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Hotel accommodations operations examination of

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

The section will provide non-alcoholic drinks and an environment where Christians may feel like they are in “paradise. ” This will as a result ensure that the resort enlarges their target group. By including this, Haven Hotel might be a suitable destination for all which includes domestic tourists who will acquire an opportunity to delight in their regional delicacies in addition to a taste of international special treats.

The lodge will feature fully refurbished and up-to-date guestrooms with an extra personal hot tub and relaxation space. The new appearance hotel will incorporate an elegant late-night poolside community hall which will consist of sun-loungers, day beds and decks. The primary idea in back of the restorations of the pool area is to convert outdoor areas into outdoor living rooms offering flexible cusine, drinking, occasions and calming spaces. The intimate day spa will have flooring cushions and new impressive lights. With these renovations in place, the hotel will certainly therefore provide a romantic ambiance for lovers alongside other services.

To ensure the resort also provides great companies for family members, it will bring in newly designed kids club and teens living room. The kids club will take care of a particular age range (between a few – 12 years) even though the teens family room is basically suitable for teenagers to unwind while on getaway. For the teens den, the most recent technology that includes of large screens and famous video games consoles will be fixed. The general restorations of the lodge will also discover an improvement to elegant furniture, soft goods, well-suited notebook safes, even more flat screen LCD televisions, iPod areas and MP3 stations.

Market Analysis:

Mombasa Kenya has some lavish beach hotels which are located over the Kenya seaside strip. These types of hotels present three to five superstar rooms between other features that include jet-skiing, pool, diving and wind surfing. Mombasa Kenya also acts as the largest tourism place to go for many vacationers from all over the world and household tourists. As a result of various amounts of hotels that exist in this region, the hotel industry is experiencing stiff competition.

For the success and profitability of the business, Mombasa’s market circumstances have a substantial impact. Hotel Lodging operations tend to make more profit through the summer season because of the many visitors who visit the location. In addition , we have a boom from this business throughout the December christmas as many household tourists visit the region. Throughout every season, this lodge tourism industry continues to make profits. The other opponents in this organization offer the next services and facilities:

Vacation resort Locations:

A lot of the hotels in Mombasa are located along the Kenya beach remove with the top hotels in the area being beach front hotels. Accommodations located in this type of areas constantly target to build most of their profit from amusement travelers. These travelers constantly see the accommodations facilities plus the vicinity because their destination. The different types of lodging businesses require diverse locations. For instance , the Nyali Beach lodge is located with the southern end of the seashore because voyager cruise services that it gives (Muhoho par, 3). Quite a few hotels in Mombasa are in the commercial places.

Target Group:

Due to the fact that a large number of hotels and motels are situated over the Kenya beach strip, their particular target group is quite crystal clear. Most of the resorts target leisure time travelers and tourists who have are taking time out to relax and reflect from other otherwise busy schedules. The leisure travelers may be people who are taking time off from their busy work schedules and lifestyles, couples or people that are from a trip or even small organizations. The travellers can also be either domestic or international visitors who are visiting an area for a vacation, for showing off or interpersonal events, for shopping, or visiting close friends and family. These travelers may be staying in the area because they are simply in transit to other locations. want to learn more about the nation and the seaside strip. Mombasa is basically a tourist interest to many persons because of the recreation facilities and national leisure areas.

Therefore many of these hotels in this field mainly focus on leisure travellers because of the organic or scenic sites and recreational features. it’s important to note that the hotels in this area extremely targets the international leisure travelers because they out number the domestic travelers. Very few locals take time to go to the area because of a number of reasons which include the amount paid considering the fact that a higher percentage in the population is definitely living in low income.

However , resort lodging consumers in this are not only leisure travelers. There are various other categories of guests which include group meeting travelers. These group meeting travellers usually visit the area for both the leisure and business purposes. They incorporate groups to get school activities, athletics incidents and coach tours and business getting together with groups.


All the hotels in the location have different array of prices based on whether it’s a low or large season. The high time of year is usually during weekends, warm weather and holiday break periods as the low season is usually during winter season. The prices likewise differ with respect to the visitor we. e. whether they want sole beds or perhaps not. Averagely, most of the hotels have demand an average of $22.99 for sole beds throughout the low season and $250 for the high season. The values are different for double bed frames with typically $250 and $400 for the low and high time of year respectively. There are also variations in leisure room rates depending on the day of week and time of year.

Food and Refreshments:

Our opponents in the market mostly offer African, American and European delicacies as well as alcohol addiction drinks. A large number of foods inside the various restaurants are usually made by local workers who have received adequate schooling from known hotel and tourism managing institutions. There are many of drinks that range from American to European to African refreshments. However , few hotels have got majored on the provision of nonalcoholic beverages for the purchasers.

Re-training and Motivating employees:

Given the background of the motel, there is a superb need for re-training and encouraging the staff pertaining to the productivity and success of the business. To help in building a healthy and balanced relationship between your workers plus the management, I will adopt the following strategy as the general administrator:


My own first initiative will be to measure the employees’ function habits by simply reviewing the of the marriage between the earlier management and the workers. This review will be conducted in collaboration with the employees to spot the employees’ and the hotel’s hidden concerns. Employee research and one on one interviews is definitely the major equipment to be employed in review. This will in turn actively involve the employees in the creation and re-structuring of the motel. Their ideas for improving efficiency and waste materials elimination will probably be respected and taken into consideration. The objective of this analysis is for effectiveness improvement and making the employees feel that they are really valued in the hotel.

Administrators and Front-Line employee Teaching:

My second step is to adopt a Supervisors and Front-Line staff Training Course. Due to the fact that the supervisors’ behavior is a crucial factor, administrators will be competed in order to reduce the number of place of work injuries, maximize high-quality efficiency and retain valuable personnel. Through the supervisors’ training course, the supervisors learn leadership and team building expertise that showcase and support a positive frame of mind in the subordinate staff, their particular work and safety procedures. The administrators will be taught how to understand and reward safe and efficient behavior in the month-to-month supervisor training curriculum. They will also always be taught how you can effortlessly remove at risk behavior on a daily basis.

Alternatively, the front-line employees will probably be taught tips on how to learn new skills and develop correct practices through the front-line employee classes. Unlike almost all of the employee training programs which in turn fail because of only informing employees what direction to go, the followed employee schooling will permit the employees to experience what to do. The first set of staff will go through the training and once they continue their responsibilities, the next set of personnel will be skilled. To ensure that performance is suffered, the employees may have a monthly refresher course.

Incentive Incentive Programs:

There will also be on-going advantages programs that are geared toward rewarding the best performing workers and positively reinforcing the lessons discovered in the teaching classes. This will likely motivate employees to work harder and effectively as well as give a chance towards the best executing employees to feel valued and honored. However , the employees’ prize and bonus programs will not be limited to finest performing staff. All employees will be periodically rewarded because of their contribution for the success from the business.

New Hire Training course:

The new hire training courses serves two main functions. Firstly, for the recently hired workers to understand the hotel’s established

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