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Family systems chemical dependency article

Indivisible Family, Relatives Dynamics, Dependency on alcohol, Single Parent

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Rules and functions are also cited as being a component of the friends and family systems theory in dependency on alcohol. Every is different; yet , they all have members that tend to fall into specific tasks. The alcoholic’s role may be the dependent person, while their helpless partner is the enabler. The children as well tend to get caught in specific jobs, either since the over-achiever, the scapegoat, the isolated, and/or the immature child. These are the typical roles that are makes up a family of an alcohol. The modification affects the complete family program, so much that everyone’s lifestyle revolves around the alcoholism with the affected individual. Besides the roles that everyone assumes, codependency begins to develop as well. There are two sorts of codependency discussed: the addict-centered style and the flawed family unit. The latter blames the dysfunctional family unit as the root cause of the person’s alcoholism and their mental health conditions. It is as a result of the family members stress amounts that makes the alcoholic always drink. The addict-centered version focuses on the person him or herself and blames the chemical obsession with alcohol being the root cause with the problem plus the main source of the mental health illnesses that are generally comorbid.

Anyone afflicted with alcohol dependency is certainly not the only person affected by the illness. Children also become patient of the selections that their particular parents help to make. Children of alcoholics develop up thinking that they cannot communicate their feelings about whatever. In an attempt to steer clear of any activates that may set off the alcohol addiction, they learn how to keep anything to themselves and thus are more likely to develop dysfunctional behaviors. They are also almost three times more likely to develop dependency on alcohol themselves. Hereditary predisposition as well as environmental elements exposes them to a greater risk. The quality of the interaction between alcoholic parent and kid is also of big importance because this decides their long term relationships. As children era, they become mature children of alcoholics and the effects are more severe. Following having experienced a tough the child years, the mature children are very likely to be alcoholics themselves. They are more likely to participate in riskier patterns and are a lot more likely to simulate and display the same resentful and irritated behavior that their father and mother had toward them if they were small children. In order to avoid these possibilities, children of alcoholics need to be remedied and counseled at a age. In case the proper treatment and proper care is certainly not given to them, they will more than likely continue on together with the perpetual routine of alcoholism.


McNeece, C. A. DiNitto, Deb. M. (2012). Family Systems and Substance Dependency. In Chemical Dependency: A Devices Approach. (4th ed., pp. 293-304). Boston, MA. Pearson Education.

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