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Gordon s useful health assessment for children

Health Examination, Spiritual Evaluation, Assessment Activity, Therapeutic Communication

Excerpt from Essay:

Gordon’s Practical Health Evaluation for Children Erickson’s Developmental Stages

This study will use Gordon’s Functional Overall health Assessment for the children and Erickson’s Developmental Phases and list normal findings in an assessment and potential problems a nurse might discover within an assessment from the ages groups including little ones, preschool age group and school age kids. This operate will compare and contrast identified comparison in expected assessment across the childhood age groups and will summarize how a health professional would take care of physical checks, examinations, education, and connection differently with children vs . adults. Considered will be spirituality and social differences.

Gordon’s Functional Overall health Assessment

Gordon’s functional well being patterns are described as “an expression of the bio-psychosocial the usage. ” (Nursing Guide, 2012) Functional habits are inspired by “biological, developmental, ethnical, social, and spiritual factors. ” (Nursing Guide, 2012) Patterns that are dysfunctional may indicate disease or potentially developing disease. Included in Gordon’s functional well being patterns are definitely the following:

(1) Health Managing Pattern – addresses examination, asepsis, safety, and therapeutic relationship. (Nursing Guide, 2012) Normal results include the individual reporting that they feel well and that they practice health care preventive practices and children, this can include positively such as washing hands and brushing pearly whites or negatively failure to go to to these.

(2) The Health Metabolic Habits focuses on nourishment as well as smooth balance. (Nursing Guide, 2012) The positive findings in this analysis is that of a well-balanced diet in which all food groups are consumed and adversely that the kid does not consume fruits and vegetables nevertheless only chicken and breads. The kid’s low body mass and rotting teeth are indicative of poor nutrition.

(3) The Elimination Pattern – includes intestinal and urinary elimination. (Nursing Guide, 2012) The analysis of the kid may include bad findings of excess peeing or congestion.

(4) The Activity-Exercise Routine – comes with cardiopulmonary function and mobility. (Nursing Information, 2012) Unfavorable assessment conclusions include unhealthy weight in the kid due to eating too much and lack of exercise.

(5) The Sleep-Rest Pattern – the patient’s need for snooze. (Nursing Information, 2012) Unfavorable assessment findings include the child’s failure to venture to bed in a reasonable hour and oversleeping in the morning plus the child revealing falling asleep in odd occasions during the day because of lack of snooze at night.

(6) The Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern – neurological function, pain and communication. Bad assessment studies may include the child’s improper use of dialect, poor memory space, and poor decision-making expertise.

(7) Self-Perception/Self-Concept Pattern; (8) Role-Relationship Pattern; (9) Sexuality-Reproductive Pattern; (10) Coping Pressure Tolerance Style; and (11) Value-Belief Program – All consider the psychosocial aspects of the patient. (Nursing Guide, 2012)

The assessment of the self-perception/self-concept pattern may result in adverse findings that include the child possessing a poor self-perception of their own abilities or with their body image including low self-worth, which can be identified through the kid’s body posture as well as failure to make eye-to-eye contact.

The role-relationship pattern analysis may result in negative conclusions about the child’s view of their parents or their particular teachers and in many cases friends.

The sexuality-reproduction pattern includes the child’s satisfaction

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