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Great hurdle reef essay

The Great Barrier Reef

The truly amazing Barrier Saltwater is the biggest group of coral formations reefs on the globe.

That stretches along the coast within the north-east element of Australia. It really is called the fantastic Barrier Reef because it makes a barrier between Pacific Ocean and the coast.

The Great Barrier Reef can be described as scattering of thousands of person reefs. The reefs is definitely on the Globe Heritage List made by UNESCO, because of its size and its many different plants and fishes. The reef lies in the Great Obstacle Reef Ocean Park, the worlds major marine recreation area. It has an area of nearly 350 1000 square kilometres. The reef region is definitely 260 500 square kilometres. The reef region is a popular tourist attraction because of its nice climate, exotic beaches, colorful wildlife, exotic islands and ideal conditions for water sports.

Site and size

The truly great Barrier Reef stretches north and north-west from Gladstone, Queensland, to a point in the Gulf of Papua. The truly great Barrier Saltwater is longer than 2150 kilometres and consists of almost 3000 several reefs. The average reef is around 110 sq kilometres in area. The region that The Great Barrier Saltwater lies in features relatively shallow waters of approximately 40 metre distances deep.

Marine Life

The Great Buffer Reef involves billions of sn?ver animals referred to as coral polyps and plants called coralline algae. The coral saltwater is built up by useless corals, with a thin beyond living corals. A coral formations reef contains many types of corals, such as staghorn coral, brain coral, honeycomb coral formations and mound coral. Nearly 1500 of 3000 types of fish known to live in the seas about Australia are simply in the saltwater region. Angelfish, cod, paliza rays, mackerel, butterfly seafood and cosmetic surgeon fish most live in saltwater waters. Additional animals that live in the saltwater waters include crabs, shrimps, crayfish, marine urchins, ocean stars, sea cucumbers, gentle corals, sea fans, a sponge, sea anemones and worms.

Physical features

Experts feel that parts of the truly great Barrier Saltwater could be just as much as 18 mil years old. Nevertheless the most of it have developed over the last 2 million years. The reefs on top are only a few thousands years old, but the majority of these reefs are built upon a foundation of older reefs.

Sea level was much more than 130 metre distances below the modern level about 20 000 years ago. The present reefs had been at this time limestone hills growing from the basic. The sea level started to raise about 18 000 years back, and the hillsides were covered with water. Corals started to grow again. The old reefs often presented the most suitable footings for this fresh growth. If the land was covered by the rising ocean, a number of huge batch ranges were cut of from the main land to be continental islands. There are 616 islands inside the reef place.


The climate from the Great Barrier Reef varies. In the north there is tropical conditions and high dampness and a wet period around January. In the south it is chillier, subtropical to temperate circumstances. The water temperatures in the southern seldom falls below twenty C.



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