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Hazing article

Hazing: Is it really necessary?: Having never recently been or attempting to be in

a fraternity. I actually havent worked out why that they choose these kinds of ridiculous hazing

rituals who does want to be bullied and teased, humiliated, and physically abused by

someone who will after be your close friend. Lives have been taken often

by these kinds of hazing rituals and fraternities still always hurt persons. If these types of

people are said to be your friends, whom needs foes?



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Paper Title:

Hazing: Is it really required?


Hazing: Is it seriously necessary?

Having never recently been or attempting to be in a fraternity. My spouse and i havent worked out

why they choose this sort of ridiculous hazing rituals who want to be bullied and teased

humiliated, and/or physically mistreated by somebody who will later on be your close friend.

Lives had been taken frequently by these kinds of hazing traditions and fraternities still

continue to hurt persons. If these individuals are supposed to become your friends, whom

needs opponents?

Hazing has existed for many years and without knowing it, a lot more

people than one would think possess died from hazing and initiations. The first

reported was in 1905 in Lima, Ohio university It was identified that William

Taylor a 13 year old boy passed away of pneumonia caused by the moment classmates put snow

straight down his backside. (Watts/Grolier) As the years have become by the hazing still

continue and were on a rise but slowly and gradually becoming ineffective because so many are

placing it straight down.

Hazing is one of the main issues that surround fraternities. Hazing may be the

initiating of pledges to imbibe excessive amounts of alcohol, consume significant

quantities of food, or perhaps submit to beatings which has a paddle. Seeing that deaths and

serious accidents have come regarding from hazing most claims enact regulations prohibiting


The serves of hazing in all its manifestations are needless and have

proven to harm individuals, families and the careers of appealing men

and females (Butler, 88)

Hazing is not just known in fraternities and sororities. Hazing has been

seen in the army, sports, bande and now in high universities. Almost 50 percent the

high school students who responded a across the country survey said they were made to eat

disgusting things, maltreatment alcohol or drugs or perhaps perform humiliating or illegal acts

to participate athletic teams, the music group, even church groups. (Hazings not A3)

Younger people have always been educated to admire their colleagues. What university

students do high school and middle college students are going to want to

replicate what the old students perform. They think that some young teens participate

in these hazing rituals to experience a since of belonging, it is to bad that young

children need to engage in these types of actions just to let them feel

like they can fit in.

The military gets the most uncommon hazing rituals. The Marine corps are given

basic training week and if you complete the paratroopers training they are provided

their golden wings. The wings certainly are a pin with two half-inch protruding points

on the backside. Sometimes, get back military take pleasure in of macho ritual, the pin is usually even

happily thumped to a marines breasts to bring a little celebratory blood. (Gleick

30) A few marines think that since pinning has a extended history inside the corps, and a

couple of young jarheads jokingly call up is a Sea sewing group, insisting that

the practice is an important part of Marine bonding. Someone with something wrong

with them might do this kind of a thing to themselves. Armed service authorities demand that

they may do most they can to prevent such hazing in the future. In the event they think

which the leadership from the Marine Corps believes that bating issues fellow

Marine makes for a better warrior, theyd better find themselves a new

job. Stated a great angry standard.

Another group that has hard to believe hazing are bande, for young lady gangs They will

have to subject matter themselves to being `jumped in or beaten up by each of the girls

inside the gang (Vida 80) Following the girls are jumped in they are not really done

with what they have to perform to stay in the gang. Bunch girls may be asked to do

an provided robbery or kill opponent gang associates. (80)

Fraternities feel that there is nothing wrong with the hazings or can i

say, initiation traditions are fund and bring a team jointly. (Should

sports activities, 26) The bonding in the brothers is definitely not something that should damage

anyone, and really should in the end take them closer firmer so that they will have a

friend for life.

Not being aware of that your friend is in fact you enemy and that a lot of have

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