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Grey promocion in khuda ke liye film

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Khuda ke liye is a Pakistaner movie successful which shows some social issues with this country and on other hand it shows some reality bottom events that are happen in reality but they are being showed consist of ways in media dialect Grey Promozione.

Khuda ke liye is a tale which tells us about those Pakistanis who have are overseas and the concept of Islam between youngsters. This can be a story of two siblings Sarmad (fawad khan) and Mansoor (shan shahid). They will both are accomplished and want to generate their careers in music. But Sarmad (fawad khan) is amazed at a molvi and he is then taught that whatever you are doing is definitely wrong and you will be punished for this by Allah. He (molvi) make him afraid and teach him about jihad that eliminating those who are against Islam is a great deed and possess path to other folks so that they may also accept this as our creator have said. He help to make his principles wrong and show him some other path which is not Islam and he convert himself into something else which is not acceptable in Islam and molvi like him need people to be terrorists. Upon other hand the both friends have a cousin their very own fathers buddy daughter who also lives in London, uk her term is Maryam (iman ali) she experience her daddy, she has a boyfriend and he is Christian but her father won’t accept this although he is already within a living romance with some United kingdom lady. But for his girl rules will vary he wishes her to marry a few Pakistani Muslim so he takes help of Sarmad and in addition they take Maryam away anywhere so that Sarmad can marry her and she will continue to be Muslim for her entire life. Forcefully she was married to Sarmad and Sarmad have help of the molvi who also changed him to give him some place to have. Maryam encounter a lot of hardships the lady became pregnant without her own will and offered birth to a daughter and after that Sarmad destroy one man and repent for his whole life and Maryam was able to escape from that place with the aid of sarmads daddy her dad and document a case about Sarmad on her right.

While all this was taking place Mansoor received admission in certain music university in Chicago and is living happily along with his girlfriend Janie. So an incident happened the most famous occurrence of 9/11 at the time Mansoor was surviving in America. F caught him and tortured him thus he that he state something about the incident he was a sufferer who don’t done anything at all and was being tortured generally there for many years and after many years they will came to be aware that he has nothing to do with this whole thing they keep him and depot to Pakistan with that time he wasn’t mentally stable and was not an ordinary human being just like he was just before.

Although Maryam was fighting on her behalf rights in court a fantastic pious Muslim took place in the film who told everybody that this isn’t very Islam who have teach you to rule on each of your other as well as to kill somebody who doesn’t listen to you it is about caring for each other and loving the other person. It doesn’t instruct us to kill to torture other folks. After his speech about this Sarmad realize that what is Islam and what I was carrying out was wrong. He requests forgiveness from Maryam and start a new existence. Maryam refuse to go back to London, uk and want of teach those girls who will be uneducated on the place wherever Sarmad stored her.

The main idea was to demonstrate social problems of this film that people whom are offshore are still narrow-minded and want to control their lives instead of sitting with them and finding solution intended for the problem and other hand the truth of 9/11 portrayed in a few other plot to show what actually took place at that time as well as the other key social issue of keeping all their daughters unfounded and are not allowed to go to colleges. And how Islam is portrayed differently inside the mind of folks and you should know about what is being shown to your kids and educate him anything rather than counting on others.

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