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How would pop artwork challenge beleifs in

How did Appear Art obstacle beliefs regarding consumerism? Consult with reference to two artists.

To be able to discuss appear art I have chosen to analyze the work and also to some extent lives of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol who were a pair of the main causes behind the American activity. I want to reflect the attitudes in the public and artists in America at this time, whilst examining the growing demand for pop artwork from its rugged, abstract expressionist start in the 1950s throughout the height of consumer tradition in the sixties and 70s to the present day time.

Roy Liechtenstein, (fig 1) was born in 1923 in to a central class Hungarian family residing in New York, there was no designers on possibly side of his as well as throughout Liechtensteins schooling there have been no skill classes. He used to fresh paint in essential oils and pull, sometimes sketching musicians this individual saw playing in Harlem and the Apollo Theatre as a hobby.

It had been not till 1939 summer time of his last year by high school that he enrolled in art classes in the Skill Students Group run with a man called Reginald Marsh. Liechtensteins impacts regarding his painting style at this time have been the Euro avant-garde artists such as Picasso. These cubist and expressionist styles had been rejected acquire by Marsh who preferred painting the masses of New York life such as carnival scenes, boxing complements and the subways catching the detail in fleeting clean strokes, in a nonacademic conveniently recognisable way. This style of renowned American fine art that utilized everyday displays are directly related to the consumer orientated Pop Art that Liechtenstein was to develop afterwards in his lifestyle.

Andy Warhol, (fig2) no one, including Warhol him do it yourself knows his exact birthday but its thought to be around 1928-1931. Born in Forest metropolis Pennsylvania and christened Toby Warhola (which he altered in 1949 while surviving in New York).

There are several contradicting tales about his life even though he left two traité the factual authenticates are generally not known, on the other hand his father and mother emigrated towards the States by Czechoslovakia in 1909, his father came up first in order to avoid national service and his mother nine years later. His father whom worked like a coal small in West Virginia couldnt play a major role in brining up Warhol, as he was away form residence allot. Following his death Andrew his mother and his brothers a new very poor living, during university holidays Toby sold fresh fruit and helped as a windows dresser. He previously three anxious breakdowns while at the school one at 8-10, nine and ten years older. He was initial introduced to buyer advertising by using a summer work in a variety store, where he were required to look for ideas in fashion magazines. He extended his education at the Carnegie Institute in Pennsylvania graduation with a HANDBAG in Fine Art.

Warhol moved to New york city in 1948-49 where he started out work as a graphic designer, creating adverts to get fashion magazines such as Glamour, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Andy Warhol shot to fame and soon became very respected like a commercial artist. Tina Fredrick, then artwork director of Glamour says The girl was happy by Andys drawings but could not look for a commercial use to them. She told him his drawings were good, but Glamour can only use drawings of boots at the moment. In the morning Warhol returned with 40 drawings of shoes footwear being an important a part of his advertising and marketing career before the mid 1960s.

In 1949 Harvey T Earl of General Engines pioneered Organized Obsolescence.

He noticed that with the help of fashionable equipments while new tendencies come in old products will be discarded in preference of the latest trend.

This realization changed consumerism forever and was the start of a consumer traditions, which was to spread quickly. In the 50s it was for the most part an American happening due to the fact that they had the money and manufacturing output to make that possible, for example , the affluence of America meant that nearly every family owned a vehicle and meals rationing was unthinkable although in Briton the opposite was true. Different countries knowledgeable the rate of growth in designed consumerism through the media especially television. People were straight.

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