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Heurter in the rye essay 2

The phrase ‘morals’ is involved with the concepts or rules of correct conduct or the distinction of right and wrong. Themes such as chasteness, isolation and youth reside in the new, the audience is manufactured aware of Caulfield’s view on children’s innocence, the isolation this individual feels and just how he perceives adults while ‘phony’. Holden Caulfield can be described as 17 yr old adolescent young man that becomes infatuated with protecting the ‘innocence’ of younger children.

Caulfield feels mentally, socially and personally separated from all others.

He wishes the need to always be not alone. He attempts to reach out to someone although this wish for a connection can be mitigated by simply hesitation. “The first thing I did so when I received off in Penn Place, I went into this telephone booth. I felt like supplying somebody a buzz, but as soon as I was inside, I didn’t want to think of any person to call up. So I ended up being not calling anybody. I came out of the booth, following about 20 minutes or so.

The short syntax emphasises Caulfield’s hesitation of trying to get in touch with someone although not being able to agree to it, this then positions the reader to feel sadness for the isolation that Caulfield feels. Caulfield’s reluctance to immerse himself in a connection with somebody else, explores the concept whilst Caulfield was advancing with his arriving of age, this isolation can be described as step back to get the development of him self. Salinger catches an adolescences bias belief of adults being artificial and that they simply think of themselves.

Salinger is exploring the perspective of kids being a finish world in addition to the adults through Caulfield. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ looks at the theme of youth with the process of maturing. Caulfield has a idealized understanding of what children are like, he includes a fantasy of what children are like, and he quickly makes assumptions of adults, predominately about how they treat children. “There was a lady sitting following to me that cried throughout the goddam photo. The phonier it got, the more your woman cried. You’d have believed she did it because the girl was kind-hearted as heck.

But the girl had this kind of little child with her that were required to go to the bath room, but the girl wouldn’t consider him. Your woman kept telling him to sit still and react himself. She was about as kind-hearted as a goddam wolf.  The simile ‘She was about as kind-hearted being a goddam wolf’ emphasises the similarities between lady and a wolf, this in that case positions the reader to become conscious of Caulfield’s thoughts towards adults and the deficiency of ‘respect’. This kind of sense of him having no ‘respect’ for adults’ challenges society’s moral of respecting your elders is explored through the entire novel and represented through Caulfield’s personality.

In conclusion, J. D Salinger explores concepts and concepts of what it is like to turn into of age and exactly how society’s honnête are challenged by adolescents and kids. He uses themes such as the innocence of youngsters, the remoteness of Caulfield and how the youth understand adults to represent these tips. I believe that Salinger effectively explores the ideas of coming of age and challenging society’s morals within his novel by using these styles and permits myself because an individual to understand the new on a deeper level.


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