directing variations and tactics. The early portion of the 20th century saw a stock style of film production, but as the years went by, directors began to employ new and untried techniques in their pictures. One such technique which these directors implemented was obviously a new method of the use of the camera and camera angles.

Casablanca, a great Academy Best rated film of 1942 found director Jordan Curtiz adjust the camera in ways others had not. He uses the close-up, point-of- view, and creative shot motivation methods in his film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, to create an American cinema typical.

The first camera technique Curtiz uses to help narrate the film is definitely the close-up shot. The close-up can properly convey the story to the viewer without the utilization of excessive discussion.

In cases like this, the viewers is brought to the main character, Rick, by making use of the close-up. The first scene in Ricks Coffeehouse, shows persons gambling and making illegitimate deals to leave Casablanca. An employee in the cafe gives a check to a man seated at a chess table to sign. The personal reads, FINE.

Ron. By using this shot, the movie director makes obvious to the visitor, without any dialogue, that the person signing the check is usually Rick. This system, however , is just the first of many used by Curtiz.

The point-of-view taken, also used by Curtiz was intended to put the audience into the action.

By placing the camera at the actual location and height from the character, the viewer in the film is definitely inserted into the characters body system, making the scene even more personal. Curtiz uses a slight variation of this kind of camera positioning when Calapt. Renault and Rick are having a discussion regarding Victor Laslos arrival in Casablanca. The camera is positioned just over and hinder of Renaults shoulder.

The audience can now see Renaults body reactions, as well as having Renaults point of view on Ricks response. With this episode, the point-of-view taken helps to set the viewers into the action, which will in turn motivate an improved response in the viewer.

A third camera technique used by the director is not a camera angle, yet is taken motivation. Shot motivation provides an impressive purpose intended for the camera to move to another action.

For example , since Major Strasse and his men enter Ricks cafe, the camera pans from remaining to proper, following these people. As the camera movements right, David is discovered sitting by a table and the camera stops. This kind of example of shot motivation, reveals how a single action usually leads the camera to the starting of an additional scene. This method of taken motivation is an effective one which can be found in many current pictures as well.

The close-up, point-of-view, and shot determination techniques help the director to narrate the film and keeps the audience more interested in the storyplot. Michael Curtiz uses these types of methods can be Casablaca to boost this award winning film, and to help make it it a classic in America theatre.


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