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From a food and beverage manager’s perspective – Why is controlling the range of an international food and beverage operation so important? Talk about this simply using a system, or perhaps process, or method and/ or strategy

In the hospitality industry, controlling the diversity of worldwide food and beverage procedure which is essential from a food and beverage manager’s perspective can improve the quality of the food services, lessen high turnover in hospitality management and make more profit from the food and beverage operation.

Food workforce can be consisted of various population and visible and non-visible variations which are included gender, era, background, lifestyle, religion, contest, disability, persona, and work style. Relating to this, the establishment of processing food and refreshment operations has the capacity to effectively control people who work in hospitality work environment. And also, the hospitality education and teaching can provide hospitality worker an opportunity that improve themselves and understand the varied workforce.

Roberts (as reported in Igram, 1999) mentioned that “operations concern the way in which that companies deliver their product/ service to the consumer” (p.

142). This is actually the key of concerning to get the effective practice food. Johnston (as cited in Igram, 1999) indicated that the operations could possibly be divided into three activities; buyer processing operations, information digesting operations and product control operations. As manager need to understand these kinds of three actions which indicate employees the way they plan and control the processing procedure. Thus, successful hospitality businesses must include planning with technology and folks management. Furthermore, Mullins (as cited in Igram, 1999) pointed that hospitality functions are heterogeneous group, but they share many common attributes.

For example , a large wide range of skilled staff needed, but additionally, there are high quantities unskilled staff needed; the majority of employees happen to be from different countries, they may have different background and use English language as second language; there is a significant proportion of female, in your free time, casual personnel. Due to this scenario, the work mobility and turnover will be high. Thus, managing range in meals and refreshment operation need to need a perfect system or an improved approach as basis. Systematic in the design, preparing and control of a meals and beverage operation must be concerned simply by international meals and drink manager. And in addition, management with the operation devices within a food and refreshment operation has to be considered by simply international food and beverage manager. What benefits will be brought into international food and beverage operation by comprehending the systems? Last but not least, there are 3 benefits. First of all, control of solutions which is executed the systems inputs aim to reduce wastage. Secondly, efficient and effective operation may perfect international food and beverage services by using systems processes. Finally, the devices outputs make sure what objective the hospitality organization can achieve.

The hospitality education and training can provide hospitality worker an opportunity that improve themselves and understand the diverse workforce. The food education and training will be the techniques which could complement the international meals and refreshment management. Lynch (as cited in Johnson, 2005) indicated that” organization management foci currently fashionable with food and meals and beverage operations education and practice” (p. 70). In other words, in order to provide effective companies to customer, the hospitality organization will implement the meals and refreshment operations education and practice to guide and develop experienced and excessive standard staff. Ingram (1999) indicated that “effective academics abilities (including abstraction, focus on detail, “hair splitting”) are certainly not always present in conjunction with personal business skills (such as planning, delegation, putting first tasks)” (p. 146). Therefore, the academic education implemented in hospitality firm can combine to the intercontinental food and beverage operations with personnel.

2 By a meals and drink manager’s point of view – Precisely what are the important thing to consider when planning, designing and allocating space for storage, preparation, production and service for a food and refreshment operation.

From a meals and refreshment manager’s point of view, the design and plan of a food service facility impact on the appeal from consumers and on efficiency of workers, and also on making make money from hospitality business. If features are terribly designed, consumers will be troubled and food services are bad. If a administrator wants to perfect a food service, they must considercarefully what requirements happen to be needed when planning, designing and allocating storage space, preparation, production and support for a foodstuff and beverage operation. The considerations would be the market and operational requires, the food development areas and equipment, sustainability and cleanliness and health issue.

As defined above, first of all, as the operational demands, food support facility design and style will be the 1st consideration in planning space for food and drink operation. The better meals service features design will certainly appeal to customers and employees when ever manager programs space pertaining to production and service. Rodgers (2005) indicated that “food service service design is founded on the principles of space productivity, flexibility, item flow, meals safety (sanitation) and ergonomics” (p. 308). In other words, an effective food service facility style can provide safe workplace for staff and set up an environment for efficient operation flow of people and product. The facility will make employees work efficiently so that the organization can decrease the labour costs. Furthermore, the costs on center maintenance are low. Finally, the maximum revenue is gained from expenditure.

Secondly, supervisor must consider the food production areas and equipment. A powerful workflow set up can create a restricted, smooth and productive foodstuff service operation. Afterwards, a sufficient work space and suitable function sections have to provide to employees. For instance , kitchen space sometimes will probably be minimized in order to make more area for customers. T the kitchen space is limited. The quantities of food could be supplied, however , the narrow kitchen design cannot provide employees enough room so that the foodstuff service will be delayed which will dissatisfied the customers. Another thing that manager must consider is definitely the kitchen layouts. Ninemeier (2010) indicated that “work flow-the traffic patterns employees form as they start their work-is another element that muse be considered” (p. 5). Different kitchen activities should be done in individual work stations. For example , because the determine below, it is a bakery home. Different number stands different stations. Staff can the actual work movement step by step to prepare food. As we can see in the figure, the food preparation space must be split up into specific areas. The station 2-5 are definitely the places which are for food preparation and storage. The stop 1 and station six are used for cleaning and waste disposal. Due to this home layout design and style, the food toxic contamination will lower and the foodstuff storage time can lengthen. As a foodstuff and drink manager need to consider of the food contamination.

Figure 1 kitchen layout (Source: Ninemeier, D. T. 2010)

Sources list

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