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How hk responds to fitness golf equipment essay

Research from Composition:

Health Industry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a densely populated, coastal city in Asia, exactly where both East and European cultures meet. In this city-state of 7 , 000, 000 persons, the potential for the fitness industry (fitness clubs) to find consumer demand is evident in the government’s new emphasis on health and fitness as well as the entertainment industry’s using body image to share an instinct among customers to imitate what they find. At the same time, Hk has a clearly Asian desire to have fitness exercises that are more dance-oriented within the Western. Choreography is a big pull for Hk fitness team users as well as the more complex the choreography, the more likely the bring. Still, fitness clubs as well appeal to older consumers who want to are part of a team and who have seek to achieve some activity in their lives, as there exists limited wide open space in Hong Kong and fitness night clubs offer people the option of working out in the town. This study examines the potential of fitness sector in Hong Kong via survey and detects that for the market to succeed it will study the culture of Hong Kong and give its persons what they demand in terms of an appealing fitness team with quality service.

Chapter 1

1 ) 1 Organization Research Theme and Relevance

The topic selected of this study is the potential of the exercise industry in Hong Kong. The importance of this theme is found in the fact that Hk is a services economy – the tertiary sector of the three sector economic version. It is one of the most prominent economic centers on the globe and one of the densely inhabited city-states as well. However , using more than 7 , 000, 000 people residing in its community of coastal skyscrapers, Hong Kong boasts a a comprehensive portfolio of activity among both “haves” and “have-nots, ” with clear proof of economic difference in the classes of Hong Kong life. Problem this conventional paper poses is actually there is likelihood of the fitness industry (a distinctly Western industry) to find traction in Hong Kong. Mainly because Hong Kong is usually multi-cultural, with most occupants being multi-lingual, the idea of this kind of Western sector taking underlying in Hong Kong is certainly not far-fetched. For many who can afford it, fitness night clubs offer the chance for the European workout lifestyle to be enjoyed by way of an Asian emphasis on choreography (Vassallo, 2010).

1 . two Brief Backdrop

A brief history of fitness in Hong Kong implies that since the eighties, more than 90 research studies have been completely conducted in Hong Kong to determine the health and fitness level of its citizens (Fu, Nie, and New tong/tanga, 2004, g. 77). Hong Kong’s Sport Community and Department of Health in addition to a number of foundations have been a key component in promoting and determining health and fitness exploration over these years (Fu, Nie und nimmer and New tong/tanga, 2004, l. 77), while Hong Kong’s government offers taken a specific interest in advertising healthy living and activity. Hong Kong’s admiration for European culture combined with the governmental support of health has allowed the fitness sector to find grip in the seaside metropolis. Today, expatriates from the West will be routinely used in the support industry as a result of high salary young ex-pats can make and the amazing opportunity that Hong Kong provides – which is especially authentic in the health industry (Vasallo, 2010). High wages are off-set, yet , by the high cost of living: the standard cost of blue jeans in Hong Kong much more than 125 USD while a cup of coffee lurks near almost 8 USD (McCafferty, 2016). Thus, Hong Kong is actually a city exactly where fortunes are manufactured and lost and where dreams are put to test. This the fact is especially clear in the growing (and occasionally falling) health industry in Hong Kong (Yeung, 2016). Taking into account the new California Fitness scandal when the fitness chain closed its doors simply months following opening, this business research paper is going to discuss the potential for the exercise industry in Hong Kong.

Understand the potential of the fitness industry in Hk, it is vital to understand the lifestyle of Hong Kong. As Mattel proved having its entry in China before decade, it pays to research the backdrop and tradition of the nation that a company is aiming to penetrate (Marquis, Yang, 2014). The health industry in Hong Kong has found a better reception, however , than Mattel would upon entering China – that is because in Hong Kong the floor was already ready for the fitness traditions by way of Hong Kong’s individual cultural emphasis on perceptions of fat, natural beauty and exercise (Lee, 1999). Having cultural roots in both American and Eastern systems (Hong Kong was obviously a British colony throughout almost all of the 20th century), Hong Kong has been situated in a manner that is accepting of both East and Western world ideas.

Continue to, Hong Kong’s health and fitness culture is nowhere near because intensive as it has been in the West, which saw the rise of the “fitness craze” in the 20th century – touched by everything from trend to food to governmental policies to lifestyle to body image (Tavel, 2013). As Adab and Manteau (1998) confirmed in their past due 20th hundred years study in exercise and health in Hong Kong, “in Hong Kong, 59% of all adults lead a fairly sedentary way of life and only one out of three exercise at amounts that are considered to offer significant health benefits” (p. 389). In other words, going into the 21st century, Hong Kong was well at the rear of the West in terms of positioning towards health as a substantial industry (reflected in actual physical activity). non-etheless, Hong Kong started to promote in conjunction with research studies a fitness culture through which sports, activity and health culture thought predominantly (Fu, Hao, 20002). Thus, the kind of literature implies that by the end from the 20th and beginning of the 21st century, Hong Kong was making a conscientious efforts to address physical fitness levels in the society – and thus placing itself to get embracive from the fitness industry. To some extent, the fitness market has replied (HKTDC, 2015) – although at the same time businesses like M. V. Exercise, owner of California Fitness, mYoga and LEAP (all of which suspended operations in 2016), have got failed to fulfill expectations and through what appears to be severe mismanagement of funds and a lack of quality service brought negative awareness of the sector in spectacular fashion (Yuen, 2016).

The questions this kind of paper will pose will be: 1) Perhaps there is potential for the fitness industry to find traction in Hong Kong? and 2) What does the connection with individuals “on the ground” (i. e., engaged in the fitness industry in Hong Kong) reveal about the probability of the health industry in Hong Kong having considerable duration? In other words, is the fitness sector one that works well with Hong Kong tradition? Considering that component to Hong Kong’s Eastern culture is responsible for the popularity of their martial arts and dance in culture, there is reason to believe that the exercise industry – given the proper orientation – can find grip and considerable duration in Hong Kong. Because Mattel discovered in China, when carving out a niche it is essential that firms be familiar with culture of the market they are really penetrating and adapt to be able to meet the needs of the consumer in that market. If organizations within the fitness industry in Hong Kong efficiently adapt to Hong Kong culture and meet the needs of the Hong Kong client, the market should cost well.

1 ) 3 Analysis Methodology

This study uses the survey methodology. The sample will consist of those who live in Hong Kong. Not only does the sample include those who either work in or are consumers from the fitness market in Hong Kong, but plus it will include individuals who are not users of health clubs. Individuals who are part of the health industry will probably range from health instructors to managers to personal trainers to fitness regular membership subscription sales people to members of fitness clubs. The targeted sample size will consist of 75 individuals. The survey will probably be conducted on the net using social media – Facebook and Twitter – to attract individuals to the survey. Members will be selected by focusing on fitness golf equipment and asking stakeholders to participate in the survey on the web. Likewise, on-line “hangouts” where residents of Hong Kong participate will be used to non-stakeholders for impressions with the fitness industry. The review data will be analyzed utilizing the Likert scale of way of measuring as well as through qualitative examination for the open-ended question at the end of the survey. The questions asked in the study will contain queries made to approximate the stability and acknowledgement of health clubs in Hong Kong along with individuals’ appreciation for the fitness market there. These answers will help to identify in quantifiable terms the degree to which the fitness sector in Hong Kong. Questions includes:

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