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Feasibility study on whitening cleaning soap essay


With this generation staying very conscious of their epidermis, both men and women will be faced with the situation of choosing different varieties of whitening items.

As pupils that are looking for other ways to earn income, our group has come program the idea of making a process soap that not only provides its main purpose of briightening but likewise give the users the satisfaction of applying soaps which have great fragrances and are attractive to the customers.

Competitive Advantage

It’s true that the majority of the consumers of whitening products are in the teens and young adults that seek to nurture their pores and skin and appearance.

Our item clearly has an advantage when compared to other whitening products because first it is very appealing to the consumers both women and men of all ages because of its unique color and the choice of different scents.

Target Market

Considering that the recent tendency in beauty products in today’s market can be widely in whitening and anti-aging, and the fact that individuals are very conscious with their overall look, has constituted to the promoters of this study to choose the pursuing target portion.

Target Segments

Middle-aged women that are beauty conscious: This group of people is usually people with adequate profits to purchase beauty items. They are also the ones that prioritize in preserving their appearance since they are the ones that are starting to age.

Dark skinned persons: These are the folks that wish to have a lighter skin

tone and want to achieve their goal instantly.


Business Model

A Marketing Strategy

The biggest problem that will be confronted by selling each of our product is that we get many rivals in the natural beauty industry and a lot of of them are currently established companies and sellers.

The primary organization target marketplaces are the Educational institutions and Banking companies that make up the major customers of the magnificence industry.

N Product Technique

Since the current market is already composed of many suppliers and retailers of beauty products most particularly in briightening, we have built our item more appealing in terms of its hues and condition that different products you do not have.

Capital Need

5, 500 Php



Indirect Materials

Box for repacking15, 800

Delivery Fare10, 500

Cash Flow

With this capital necessity, we will be in a position to buy 45 pcs of soap for our

group and we will be able to repack them then sell them intended for 120 per pc.

In the event that everything goes well, all of us will reinvest the money we certainly have earned for much more products in order for us to generate more income.

Predicted Net Income

SalesP 263, two hundred fifty

Cost of sales 182, 250

Other Expenditures 26, three hundred

Gross ProfitP 54, 700

*This forecasted net income is salary for three years.

Recommendation and Findings

The very fact that our group chose to sell and buy instead of making our own item, we will be in a position to generate income with just a little volume of capital. We will have a ball on the island as it easier in the field of buying and selling because we all will only order products and repack them only when clients will be ordering from us and so we will not become holding items for very long periods of times ahead of selling these people.


We all therefore conclude that investing 5, 000 in this sector will be beneficial for us because it demonstrates that we can generate profit from it.


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