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How successfully has steinbeck created tension

The killing of Candy’s dog in Steinbeck’s book “Of mice and men is a very important incident. The author makes this field very anxious using diverse techniques. Anything starts because Slim looks at the dog is useless and has a bad smell. “He ain’t no good (p70). And as this individual just got five puppies this individual believes Candy could make good use of one particular. Candy, very nervous and doubtful, finally accepts that killing his dog, that can be with him for a long time, will be the better to do.

Despite the fact that he knows that he will miss him. Carlson, described as “thick bodied (p70), goes out with the ranch and kills the dog.

These moments in the ranch are of absolute quiet, and nobody can break this silence. “Silence fell (p75). Time generally seems to pass extremely slowly; every single sound frightens everyone, right up until we can finally hear a try from exterior. The poor older dog was killed, all of us knew this individual should perish, but failed to want it to occur.

After that death, every thing came back to normality in the ranch, and also the men had been at least talking to one another again.

During these pages, Steinbeck uses several techniques to accomplish tension and time passing slowly. Time passing little by little can be displayed when he starts sentences which has a conjunction. “And slim ¦ (p74). “And the stop ¦  (p75). This kind of creates a long pause between one sentence and the various other, giving a perception of bottom line. Steinbeck uses time in a very special way to increase pressure. The more gradually the time goes by, the tension raises greatly, “A minute passed and an additional minute (p75). The author is actually emphasised on time, we can practically listen the tic-tac from the clock, helping to make us experience nervous, definitely not about what is likely to happen, but whatever it really is; we want it to happen immediately.

Steinbeck as well uses a series of short phrases in page 75, right before the stinky dog will be killed. “It was stop outside. Carlson’s footsteps died away. The silence arrived to the room. And the silence held up.  (p75) This short sentences makes the reader temporarily halt a lot, this suggests that something dramatic is about to happen. That makes almost everything be incredibly tense, you may just slice the tension using a scissor.

In pages seventy five and 76 there is a lot of repetition in the word stop. Steinbeck uses this word seven moments through the passage. He really wants us to be aware of about the atmosphere within the room, in full silence. George won’t also break himself the quietness by shuffling the credit cards, but everyone is thankful for items that break the silence. “A tiny gnawing appear ¦ each of the man appeared toward that gratefully.  (p75). This silence is usually personified by simply Steinbeck “The silence arrived to the room (p75). It appears as if the silence is another character inside the scene, entering the room, producing everybody think nervous. It really increases a lot the tension.

Steinbeck seems to have divided the personas, Candy: the one being hurt, Carlson; performing as the antagonist, all of those other man; merely avoiding the case, and Slim acting as being a sort of judge. Candy is suffering and is very uncomfortable as we can see in these pages. He may even be desperate. “Candy viewed from support from face to face (p72). This shows Candy’s loneliness, he’s alone when his doggie is about to die. Carlson clearly is the antagonist; he could be waiting anxiously to get rid of the dog, to shoot the back of his skull.

He does not care about the relationship between Candy and his dog; he will not feel any emotion in any way. This is seen through the following quotation “I’d put the gun right there (p72). George, Whit and the other men are evading the situation. They dislike your canine too, but prefer to live in absolute stop and perform cards instead of helping his good old friend. Slim can be acting being a sort of assess, because he is trying to you should Carlson and at the same time convince Candies about the situation.

It truly is night from this scene and very dark. “Darker’n hell in here (p70). It implies that something poor is about to occur, and when it really is about to happen, or because it gets close to, the deeper it gets. “Out into the darkness (p75). The darker sky can be invading anything, everyone. Loss of life is close to. They can chop down it with this atmosphere, had been nobody can discover clearly.

Steinbeck also uses a comparison; at the beginning he compares George and Lennie to Candy and his dog. They may be live associates; one of them manages the different. They are both friends who appreciate each other and would carry out everything pertaining to his spouse. Until now, that Candy accepted to kill his dog believing it might be the best thing to accomplish. He didn’t even state good-bye. This might tell us that George will do the same with Lennie, could be make a new friend, who have knows.


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