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As a result, although she’s not aware as a result of her position in society, she realizes however that the house they relocated to does not match what her family have been dreaming about. The little and crammed house gives almost very little space since the other areas they occupied. When describing the small house, the author features the single metaphor in the talk of the kid narrator, saying that the windows were therefore small that a person would believe “they’re possessing their breath”:

But the property on Manga Street it’s not the way they told this at all. really small and red with restricted steps in front and glass windows so small you’d think they were having their breath of air. “

The metaphor is incredibly significant since it highlights the key theme of the story: the interplay between the personal space as well as the space with the others, and also the relation between self and society. Owning a house as such is certainly not sufficient, seeing that identity plus the personal space the family members wanted to book have had almost nothing to gain. The windows of the house can’t “breathe” because they lack the space-this metaphor renders almost a claustrophobic feeling of the self that may be suffocated by world about its, by otherness, and by the cultural system that entraps that ascribing it another personality than the one particular desired. This is why the house about Mango Road is not really the house the woman wished to get, since the space one has to oneself remains limited.

The fact that space with the others or the social space intrudes on the personal one is made clear by little girl in her current repetitions about the way in which everyone has to share anything. The house, such as has no garden, instead in-front there are the elms the city planted- therefore overseas elements-, the home has merely one bathroom that they can all have to share, as they shared them with the neighbors inside the other places, as well as the bedrooms should be shared also:

There is no front yard, only several little elms the city grown by the control. [… ] Everybody has to talk about a bedroom- Mama and Papa, Carlos and Kiki, me and Nenny. “

The discontent is avoid the showing of space as such, good results . the effect and the sway society holds on the specific. The last passage of the story emphasizes this kind of idea and reveals a much more developed feeling of identity and understanding in the lady. She remembers the face she had with one of many nuns in her university, while she was still living in Loomis Street, and the feeling she experienced when the lady had to point out the place your woman lived in to be her residence:

You live generally there? ‘ Right now there. I had to look to where she pointed- the third flooring, the portrait peeling, wooden bars Progenitor had pinned on the glass windows, so we all wouldn’t drop out. You live generally there! The way your woman said that made me feel as if nothing. Generally there. I resided there. I nodded. “

Here, the ideas of space and social identification really are coming: the simple phrasing of the woman, “I live there, inch emphasizes the relationship between the place she comes from and her place in world, and consequently her identity.

The very last paragraph, where girl reproduces her parents’ assurance that the house in Mango Avenue is only a temporary residence for them seems to bring the story complete circle and the 1st sentence:

recognized then I required a house. A real house. 1 I could point to. But this may not it. Your house on Mango Street just isn’t it. For the time being, Mama says. Temporary, says Papa. Nevertheless I know how these things go. “

The woman had commenced by saying the family had not usually lived generally there, but now realises that they will most likely stay there always or at least for a long time. Therefore, the new house is their particular newly attained identity, and although they are not content with this, they can not get away it.

The property on Manga Street is definitely therefore a tale about quick self-awareness of a girl in a world through which she feels the girl can choose not her very own space neither her personality. The issue between the personal, private universe and sociable world happen to be emphasized through the story, and the child narrator serves the idea very well since it allows for this kind of conflict to become captured wherever

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