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Harassing child labor in china essay

Reports correspondent David Barbosa in the New York Times Magazine features published a peice on May initial 2008, permitted: ‘China Says Abusive Child Labor Engagement ring Is Exposed’. In his news story, newspaper article, Barbosa discovered more in-depth research surrounding the incident of kid labor in China, in which according to him acknowledges child labor abuse at the heart of China’s export economic system.

This newspaper will talk about Barbosa’s getting on the plight of China children amidst extensive economical production.

Document Summary

Who had been involved?

Based on Barbosa’s news article, child labor ranges through the age of 13 to 15 which have been deceived and maybe kidnapped by a child trafficking syndicate then sold to career agencies.

To cite, the series of attack by China authorities has found rampant child labor job from Western Sichuan Province of Liangshan that supplies the children to factories in Guangdong, wherein forced labor engages about 300 operating hours month-to-month (Barbosa, 2008).

Result of the crackdown

The summary of result about crackdown of child labor jewelry has prompted the China authorities to enacting more enforcement, which usually according to Barbosa has put Cina in significant scandal and embarrassment [aside from your political issue with Tibet who also rejects China’s massive prep to the future Olympic Games].

With the newly arriving Olympic event, Chinese government bodies has bending its work in enforcing the strictest possible marketing campaign against kid labor traffickers, wherein the April 30th 2008 attack to various legal and most specifically illegal career agencies [or merely child traffickers] had been arrested and initially rescued about 90 children-laborers via Dongguan City where main electronic production firms can be found.

Behind child labor issue

Relating to Barbosa, child labor and abuses depicts China’s scarcity of laborers due to soaring inflationary rates and foreign currency accounting allowance that diminishes profitability of both small , medium suppliers that resorted to move quickly in the “edge of competitive manufacturing and mass development; that require cheap labor of children and adult employees [of both men and women], wherein the Chinese labor law offers even reduced the legal age need from the associated with 16.

Barbosa insinuated that will be the “political issue including Tibet’s [rejection and defiance to holding the Olympic Games in China] may include attributed to the seeming attack of man trafficking for cheap labor, on the whole. As reported, the earlier situations of child labor and human being trafficking incidents could have been collecting “loose response of observance, apparently becoming “stiff and tight on the current times.

The essential issue behind the rampant child labor and individual trafficking in China espouses the fact of looming poverty incidence in Southern and Western localities of Cina wherein continuing increase ofproduction and raw materials costs are minor to cost-cutting measures. To cite, even the renowned transnational Wal-Mart organization have been billed with kid labor, in which similarly different foreign companies in Chinese suppliers were illicitly engaging.

In related child labor issue, Barbosa pointed out the declaration of Mentor Hu Xingdou from Beijing Institute of Technology whom quoted that ‘China’s economy is producing at an amazing speed, but often in the expense of laws, human rights and environmental protection’. Further more to report, local government motivates incentives to grow their particular economy and thereby encouraging participation of cheap labor forces that includes children.

Postscript inside the report

Press have jointly advocated pursuing the progress of Chinese authorities’ campaign against child labor and man trafficking. According to Barbosa, the Southern City newspaper (in Beijing, China) conducts fact-finding mission in Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan Province in which indigenous households resides and being targeted by kid labor recruiters.

Barbosa stressed that journalist may access and could find out the truth caused by the scandal of child labor and mistreatment. As quoted by Barbosa; “journalists could discover the facts by secret interviews in a few days, since how could the labor departments show no desire for it and ignore it for way too long? 


Barbosa, M. (2008). ‘China Says Harassing Child Labor Ring Is Exposed’. The New York Moments (Asia Pacific) Electronic Publication. Retrieved ’08 May 2008 from http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/01/world/asia/01china.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1

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