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Herzbergs two element theory dissertation

1 . 0 INTRO

Motivation is a crucial driver within an organisation and it is crucial to the management of intellectual capital. Motivation underlies what employees choose to do (quality and/or quantity), how much effort they will placed into accomplishing the work, and how long they will operate order to complete it. Staff who are motivated will work more effectively and efficiently and shape a great organisation’s patterns. A encouraged workforce could have a strong effect on an organisation’s bottom line.

Inspiration is highly tied to work satisfaction.

Work satisfaction is usually how persons feel about the tasks they are designed to accomplish and may even also be motivated by the physical and cultural nature of the workplace. The greater satisfied employees are with the jobs, the greater motivated they shall be to do their jobs well. There are several important studies associated with motivation.

These include Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Frederick Herzberg’s examine of health and motivational factors, Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Sumado a, Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, and T.

Stacy Adams’ Collateral Theory. It is worth observing that the daily news will give a few highlights with the above mentioned ideas so as to offer a bigger picture dedicated to motivation, further more the paper will give short definitions of some essential concepts just like motivation and job satisfaction. It is also vital that you state here that the conventional paper will restrict itself to the two element theory by giving a brief reason on the theory and then actually zero in on each of the health factors in greater detail after which the positioning of the creator on the subject underneath discussion will be outlined plus the conclusion shall follow with all the bibliography.


Because posited by simply Vroom (1964), the word “motivation is derived from the Latin word movere, this means “to move. Motivation is definitely an internal force, dependent on the needs that drive a person to accomplish. Schulze and Steyn (2003) affirmed that in order to understand people’s actions at work, managers or supervisors must be aware from the concept of requires or reasons, which will help “move their employees to act. Locke (1976) defines job fulfillment as the positive emotional express stemming by valuation of your person’s experience associated with the job. Job satisfaction is connected with salary, work-related stress, empowerment, company and administrative policy, achievement, personal growth, relationship with other folks, and the overall working state.

It has been contended that an embrace job fulfillment increases member of staff productivity (Wright & Cropanzano, 1997; Shikdar & Das, 2003). Consequently , job fulfillment has a key effect on someones lives. Locke (1976) suggested that work satisfaction most commonly affects someone’s physical health, mental health and social existence whereby people who are satisfied with their jobs is going to tend to be pleased with their lives. Breed and Breda (1997) indicated that job pleasure may affect absenteeism, complaints, and time unrest. Consideringg this, happy workers will be much more productive and be maintained within the organisation for a for a longer time period, as opposed to displeased workers who will end up being less useful and who will have a better tendency to give up their jobs (Crossman, 2003). More importantly, pleased workers not merely perform better but also provide better in order to customers, which may result in increasing customer satisfaction.

The assumption is that determination and satisfaction are very comparable and that, on many occasions, they are regarded as synonymous terms. According to Hersey and Blanchard (1988), motivation and satisfaction can be different from the other person in terms of incentive and performance. The authors explain that determination is affected by forward-looking perceptions regarding the relationship among performance and rewards, while satisfaction involves how persons feel about the rewards they have received. Put simply, motivation can be described as consequence of expectations of the future while satisfaction is a consequence of past events (Carr, 2005).

Analysts have offered considerable focus on employee task satisfaction because it is closely associated with the quality of the employee’s life. Jenner (1994) insisted that increasing the employee’s job satisfaction or perhaps morale is a crucial technique for getting rid of absenteeism, reducing turnover, and in the end raising productivity. Barber (1986) found that job dissatisfaction was connected with greater absenteeism and larger turnover prices. With high job satisfaction, the employee tended to show better organizational commitment and larger intention to stay with the firm.


Theories of motivation will help us discover why people become they do. Zero theory has a Universal way of explain human being behaviour, individuals are too much complex (Donnelly, et approach. 1996). Two important groups of theories are content ideas and procedure theories. Content material theories are concerned with figuring out what elements in an individual or the work environment energise and sustain conduct. Process theories try to explain how conduct is energised, directed, and sustained. Process theories initially attempt to establish variables in choice, i. e., Do i need to work hard? (Choice); how hard should i Work? (Persistence).

Maslow’s Pecking order of Requirements posits that behavior in a particular minute is determined by the strongest will need. He located them in a framework referred to as the hierarchy of needs as a result of different levels of importance. All those needs which come first has to be satisfied before a higher-level need is needed. Equity Theory posits that perceived inequity is a Motivational force. Employees evaluate value using a rate of advices to results. Inputs consist of qualification, experience, effort, and ability. Results include rewards. Inequities take place when personnel feel that effects are not compatible with inputs. Expectations Theory asserts that staff are encouraged to make choices among manners. If employees believe that work will be compensated, there will be encouraged effort, that is, they will plan to work harder to receive an incentive. Expectancy may be the belief that certain behaviours is going to or will not be successful. Choices are the principles a person attaches to be able to outcomes.


Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation (1959) explains and studies the factors that play the role to make the employees of the organisation happy or dissatisfied with their operate and task profiles. The two factors are- hygiene elements and motivators. If cleanliness factors happen to be absent, they can lead to creation of discontentment among personnel, but when they can be adequate, they alone simply cannot lead to satisfying workers inside the work environment. Alternatively, motivators will be the factors that are related to the size of the job and play a tremendous role in providing pleasure among personnel and bringing about higher level of determination (Bassett-Jones and Lloyd 2005). Employees worldwide not only want job reliability but as well want quality employment. They desire to be offered ample chances for advancement, good working circumstances, and reasonable treatment by managers, autonomy on their function, challenging careers and responsibility (Miner 2003).

These factors are within the motivator elements given by Herzberg and still maintain true today in contemporary business environment. Today’s organisations focus on team-work and combination among the group so as to produce an inductive environment pertaining to work wherever employees happen to be motivated to work and contribute to getting the goals of the business. Cock and Davis (1990) demonstrate basically quality is among the major factors that decide satisfaction among employees regarding motivation. For example, if an worker has enough money, but he is without meaningful operate, then the employee starts sense lack of do it yourself value, which is again in coherence while using Herzberg’s theory that when cash stops being the driving force of inspiration for employees, internal rewards consider its place and become even more crucial along with significant regarding acting as a driving force of motivation.

So , money stops acting as the motivator for employees past a certain threshold (Critical Examination of Adam J. Stacy’s and Frederick Herzberg’s Hypotheses on Work Satisfaction of Employees 2012). In today’s business scenario, options for satisfaction at work and the ways in which jobs can be designed to be able to make the job itself more difficult and improving can inspire employees and help organisations obtain their is designed and desired goals as mentioned in Herzberg motivation theory (Locke and Latham 2004). Herzberg stated the only way to inspire employees in the organisation is always to give them demanding work so that they can feel a sense of responsibility and also belonging for the organisation. Today, employees are involved in decision making as a result of which they experience more responsibility as well as find themselves at penetration of00 of inspiration.

Intrinsic individuals dominate more than external stimuli in terms of motivation and cause enhanced input towards efficiency success. According to Herzberg’s book about Work plus the Nature of Man 1973, he says guy has two sets of needs: his need since an animal to stop pain, fantastic need like a human to grow psychologically. The biblical personages of Adam and Abraham are used to illustrate and develop the duality of man’s mother nature. Briefly, while Adam, man is pictured as an animal whose overriding goal should be to avoid the pain inevitable in relating to his environment. On the other hand, looking at gentleman in his wholeness, in addition to his prevention nature there exists a human being that is impelled to determine, to discover, to achieve, to actualise, to progress also to add to his existence. These kinds of needs sum up the Abraham concept of man Work as well as the Nature of Man 1973.

A basic understanding of the concept is the fact man is available as a mix and match and features two units of demands present as well. Another interesting and important aspect of male’s dual characteristics follows in that the two units of requires of man are essentially independent of just one another. That is certainly, each of the two concepts of man consists of a system of requirements that run in rival directions. Furthermore, seething the needs of 1 facet of person (Adam) has little or no effect upon the needs of the other facet in man (Abraham).

It should be noted that since equally sets of needs can be found in man at the same time both must be served and 1 will not substitute for the different. To demonstrate, one cannot find happiness simply by keeping away from physical pain, or steer clear of pain by finding delight. From this model it becomes obvious that joy and soreness are not polar opposites of the identical feeling provided by the same resource; that is, joy and discomfort are not on the same continuum. This can be the principal upon which the Herzberg two-factor theory is based.

Job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction represent two separate and distinct sigue just as observed earlier with respect to happiness and pain.

Herzberg offers one more analogy-as follows-to help describe this way of thinking about task attitudes; i want to characterise work satisfaction since vision and job discontentment as reading. It is readily seen that individuals are discussing two individual dimensions, because the stimulus pertaining to vision is light, and increasing and decreasing lumination will have simply no effect on mans hearing. The stimulus to get audition can be sound, and, in a identical fashion, raising or lessening loudness will have no influence on vision. Herzberg analysed and classified the job content factors or fulfilling experiences the following “Achievement -Recognition -Work alone -Responsibility-Advancement “Growth. According to Herzberg, these types of factors be noticeable as solid determiners of job satisfaction.

Job responsibility and growth being the main relative to a lasting attitude demand. Achievement, in addition than recognition, was often associated with this kind of long-range factors as responsibility and the nature of the job itself. Reputation which makes good thoughts about the job does not essentially have to come from superiors; it might come from subordinates, peers, or perhaps customers. It can be interesting to notice that reputation based on accomplishment provides a even more intense pleasure than does recognition applied solely being a human associations tool single from virtually any accomplishment, These does not act as a satisfier, Rush, They would. M. F. (1969- 92-93; 9: 370)

Compared with the satisfiers or perhaps motivators would be the factors which cause low task attitude conditions or job dissatisfaction. These kinds of factors had been found in the analysis in the study leads to be linked primarily with an individual’s marriage to the context or environment in which he does his work. These factors are extrinsic to the work by itself and are termed as dissatisfiers or perhaps hygiene (or maintenance) factors. Herzberg grouped the framework or environmental factors creating dissatisfaction to include: Dissatisfies: ” Company coverage and operations ” Oversight ” Operating conditions ” Interpersonal relationships (with peers, subordinates and superiors) ” Status ” Job reliability ” Wage ” Personal Life

3. 0 Care Factors How come, for instance, perform hygiene elements serve as dissatisfiers? Why, alternatively, do motivators affect motivation in the great direction? Consider the answers to these questions in terms of the distinction between two pieces of man needs (Adam vs Abraham). One stems from man’s dog nature great need to avoid pain. This set consists of the needs which is why the cleanliness factors will be relevant. The word “hygiene is a medical term meaning preventative and environmental.

This is a great “appropriate term in view of the truth that the cleanliness factors symbolize the environment to which man while an animal is consistently trying to adjust. The dissatisfies or care factors recently listed will be the major environment aspects of job. Because these kinds of factors provide only to lessen pain, they cannot contribute to great satisfaction but only to the avoidance of dissatisfaction. Herzberg found, for example , that good operating conditions (Physical, environment, good-natured co-workers, very good supervision) had been rarely called as elements contributing to work satisfaction; yet , poor doing work conditions had been frequently offered as options for dissatisfaction.

Herzberg argued that improvement inside the hygiene elements would only minimise discontentment but not increase satisfaction and motivation. In order to motivate staff, the managers must ensure to provide the care factors and then follow the inspiring factors. The moment hygiene factors are adequate, people are not dissatisfied; but at the same time although they are not fully satisfied. They will be within a neutral condition. If we want to motivate people on their jobs, it is suggested to provide much importance on individuals job content factors just like opportunities for private growth, acknowledgement, responsibility, and achievement. These are generally the characteristics that individuals find intrinsically rewarding.

Herzberg model sensitises that simply treating the employees well through ‘good’ firm policies is definitely not enough to encourage them. Managers should make use of the skills, talents, and abilities of the people at work through effective task designing. Quite simply, the work given to employees should be challenging and exciting and provide them a sense of achievement, recognition, and development. Unless these characteristics exist in the job, employees are not motivated.

A firm policy that treats personnel well will not be motivation by itself if there is not any clear career progression prepare or that hinders progression whether through strict staff development policy or insufficient provision of scholarships. For example , some businesses have procedures that a staff member needs to provide a minimum of 8 years for them to be awarded paid examine leave with out sponsorship; in view of the life expectations which is significantly reduced, it might not be possible for an employee to await for that extended. Additionally , a worker may include added duties such as taking his children to school thus making it incredibly difficult to enable them to pay for their particular studies. It is vital to note that even in situations where this policy is usually elaborate, it may not bring motivation in itself unless it be accompanied by a motivator such as personal growth or recognition.

There are a number of managerial styles which can be adopted by simply different supervisors; some are strict and do not talk to while others are open and make personnel autonomous. The standard of supervision by itself, however , will never motivate a worker. Even when the supervision is good, it may not motivate a worker unless this great supervision is coupled with accomplishment, where the staff member is given a regular task insert and these kinds of tasks will be smart in nature. Only then can easily this certainly be a source of motivation. Despite being agreeable, the boss must be found to apply the concept of equity in working with subordinates, in the event that this aspect is missing, then the staff may be disappointed

Factors that involve the physical environment of the task: amount of work, establishments for executing work, mild, tools, temperature, space, fresh air, and general appearance with the work place. Within a company were working circumstances are poor, workers will never be motivated to work. For example , a receptionist who performs in a small and stuffy place will not be determined to go for work this day. Even if such a person worked well in an air conditioned room with great chairs, nevertheless the company does not recognise her contribution for the organisation, your woman may decide to keep the company because she’ll not be motivated. So it is only when these factors are combined that a person will be motivated. For example , when such a worker’s contribution is accepted even by simply management publishing her a letter of appreciation, in that case there will be motivation and fulfillment.

When it comes to work security, which is employee’s job tenure and the company’s stableness or instability, objective signs of the existence or a shortage of security, it can be worth remembering that when a career is properly secured it will develop a good sense or the psychological well being with the employee will probably be good. Nevertheless , on its own, this cannot give motivation unless of course a balance is definitely struck involving the motivators and hygiene elements as outlined by Herzberg

In Herzberg’s two-factor version pay is actually a maintenance aspect that should certainly not contribute substantially to inspiration. The money that employees obtain is actually a bundle made up of income, and other edge benefits just like transport, enclosure, furniture, medical allowance. Others include meal subsidy and utility allowances. This pay is given for all the models or is definitely universal and, therefore , a worker will not feel anything at all special about this pay unless of course it is given to workers who have performed exceptionally well but not to everyone else. In this case, it becomes a worth pay.

For example , a govt worker who may have been in support for five years in a given situation will be given the same income as anyone who has just graduated from the university because they may have the same position and certification and salary scale. In that situation, wage will not be a motivation to get the one who may have served for a longer time. In view of this kind of, the employee who have worked to get five years will only become motivated in the event that his salary is different on account of performance and length in service. Here, we see an aspect of recognition getting into play. In expectancy theory, pay can satisfy many different needs and influence decision and patterns, while in equity theory, pay can be described as major outcome that one even comes close with other staff.

The relationships between the worker and his or perhaps her superiors, subordinates, and peers-by which we indicate the related interactions and social relationships within the function environment-play a serious role in determining how employees feel about their job. Ordinarily a fantastic and warm relationship with one’s manager would require no unhappiness on the part of the worker. Nevertheless , if the company does not identify one’s hard work or contribution to the organisation, then they are not motivated. In order to motivate, good supervision should be coupled with a fantastic company plan and reputation.

4. 0 Conclusion The concept of Herzberg’s Two-factor theory is one that focuses on understanding the acceptable hygiene elements that stop the employee by being dissatisfied. It must be observed, though, that hygiene elements do not do much to motivate the employee and the supervision of firms has to seek other ways of achieving this kind of. The main thought behind such factors is they may spell the difference inside the perceptions that employees keep with regards to their particular work and the relationship with their organisation of preference. It must be noted that equally factors (hygiene factors and motivation factors) must are present in order for the employee to be determined in his job, in the easiest way that they possibly can.

If there are absent factors (whether they may be care factors or perhaps motivation factors), it is possible intended for the employee being dissatisfied but not perform in the best way that they can. If every one of the hygiene factors are present as well as when there exists more than enough of a hygiene aspect present, it is possible that the employee might still not be encouraged. Thus, to ensure managers to successfully encourage their employees, there is a dependence on them to decide the appropriate plus the sufficient inspiration factors to use. Although, it is not always important that motivators keep encouraging employees constantly and health factors cause dissatisfaction. Some of these factors can easily interchange their very own roles as well. Therefore , it truly is required for managers to take on more pragmatic approach and apply different both motivator factors and hygiene factors to attain the consumer as well as organizational goals with efficiency and effectiveness


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