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How benjamin franklin s technology impacted

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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Benjamin Franklin’s developments impact contemporary society.

Benjamin Franklin: The impact of his technology

As well as one of the Founding Fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin was a great inventor and scientist. His inventions have had a lasting effect upon the world. Franklin had not been formally well-informed, but having been a great audience and viewer. His inventions were largely practical, nevertheless the principles where they were based were well-grounded in clinical theory. “Franklin was one of the most practical creators in history. He built a large number of devices that had been designed to help to improve or resolve everyday problems” (“Benjamin Franklin: Inquiring mind, ” PBS, 2011). Franklin often began with issues that he was in person affected with, like poor eyesight, the shortcoming to reach ebooks on a large bookcase, or the dangers of wood-burning stoves and strikes simply by lightening. Then simply, he utilized the technological method to examine the problem, in order to find solutions. Franklin’s model of medical analysis and intuitive solving problems can be seen in the examples of many self-educated entrepreneurs today, such as Steve Careers, who just had one semester of college education and began what evolved in the Apple pc company in a garage.

Various people can be unable to read this document devoid of Franklin’s advent of bifocals. Franklin had poor eye-sight and disliked having to switch back and forth among two pairs of glasses. Instead, this individual created glasses with two sets of lenses that enabled him to see the two far and near distances. Franklin composed he was: “happy in the technology of dual spectacles, which serving pertaining to distant objects as well as around ones, make my eyes while useful to me personally as ever they were” (“The Electric Ben Franklin, inch U. T. History, 2011). Another of his medical inventions, a flexible urinary catheter, was designed to help his older brother John, who have suffered from kidney stones. Until Franklin, all urinary catheters built to help people who trouble passing urine were made from shateringly inflexible supplies (“The Electric powered Ben Franklin, ” U. S. Background, 2011).

Franklin was well-traveled and utilized his encounters abroad to see his technology. During among his a large number of voyages in sea, “Franklin suggested pursuing the Chinese model of dividing ships’ holds in to watertight compartments so that if a leak took place in one compartment, the water may not spread through the entire hold and sink the ship” (“Benjamin Franklin’s innovations, ” The Franklin Institute, 2011). Franklin was as well the 1st man to ever map the Gulf Stream, because he was inquisitive as to why journeys east had been faster than return trips. His map led to better understanding of the ocean power of the location (“Benjamin Franklin’s inventions, inch The Franklin Institute, 2011).

Franklin’s mind was constantly searching how you can solve home-based problems too, both large and little. For example , in colonial America, houses were warmed simply by wood-burning fireplaces. These wide open fireplaces had been dangerous and lots of homes burned up to the earth as a result. Franklin invented a great iron heater stove that allowed people to warm their particular homes with no exposed fire, and with less solid wood. This type of furnace is still called a Franklin range. The oven was drier and created less smoke cigars: “This cast-iron furnace might

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