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In which will you place your mil dollars article

Really an prize that you have picked me to distribute your entire life earning of 1 million dollars! I guarantee you that I wont disappointed you. America keeps growing day by day and it needs help because there are various problems that it’s facing. I have narrowed that down into several important triggers on wherever your money goes.

My choice for the most important cause is the woman’s suffrage, this trigger will receive your $600, 500. Jane Adams, the co-founder Hull Residence convinced various people, which includes me, that woman must have the right to vote because according to Anne Adams that they “Preserve the home-1910 (doc C).

Her duty should be to keep her house clean and wholesome and feed her children property. If the children are not looked after right, America could fall, children are the near future for America, they will be the progressives of the future and to make certain that, women’s have your vote is necessary.

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My second decision on where you should put your hard earned money for the next needy cause of 300 dollar, 000 is a meat-packing industry. To put polices of the hygienic conditions. The Jungle(1905), a novel that describes situations in the Chicago meat-packing industry convinced me personally that this is a big problem intended for America. All of us don’t desire our hard working men, our children, our families to be poisoned by simply poisonous beef!

“Thousands of rats could race regarding on it -The Jungle(Doc D) can you believe that aunt Bessie!? these piles of meat kept in rooms that water by leaky roofing would spill over associated with these animals, a man could literally “Sweep off handfuls of the dried dung of rats(Doc D) This is unreasonable aunt Bessie, it poisons people from coast to coast and they expire. Therefore I am just putting this cause since the 2nd clingy cause since we don’t want visitors to die due to the fact these companies didn’t take the time to use sanitary conditions.

The final cause where I will put your money is usually to the Nationwide Child Labor Committee, it is incredibly depressing knowing that kids have to operate under disastrous conditions and with such low shell out. The image taken by Lewis Hine with the ‘Breaker Boys’ in the coal mines made me realize that child

labor needs to be discovered by the American people. It can be heart breaking knowing that 15 year olds having their fresh lives become cut-off simply by breathing in coal dust, Dennis McKee 15 year old in Chauncy, PENNSYLVANIA., was suffocated to loss of life when he chop down into one from the coal autos (Doc B). your money can definitively support these kids to foyer against the exploration companies plus the other that employ children. Children are the future and that we shall keep them safe.

America needs to be in the proper path when the 1Million us dollars will be given away, and it will all be thanks to your kind center Aunt Bessie. Thank you so much to get trusting me personally with this sort of amount of money, this task has changed me and I’ve learned a lot of new reasons for having America, Goodness bless you AUnt Bessie.

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