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Harley davidson motorcycle company has example

Freedom Riders, Customers, Maslows Hierarchy Of Requirements, Urban Location

Excerpt from Case Study:

Chances: The Harley-Davidson company stands to gain a substantial share with the market simply by appealing to girl consumers, whether it uses marketing research to craft a prosperous promotional plan.

Threats: The main threat to a successful advertising campaign to attract woman consumers result from competitors that already industry to females, especially Japanese people motorcycle manufacturers and the German company Vespa.

Creative Technique

Communication targets include advertising the Harley Davidson sportster as the motorcycle of choice for American females who also appreciate the top quality, status, performance, and good the brand. The strategy includes positioning the manufacturer as not just a macho motorbike manufacturer yet one that appeals to all freedom-loving Americans no matter gender. The promise of the Harley Davidson company should be to deliver leading performance and prestige. Develop of the message emphasizes strength and self-reliance. Taglines ought to be simple however effective and gender simple such as “Harley Davidson: Durability. Quality. Accomplishment. “

Press Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, and Rationale

Potential audience for the Harley Davidson sportster can be professional females in their 30s. Media mixture includes regional radio talk shows but actually will focus on print advertisements in women’s outdoor and sporting activities magazines with possible promotional initiatives in some ladies fashion magazines. The reach from the media advertising campaign will be restricted to women inside the target demographic: females who can afford Harley davidson Davidson top quality and who are concerned with image. Geographical considerations are much less important than income and lifestyle issues. Sales campaign and non-traditional media might include some certain Web-based advertisements but as well special events in Harley Davidson showrooms and at consumer or perhaps trade events. So-called “garage parties, inch and HOG newsletters as well appeal specifically to women.

Spending budget

The Harley Davidson advertising campaign to target feminine consumers can be $23 mil and will be split up as follows: $10,50 million may be allocated for television advertisements on cable networks displaying sports and outdoor events. $10 mil will be given toward printing media promotions including many different creative promoting venues that present the image of the Harley Davidson sportser as being since strong and sturdy as ever but made exclusively pertaining to forward-thinking, independent females. The rest of the $3 mil of the marketing budget will be devoted toward trade shows, events, press releases, and working with the HOG to promote parties and other events to draw female motorcyclists. The entire marketing campaign should be applied immediately, with the print advertising and trade show position preceding the tv screen

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