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Historical advancement nursing research term paper

Florencia Nightingale, Neuman Model, Blue jean Watson, Breastfeeding Theorist

Excerpt from Term Paper:


Famous Development Of Medical Science

Fb timeline: History of medical

Florence Nightingale publishes her Notes about Nursing, which include her tough luck canons of nursing. This guide was the 1st book to ascertain nursing as a unique career that essential specific abilities and attributes. Nightingale came upon her experiences like a nurse during the Crimean Battle and required more rigorous education of future nurses (Theory of Florence Nightingale, 2012, Medical Theories).

The American Civil War was obviously a bloody, prolonged conflict. Healthcare professionals such as Walt Whitman, Louisa May Alcott, Clara Barton, and Dorothea Dix recognized themselves offering on the battlefield. As a result of the Battle of Bull Work, Barton and Dix a new nursing corps to deal with the necessity to treat the fallen in a systematized vogue. There were few hospitals available at the time. As well, at the time the profession was largely consisting of men (Stein 1999).

1873: Florence Nightingale opened her first medical school, based upon her guidelines (Theory of Florence Nightingale, 2012, Nursing jobs Theories).

1881: Clara Barton became the president with the first American chapter in the International Crimson Cross (Stein 1999).

1886: The 1st nursing journal, named after Florence Nightingale (The Nightingale) was published (Theory of Florence Nightingale, 2012, Nursing Theories)

1897: Nyc begins to check children for the first signs of contagious disease. To lessen absenteeism because of ill overall health, the NYC school program employed Linda Rogers, the first school nurse to oversee the healthiness of children in four separate schools. “Within six months, absenteeism fell simply by 90%, and the school panel agreed to supply funds intended for 27 nurses. By 1914, there were near 400 rns in the educational institutions of New York City. Different towns followed quickly; Are usually hired it is first in 1904” (Hannik 2013).

1953: Development of the first formal theory of nursing as Florence Nightingale’s, Hildegard Electronic. Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations. “Peplau’s theory clarifies the levels of social process, jobs in nursing situations and methods for learning nursing while an social process” (Hildegard E. Peplau, 2012, Nursing Theories). Pepalu defined the fact that was to become the core components of all medical theory (nursing, patient, environment, health), the roles of the nurse as well as the specific step-by-step process of treatment. Pepalu was instrumental in demonstrating that nurses are not simply the adjoint of doctors.

1955: Virginia Henderson’s 13 basic requirements developed. Henderson has been called “the Contemporary Mother of Nursing” and the “20th 100 years Florence Nightingale” (Virginia Henderson theory of nursing, 2012, Nursing Theories). Henderson designed one of the first remarkably scientific meanings of nursing jobs, suggesting that it was to compensate to get the inability from the patient to care for him or herself. “The exceptional function from the nurse is to assist the, sick or well, in the performance of the people activities leading to health or its recovery (or to peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he previously the necessary strength, will or perhaps knowledge. And to do this in

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