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Graph albendazole therapy and enteric parasitic

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Excerpt from Dissertation:


Albendazole Therapy and Enteric Parasites in United States – Bound Asile

Steven M. Swanson, M. D., Christina, R. Phares, PhD., Blain Mamo, Meters. P. L., Kirk Electronic. Smith, D. V. Meters., PhD., Matn S. Cetron, M. Deb., and Bill M. Stauffer, M. G.

New Great britain Journal of drugs 2012; 366: 1498-1507

This information details a review of data collected for asylum seekers from The african continent and Southeast Asia immigrating to the United states of america from 1993-2007. The data discusses parasites in refugees after and before a mandate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it happened in 1999 that all political refugees bound intended for the United States obtain a single dosage of a medication called albendazole (600 mg) that goals and gets rid of many intestinal parasites.


The article gives data within a figure branded Figure 1 on page 1503. The graph and or chart is displayed below:

The information in the chart in Figure 1 depicts graphically information presented within Stand 3 on page 1504 of the publication. Your data in the desk shows the percent of refugees with different types of intestinal organisms before necessary treatment after mandatory treatment. The study looked at a total of 26, 956 refugees which 22, 586 were cared for with albendazole and 4370 were without treatment. The data in Table three or more splits the citizenry into dining tables for The african continent and Southeast Asia. The chart in Figure you combines the information showing the overall percentages of patients with parasites with and without treatment for both the continent of The african continent and Southeast Asia.


Identify the sort of chart or graph and what is this kind of chart of graph usually used to depict.

The graph in Number 1 is actually a summary pub chart in which each particular parasite type is compared as a basic bar for all those refugees exhibiting the percent of asylum seekers with that vermine before and after treatments protocol was implemented. The X-axis is not listed and simply displays the type of vermine in not any particular purchase. The Y-axis shows the percent of refugees using a parasite and grouping of before and after treatment are shown as a pair with the vermine labeled underneath the pair of articles.

Was the right chart or perhaps graph used to present this kind of data? For what reason or really want to?

The graph in the document is the best method to present a graphical graphic showing the comparison between the pre- and post-treatment categories of refugees. The summary club chart condenses the tables of data with no error bars or statistics to show the graphical big difference between proportions of patients with a form of intestinal vermine in the years before and after the therapy regimen. The straightforward bars assembled above the individual parasites permit the reader to find the drastic differences in column height and determine that there is an improvement in the numbers of patients which has a given parasite for most from the different microorganisms.

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