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Guidelines of individual decision making


In every area of your life, we have to decide just about everything that individuals do. These decisions influence our daily lives and they sometimes they impact the lives of the people around us. When making these decisions there are make elements that enter making one last one. In economics you will find four concepts that effect how a person makes a decision (Mankiw, 2007):

¢ Persons face trade-offs.

¢ The cost of something happens to be what you quit to get it.

¢ Rational people think with the margin.

¢ People respond to incentives.

These types of four rules play an essential role in economics. This kind of paper is going to define each individual principle then give the target audience an insight over a personal decision of the publisher using the above mentioned principles.


Making a trade-off is basically, choosing the one thing over one more. A classic Italian language quote referring to a trade-off is “you can’t include a full bottle of wine and a drunk wife. As modern tools advances, you can argue that society has traded-off battery life in personal gadgets for a small size and weight of the individual device.

The fee is What Offer Up

Once you have looked at precisely what is being traded-off, then you can identify the true value of your decision by what you are stopping for it. As with the previous sort of personal gadgets, giving up battery-life has a severe downside for the reason that the personal camera will have to be billed more often, or it will be ” cable ” to a wall structure while the gadget is in employ and recharging. Here the cost can be a superb one to somebody who isconstantly out and about.

Rational People Think in the Margin

Since Mankiw (2007) pointed out “Economists normally assume that people are rational (p 6). Being realistic means that an individual will do everything they can to obtain their objective with all they own available to them. A rational person thinking in the margin or perhaps on the border will be able to generate decisions that allow them to achive their aim without letting go of to very much in general cost. Heading back to the personal electronic device, someone could choose to go with the smaller and more lightweight unit because of its transportability, but might bring along a conveyable charging system also, or use the product more occassionaly to make the a lot of the available battery power.

People Respond to Incentives

A motivation can be different to anything positive just like a benefit or perhaps something bad like a consequence. Incentives can be quite a large component to an individuals making decisions process. The motivation that an specific would probably respond to think about the new personal electronic device would be that they are carrying around significantly less weight, therefore making them more mobile. The consequence part that would affect the decision will be rooted from the point of view they will not be able to use the unit as much as they would like.

My Personal Decision

Recently I took up the hobby of cycling and competitive street racing. A lot of thought went into my personal decision about whether to get involved or not. I will layout how I can to my decision using the four rules of decision-making.


As I have outdated I have acquired many interests. I was handling my time between my hobbies, my family, and my job. My lists of interests included, nevertheless were not restricted to, golfing, operating, playing video games, and building model vehicles. I have constantly had bicycling as part of these hobbies, nonetheless it was simply an occasional one particular. When I chosen to actively cycle more, I had todecide what you should give up as a swap. First in that list of trade-offs had been all of my own hobbies. Second was family time. Cycling can take up hours of your day. I usually average 2 hours a day of riding period during the week and up to 4 hours a day on the weekends. I had a lot to think about during my decision.

The expense of what I threw in the towel

Giving up my hobbies to get cycling had not been a cost whatsoever to me mainly because I required that time I had been using pertaining to the hobbies and interests and focused it toward cycling. The price tag on lost family members time is somewhat more significant and placed really an impact on my final decision. Staying in the Navy and having five to eight month deployments is hard on a family, so every time spent at home is very valuable.

Detailed thinking at the Margin

Fortunately I was spending a lot of time on my other hobbies that it allowed me more time then what I was investing in the motorcycle. I utilized this spare time with the family. Also, I actually took into consideration that because my children age, I can get them on bicycles and spend time with all of them when I am doing my slow recovery rides which will play a large part within my training.


Finally, We took in to account the incentives of cycling to help make the final decision. The main incentive was setting the to those about me. My own children notice I completed just return home after work and do nothing constructive and this I am out there planning to improve myself. As for those I actually work with, that they see that I could balance Function, Home and time for remaining fit, and hopefully they are going to follow inside my example. Another incentive was the aspect of exercise and personal health. No longer will there be the heavy chief that stresses the buttons of his uniform. In today’s Navy blue, a sailor man is constantly symbolizing his country, Navy, and ship. If a sailor would not fit in his uniform correctly then he can not representing the Navy very well, and he could be threat to the send in an emergency situation in the event that he is not physically fit.


In an economic system there are four principles which might be vital for the decision making means of how it will eventually distributes really resources. The first is Trade-offs, quitting one thing for another. Then the determination of the cost of what you will be giving up to get to your goal. Third, is the the idea that logical people believe at the margin, meaning one will take advantage of all for you to achieve your goals. Finally, the theory that people react to incentives, assists in deciding the quantity or price of a certain resource. These principles are usually applied in individual decision-making, and the results can affect even more then an individual but an entire economic system.


Mankiw, N. G. (2007). Principles of Economics. Mason, Kentkucky: Cengage Learning.


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