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How lennie is described in the initially chapter

To begin with, Steinbeck describes Lennie’s physical features to be very animal-like. He states that he walked “the method a carry drags his paws”. The utilization of animal symbolism in this estimate illustrates a picture of a huge man greatly dragging him self, not only suggesting his size but as well suggesting his immense durability. Due to his physicality, he is unable to accomplish tasks typical people could do. He could be unable to control himself, particularly his strength—thus easily disregarding things.

Steinbeck highlights this as he brings up occurrences of Lennie having killed mice and other small , sensitive animals, while petting these people. Lennie is likewise described with an animal’s state of mind, leaning toward animal predatory instincts rather than individual instincts. Steinbeck states he’d “drink away of a gutter if [he] was thirsty”, displaying Lennie’s rash actions. His desire to satisfy his immediate desire would overpower the need to be cautious and aware of his environment.

Many people believe before they act. In Lennie’s case however , he doesn’t think at all as George can it for him.

Lennie was “snorting in the water such as a horse” which also shows his uncivilized manner. Furthermore, Lennie’s pet instincts stop him by being able to study. Like wild animals, he is unrestrainable and unforeseen; though he might be trained and taught not to do some things, they may be bound to devote the same faults over and over again. Steinbeck states that George had “hopelessly” cautioned Lennie about the water having been drinking, showing that George’s warnings will not likely affect Lennie in any way when he is bound to forget—he will never learn.

Not only is usually Lennie’s mental behaviour comparable to an animal, but it is also being a child. Lennie is described to be “puzzled” and thathe “giggled happily” at some elements of their discussion, showing that he is unaware and premature. He frequently forgets everything very easily and doesn’t sense the seriousness in some with their conversations—showing that his maturity is like of the 6 year-old, who needs constant reminding and describing of almost just about every matter talked about. Steinbeck states that after Lennie created waves in the water with his hands, he said “Look George, look the things i done.

He could be easily impressed at the ripples he made and notifies George of his work for making him very pleased. Lennie’s child-like character as well depicts a father/son romance between Lennie and George. Earlier available, it is stated that “Lennie’s shut hand little by little obeyed” after George acquired commanded Lennie to hand over the dead mouse button. The form word “slowly” shows that though Lennie was reluctant to follow George’s orders, he had no choice but to obey him. Like an obedient son who have must follow his father, Lennie fears George—the paternal figure—conveying George’s authority over Lennie.

Supporting this kind of, Lennie’s shy behaviour to George is consistently portrayed as he is described to be speaking “slowly” and “cautiously” to George—indicating Lennie’s high level of respect for George. As a son could look up to his father, Lennie also views George as his position model and a leader. Steinbeck portrays Lennie as submissive—giving him the role of the follower between two primary characters. Lennie is said to acquire “imitated George exactly” showing that this individual sees George as a function model. He “imitates” George, depicting his respect intended for him. Lennie also categorizes him and whatever he admits that.

This is viewed when he tries to recall a memory through the past expressing, “and you says…you says”. It is presented through this quote that he is dependent upon George when he values George’s opinions more than his opinions. Supporting the simple fact that Lennie is dependent in George, George says, “think I’d enable you to carry the own work card? ” This proves that George is much more responsible than Lennie, who regularly forgets things. Steinbeck also states in the beginning of the publication that they strolled in a “single file”, conveying that one is a leader plus the other may be the follower. All their relationship evidently highlights George’s authority more than Lennie.


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