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High stakes testing is the term paper

Savage Inequalities, Testing, High School, Arthur Miller

Excerpt from Term Daily news:

Recognition of quality and lack there of could be a basic target of the education system, as it strives to direct methods and change scenarios that are not appointment the demands of accountability, however it is clear that High-stakes testing does a poor work identifying good schools and good teachers as it disregarded, by default information and facts that is not available on the test ratings. It has been crystal clear for many years that socioeconomics, such as plays a far larger role in most high stakes test ratings than the potential of the teacher, as it truly does in many various other issues around student functionality and even long-term lifetime final results. Excellent educators in lesser school districts will be misidentified as low quality due to elements beyond their control, and students will probably be held back depending on circumstances outside their control, if a one form of assessment is to be the rule.

The majority of students who have failed the MCAS exams were from school districts serving low interpersonal class and poor or perhaps working course families. The report supports one of the most primary arguments against high-stakes screening – scores on high-stakes tests are merely a measure of students’ socioeconomic status (Clancy 2000; Kohn 2001; Carriers 1999; Wilgoren 2000; Zwick 2002). It appears that students’ performances on high-stakes tests have got “almost anything to do with parental socioeconomic backgrounds, and less to do with educators, curricula, or perhaps what the children learned in the classroom” (Clancy 2000, A19). These tests merely perpetuate and reinforce inequalities in public places education Kozol (1991) explained over a 10 years ago. (Volger, 2004)

Yet, despite this clear indication that the tests aren’t testing what their implementers intend them to test have not seemed to make enough of a conflict to demand the return of multiple reference assessment, and schools and systems continue to validate the high stakes screening system with no choice.

In conclusion, the quality of sole aspect assessment is evidently in question, in the top of the string of command to the youngest student battling test materials and lecture-based curriculum, with no creativity. A lot of problems can be found with applying high stakes testing as a single weighty evaluation tool; high-stakes testing is intimidating to new and seasoned teachers, high stakes tests can make inherant reducing of programs, teachers experience pressured to hide test materials rather than program, lecture design teaching dominates when test out preparation may be the only possible goal and finally high stakes assessment ignores essential demographic, the highest of which is socioeconomic status which can alter understandings gained from check scores and erroneously thin perceptions of quality of teacher, pupil and program.


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