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Hiring people the recruitment and essay

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The advantages of exterior recruitment comprise in bringing people with fresh ideas in the company and continuing for the diversity with the company. The disadvantages happen to be represented by high costs and resources this sort of recruitment needs. Most companies utilize this type of recruiting for reduced positions.

The moment analyzing these kind of recruitment, experts recommend to associate them with numerous situations. It is because they have been created in order to be employed in situation seen as a different circumstances, instead of addressing similar conditions. The inefficiency associated with these types of recruitment methods must be related to their completely wrong application.

Another issue based on the employing process is considered to be the retention of the employees. In some specialists’ opinion, preservation problems begin during the hiring process. The recruiting elements that are thought to influence personnel retention will be represented by simply: hiring people centered on money, recruitment sources, all their average period in other careers, orientation at the job, recruiter participation after the work with, reduced standard of diversity, bureaucratic rewards, understanding on the factors behind employee yield. In other words, the retention level depends on neglecting these factors (Sullivan, 2007).

Other professionals have another type of view on this issue. In their thoughts and opinions, the retention of personnel depends on the motivational strategy designed and integrated by the organization. For example , employees decide to stay with the company if they happen to be satisfied with situations provided by company. This refers to financial determination, other benefits, career chances. Their view is that set up hiring method is a bad one, that cannot significantly influence the retention level within the company.

There are numerous points-of-view on the selecting process that address a number of issues and seem to be contradictory. It is difficult and unproductive to determine which of such points-of-view are correct and are in accordance with the practice in the field. Instead, persons interested in this issue must recognize that all of these ideas can prove to be appropriate in different situation. In other words, different theories affect situation seen as a numerous blends of factors. It is crucial to identify the factors of influence on each situation in order to determine which will strategies are correct.

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