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Gene circulation in horse across the silk road2

Excerpt from Annotated Bibliography:

Gene Flow in Horses Throughout the Silk Street

The historic Silk Street was a great exchange network that facilitated the genetic outcome of animals connected to the human migrations within the Cotton Road.

One particular common pet that was traded along the Silk Highway, which stretched throughout Eurasia, was the horses

This examine will identify the extent to which gene flows and genetic structure of race horses in eastern Eurasia This kind of study will certainly determine the extent that gene goes and genetic structure of horses in eastern Eurasia

The way of measuring for the molecular deviation is carried out using microsatellite analysis. Many factors had been considered inside the identification of the genetic story, beginning with the isolation of varied villages from your human migratory systems overtime.

Second, the historical record of gene flows throughout the Silk Street areas was considered in conjunction with the findings to serve as helpful tips of the traditional arc.


The a conclusion indicate the fact that gene movement of mounts within villages along the Silk Road today share the same heritage that unites them and identifies them since descendants in the Silk Street travelers of centuries previous.

Annotated Bibliography

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