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Ideals in social work practice essay

When contemplating what portion values perform in social work practice, one of the first things to understand is what our values are, Thompson (2000) declares that One from the significant top features of values is the fact we tend to turn into so comfortable with our own values and philosophy that we will not recognise that they can be there or how they will be influencing all of us. An important step, then, is to be clear as to what our ideals are. Thompson (2000, pp33) I will discuss both the personal and specialist values that influence interpersonal work practice and discuss a particularly difficult experience I had developed with two clients who have came for coaching.

The names with the clients have already been changed to guarantee confidentiality.

An essential thing to determine regarding principles in interpersonal work practice, according to the Central Council to get Education and Training in Sociable Work (CCETSW) is that “values are crucial to rather than separate from competent practice. Therefore there could be no such thing while value free social job practice.

Such is a influence of values in social function practice that CCETSW set out six main values, the student must demonstrate skills in, prior to she/he may be awarded the Diploma in Social Work. The first of these values is: “to identify and question their particular values and prejudices, and there implications for practice.

It is not easy to determine your personal values, as often they are subconscious ideas or perhaps views, that may only be challenged or improved, when delivered to the conscious level. Personal, societal, politics and social experiences effect the ideals that an specific develops, so it will be important to discover these impacts. The values people maintain affect the approach they take action and handle other people, with no awareness of this kind of people can easily unconsciously action in what can be perceived as an oppressive and discriminatory approach.

Another from the core worth requirements of CCETSW 95, and 1, which shows one of the problems faced simply by Social Personnel, is: “Promote people’s legal rights to decision, privacy, privacy and security, while recognising and handling the complexities of rivalling rights and demands. (CCETSW 1995). To illustrate this kind of difficulty here are some is adescription of a challenging practice I possess experienced, throughout a counselling period I had with a women to whom I shall call Jane. Jane came for counselling since she was at a violent relationship. The girl described how her spouse both physically and mentally abused her, and that the lady had a great abuse from controlling guys. She acquired returned to Wales coming from Australia in which she and her hubby lived, following he had once again abused her and the lady was is the process of deciding whether to stay in Wales or return to her husband in Australia.

Her hubby has two children from my old relationship, which is why he offers custody, though this was not a specific concern intended for Jane, for me personally there could be a conflict of competing legal rights. Jane had a right to level of privacy and privacy, but the kids had a right to protection. Confidentiality in instances such as this “¦may be breached, where it is demonstrably in the client’s curiosity or high is a great overriding matter for the rights of other people, once for example the actions of the client may risk others. (Social Care Relationship 1988).

Acquired my part in this been that of children and Relatives Social Employee the rights of the Children would have been paramount. As I worked with Her I became aware of my own paternalistic values which were urging me to guard her, and wanting to motivate her to be in Wales. Only by reflecting on my practice do I become aware, I could have become an additional controlling male figure and missed a chance to enable her to take control for himself.

Jane made her decision to return to her husband in Australia, I did not listen to her again for eighteen months, and time the lady made another appointment to determine me ” this time with her partner who We shall phone Bill.

If they came to find me I used to be aware that I had seen Her on her personal previously and was cautious to ensure the items she acquired talked about had been kept secret, and that I did not inadvertently disclose these to Bill. Jane had informed me her history from which I had formed developed my own, personal picture of Bill, ahead of even conference him. Bill was a large man, very loud and appeared hostile at first, I had been a little concerned about the safety of both Anne and personally, in that initial meeting. When ever writing my notes after the session, and analysing what went on, one of many questions I had developed of my practice was: What experienced Bill completed make me feel threatened? This individual did not by speaking orphysically strike me, or make any threats, after reflection, I actually felt it may have been as they was different.

Bill was from a different sort of culture of Aboriginal ancestry, he was high and seriously build, fantastic way of conversing was to yell as that is how this individual got focus. If I would have been to work efficiently and constructively with Invoice, I needed to behave in an anti oppressive and anti discriminatory way, to make sure that he received the same esteem that all consumers have an appropriate to, which I treated him being a unique individual. According to Egan (1990) Respect means prizing the individuality of clients, assisting each consumer in his or her seek out self, and personalizing the helping method to the requirements, capabilities, and resources with this client. Powerful helpers tend not to try to generate clients in their own image and similarity. On the other hand, esteem does not mean pushing clients to build up or preserve a kind of individuality that is home destructive or perhaps destructive of others.

Egan (1990 pp65) Having recognised my own personal prejudices, I was able to discover more plainly the strong points Bill acquired and to build on them. This kind of had a large impact on foreseeable future counselling classes. Bill appreciated being paid attention to and respected, his voice level lowered and he stopped to listen to Jane which provided her the opportunity to tell him how she felt. As we progressed the counselling relationship became more of a collaboration, we looked at the different techniques they conveyed, Bill began to ‘own’ the violence he had previously refused and Anne grew in confidence, and was able to share her own needs and expectations. We all agreed to established tasks and goals weekly that allowed them to examine their improvement, which further empowered all of them.

Empowerment is a term traditionally used, and often confusing as supplying your capacity to someone else; there are lots of definitions although this one, I do think, describes that well: It is commonly believed by many that empowerment entails taking away the worker’s electric power, However , if this is done, it will of course produce him or her ineffectve and therefore of less value or make use of.

Empowerment can be described as matter of aiding people gain greater control of their lives, helping these to become better equipped to deal with the problems and challenges that they face ” especially those that involve trying to counter or overcome discrimination and oppression. (Thompson, 1998b, p9) To empower is to enable people to increase control over their lives, not to control others, Bill needed to understand that by taking control of his life, he also necessary to control his behaviour never to control others. Empowering is also helpful in permitting clients find their problems in the wider sociopolitical circumstance as in the truth of Her.

-for case, by assisting a woman who have experienced assault at the hands of her partner to be aware of the broader cultural problem of domestic assault and it’s links with male electric power in culture, so that the lady does not find her individual situation because simply a regrettable development or perhaps, worse nonetheless, something this lady has brought on himself (Mullender, 1996).

Through this kind of experience Her found the confidence to stand up to Costs, telling him she would only return to wedding if items changed. Expenses found a more constructive technique of communicating, he became even more open to taking a look at change, and i also learnt much more about my own personal and specialist values and their influence about practice.

As I have talked about, values include a major influence on Social work practice, the personal principles we have impact the way we all act from birth to old age, and our principles can change even as we develop, both personally and professionally plus they can conflict with each other. The core values set simply by CCETSW underpin the work and enables Sociable Workers to work in an anti oppressive and anti discriminatory way and these kinds of values include changed as time passes and I would suggest, will continue to change when it is necessary in the future. It is essential that Sociable Workers have got and consciousness and knowledge of these values as they have a significant have an effect on on the vulnerable service users they assist.


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