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How the environment plays a role in learning essay

Learning is a procedure which splashes on nearly every aspect of man life. Surprisingly, it is through learning which the experiences in the past are passed on to the younger era by father and mother as well as teachers. It is impossible to get knowledge devoid of learning. In addition to knowledge, learning equips individuals with skills and abilities that enable those to deal correctly with the complexities of life. Through learning for instance, persons get to know regarding the rules that enable these to interact in their social lives.

Learning is definitely however not really unique.

This networks with an individual’s social life plus the environment (Custom Essay, 2009). Richlin in the book, Blue print pertaining to learning: building collage training to aid, access and document learning, acknowledges that “Learning does not occur in vacuum pressure.  This cannot occur in isolation both and is influenced by various factors such as the environment (Richlin, 2006). The environment is the substance upon which learning is usually laid after. It forms the spine of learning.

Environment thus plays a significant part as far as the training process is involved.

The environment could affect the learning method either efficiently or negatively. This exploration paper attempts to look at several environmental elements and the roles they be in the learning process. The Environment Though in the current world there is also a high go up of technology and people can transform the environment to accommodate their needs, the effect of surrounding on learning is still thus strong and cannot be disregarded.

For example , folks who were raised in countryside areas are incredibly different from individuals in city area. This is in respect as to what each provides learned. These from the remote areas will be in contact with characteristics itself. They learn so much by nature since their dwelling place is very natural and has not been polluted by human activities. Alternatively, a city dweller has no surrounding access and barely understands much coming from it. He or she is even much less concerned with what is happening in the natural environment. Lessons in nature become challenging to city dwellers although remote dwellers learn with ease (Custom Article, 2009).

It is in the surrounding that historical, scientific, and geographical supplies for learning are found in plenty. These natural features are fun to find out when individuals know what they can be learning about. As an example, those located near the sea or sea will have entertaining learning about the marine environment. Likewise those in mountainous regions will relish a location lesson on types of mountains. Learning in these natural environments is so real, therefore natural, therefore meaningful and students often perform much better than those who learn in the assumptive way inside the cities (Smith, 2010).

Interpersonal Environment Various people do not know that cultural environment takes on a fundamental position in the process of learning. Individuals are interpersonal beings and in addition they can neither live nor learn within an isolated condition. Ones a kid is born, the training process starts from the sociable environment. Simply by crying, the kid knows that will probably be attended to by the society about it. The first visitors to get in touch with a person from an early age happen to be from the members of the family.

The friends and family at this level is the social environment intended for the child. Simple knowledge is learned from your parents and it becomes the inspiration of an person’s future lifestyle. The interpersonal environment in that case expands as the individual advances in age. He or she can study from friends, peers, and powerfulk adults (Custom Essay, 2009). However , different people that an individual comes into connection with, impact differently on his or perhaps her learning process. At the early stage of a person’s existence, parents condition the opinions, beliefs and equip anybody with standard knowledge, abilities and the talents.

The friends and family can affect the kid negatively or positively. For instance, statistics uncover that children under family members abuse rating less in exams compared to the ones who’ve been raised normally free from maltreatment. Abused kids feel worthless and they create a negative self image. They will undermine their very own learning ability and hence conduct poorly inside the learning process. In contrast, a family can efficiently motivate children by motivating them to believe that they can. These kinds of children build confidence per that permit them to encounter challenges at your home and in school. This positively influences their learning.

The time the parents dedicate with their kids also affects learning. Incredibly committed father and mother like those in the armed service have very little time for their kids and therefore kids do not get all the knowledge that they require. Other father and mother have a high priority intended for discipline and they’ll raise-up disciplined children. High level discipline augers well with learning (Smith, 2010). In the adolescent stage, peers imply everything to an individual’s life. A person develops individuality through the interaction with his or her peers (Custom Dissertation, 2009). Learning can be reduced if the young chooses an undesirable social grouping.

Anti-social manners like medication and drug abuse will no doubt impair a person’s learning process. Medicine and drug abuse interferes with the activity of the mind in control information. There is the disturbance with the usual functioning from the body. Additionally , some people use much of all their time in nonconstructive activities like gambling. They as a result do not put emphasis in their class room activities leading to poor overall performance (Smith, 2010). Despite the fact that most of a person’s persona has already been formed by the time that they reach adult life, adults continue to learn also in retirement years.

The interpersonal environment impacts the learning procedure for an adult (Custom Essay, 2009). The Physical Environment The physical environment also affects the learning procedure. To start with, the structures by which people, especially students, use most of their days can determine the standard of learning. Studies have shown that students in shabby educational institutions rarely succeed as compared to those in reasonable schools. Cheap structures aren’t attractive to the learners plus they do not truly feel motivated to master either.

They might also be missing some structures such as glass windows which will cause a danger to learning especially in times of hurricanes and down pours. A good physical environment is of interest and cultivates positive behaviour in equally learners and teachers. Schools or learning environments must be friendly whenever the desirable learning will take place. There should be attractive places to give students comfort the way they would within a cafe. Learning is as a result improved with all the physical environment improvement. Inside the classrooms, the arrangement of desks and spacing most count for the learning process.

Studies have revealed that students who are much less attentive and barely effective are mostly afflicted with arrangement of desks. All their queer behaviors will are likely to increase when they are in series rather than about tables. To be sure that all students are supervised, clustering of students should be avoided. This kind of ensures that there may be enough space for every student and there is no chance for the misconduct of students. The students for that reason will be critical and of course get more info in big classes (Victorian Institute training, nd).

Various other physical elements that determine the process of learning include environment, noise, and color. Extreme temperatures negatively affect the quality of learning (Victorian Institute training, nd). Hurricanes will also get their part to play. Many other terrible weather conditions impact learning in a negative way. The student will certainly spend more time preventing with the unfortunate occurances than in their very own studies. Poor weather reduces the level of focus (Smith, 2010). Noise disturbs the whole technique of teaching and learning. A lot of noise causes the disability of the cognitive function.

The majority of reading and studying trouble is associated with noise. Furthermore it is difficult for a scholar to hear the actual teacher says if there is a whole lot of sound in the environment. Likewise color affects the efficiency and motivation in learning. Choice of shades depends mostly on the learners’ age and gender. Richer colors go well with young children and adolescents will be attracted by subdued colours. Males think at peace with richer colors but females want softer shades. Careful considerations should therefore be made when ever furnishing classes to avoid unfavorable influences (Victorian Institute of Teaching, nd).

The Cultural Environment Individuals are coming from different ethnic backgrounds. The styles of learning differ from 1 culture to a different. In the expanding worlds just like Asia and Africa, teachers, mentors and oldsters insist on the observation of strict willpower in the process training and learning. Children are not really given a chance to air their very own views. In comparison, in designed countries just like US, learning is less managed and youngsters are allowed to positively participate in learning and educating processes.

This may go a long way to motivating learners for better performance. Restrictions on the other hand will make students hate the entire process of learning and teaching (Smith, 2010). The learning procedure is also affected by the nature of the cultural environment. Some civilizations may include a special respect when it comes to knowledge acquisition. People who find themselves learned will be greatly well known. These people turn into mentors for the learner and boost all their morale. For instance , if a child grows up admiring a certain engineer, chances are that they will learn even more to become that engineer.

In addition , in the developed countries almost everyone is educated. They also have better resources just like equipped your local library and net facilities. Youngsters therefore acquire information they require in learning by diverse areas. The more the time, the more basic the learning process will be. However, inadequate methods will always pose a threat to the learning process. Additionally , poor countries have a top number of uneducated people and thus do not work as motivators to learning (Smith, 2010). Some cultures also may influence learning by possessing a special situation in a particular area of research.

For along time, there have been talks in mathematics, sciences and dialects. Certain social backgrounds might fail to place weight within the study of language such as in Myanmar. Some people here do not records with their written vocabulary. Students from such localities are limited by their social environment to learn the language. They are only going to have couple of language experience. Other ethnicities will place more emphasis on subjects just like mathematics. Learning mathematics for students from these environments will not be a difficult job. The ethnic environment as a result dictates what is to be discovered and to what extent (Catherine, 2010).

Classroom Setting There are different classroom settings all of these affect the process of learning. Learners tend to perceive various settings differently. For example, in evaluating the traditional class teaching with online learning, traditional nevertheless passed by time, offers the best environment. Online learning does not monitor the learner’s move. Learning therefore is in the whim of the learner’s self discipline.

More so, there is not any reinforcement offered by online learning and there is not any educator-recipient direct interaction. In traditional class environment, the learner’s goes are carefully monitored, there is teacher-student get in touch with and therefore strengthening is certain. The tutor is in a situation to learn the psychological weakness of a college student. Once the is actually known, trainees can be helped out. Registrants of the traditional environment will always execute better academically than on the web students. The learning process can be therefore affected by the kind of placing selected (Smith, 2010).


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