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How the functions of aaron douglas impact the

Renaissance Period, Langston Hughes, Jazz, Visible Arts

Excerpt from Term Paper:

Aron Douglas and the Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance is a term provided to a period in American background where a fresh focus on the African-American knowledge emerged. This emergence commenced in the Harlem region of New York.

It had been a time once African-American music artists began to share their culture and at this time around in history right now there came a brand new focus on the African-American artist and African-American Art.

The Harlem Renaissance has been identified as “a ethnic and internal watershed, an era in which dark-colored people were regarded as having finally liberated themselves from a past fraught with self deprecation and surrendered instead for an unprecedented optimism, a story pride in all of the things black and a ethnic confidence that stretched past the boundaries of Harlem to various other black communities in the Western world” (Powelland).

This Renaissance extended to all areas of home repair including painting, singing and performing. The fact that was similar about these artists was their concentrate on the dark experience, “painter Aaron Douglas, author Langston Hughes, jazz musician Fight it out Ellington, doldrums singer Bessie Smith, ballerina Josephine Baker and the consummate all-round musician Paul Robeson – experienced certain thinking about the black experience as artwork that, through paintings, articles, musical compositions and activities, explored a variety of black representational possibilities” (Powelland).

This period inside the 1920s can be describes since “extremely enjoyable to African-Americans as a people. Personalities and individuals connected their movement in writings, music, and visual artworks as they related to the political, social, and economic conditions of being dark-colored in America” (B. David Schwartz Memorial service Library).

Aaron Douglas and the Harlem Renaissance

Douglas appeared in the moments of this Renaissance and because of the was encouraged to express his African beginnings, “Douglas’s utilization of African design and style and subject matter in his job brought him to the interest of Bill Edward Burghardt DuBois and Alain Locke who were pressing for small African-American artists to express their very own African history and African-American folk culture in their art” (Schomburg Center).

With the focus on African-American music artists “Aaron Douglas became a respected visual artist during this time” (Schomburg Center).

His work was closely associated with the growing Harlem graphic with Douglas regularly printed in The Catastrophe, Opportunity and Vanity Fair. He as well became known for illustrating Wayne Weldon Johnson’s book The lord’s Trombones and for his drawings published in The New Desventurado anthology (Schomburg Center).

In 1934, Douglas was commissioned to paint a series of murals for the newest York Open public Library, together with the murals created to represent selected aspects of Marrano life (Schomburg Center).

Aaron Douglas’s Operate

Aaron Douglas’s work features significance both equally for its designs and for their style.

The themes reveal the African-American place in

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