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Family development theory article

Family Expansion Theory (including family your life cycle) (Pg. 73 – 80 inside the textbook) Meanings of search terms? Family of positioning: The relatives that you are given birth to into, the family of origins.? Family of procreation: The friends and family they may aid to found, we. e. the after marital life family.? Developing tasks: Modifications that people need to make in order to cope with all of the changes in the family life cycle as well with changes in their particular life pattern.? Dysfunctional: The ineffective family members that is unable to deal with it is problems and require outside the house help.? Stress factor: An event that creates stress within the friends and family.

Summary Records? Just as a person grows and goes through the sequence of stages, people also follow a series of developmental stages.? The six levels of family members life routine are, 1 . Between families (the youthful single adult). 2 . The newly married couple. 3. The family with young children. some. The relatives with adolescents. 5. Starting. 6. The family in later life.? Moving in one stage for the other, relatives experiences a degree of stress and a period to adjust in to the new level.? Changes in behavior by the loved ones occur to support the alter that has taken place. Unexpected alterations such as divorce, an accident, a death, and also the loss of a career can create great pressure on family members and can cause severe modifications in their behavior.? The ability to handle hardships depends upon what family composition and its persona. The firmness of the along with the manner in which problems are usually solved in the family will help to determine how well the relatives deals with these types of hardships.? Healthy and balanced and effective families happen to be those who have solid and open up communication with each other. They tend to share their problems with the family members.

They are able to deal with family problems and carry on and function.? Friends and family problem solving is the ability to cope with its challenges so that the family continues to function and focus on its users.? A modern society, using its inclusion of countless cultural groups, also promote differing family members attitudes and behaviors that numerous at times bring about stress within a family.? Phases of the developing task will be, 1 . Perceiving a new, elderly way of performing, either from your expectations more or simply by observing ideal role of models. installment payments on your

Forming a revised self-concept in keeping with a lot more mature tendencies. 3. Coping with the conflicting demands that is involved in behavior modification. 4. Being encouraged to total the developing task.? A developmental task may be as something which has to be accomplished in a certain period, if its not carried out difficulties may well arise in the foreseeable future.? Sometimes tasks of person family members and family models are evenly compatible. But there probably occasions when life routine and friends and family tasks might not be compatible, and this situation may cause stress in the family product.

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