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Interaction facilities for disaster management

Ham Radio

Ham Radio is likewise know since Amateur the airwaves. It is a community of people involving radio audio receivers and receivers to communicate with other Amateur radio employees. If you were to inquire a dozen distinct amateurs what ham the airwaves meant to them chances are you would get 12 distinct answers. Newbie radio employees are often named ham car radio operators or simply just “hams and frequently the public is far more familiar with this kind of term than with the legal term A radio station Amateur. The source of this moniker is for almost all practical reasons lost from the beginning.

read more Conversation is a major bottleneck in case of any significant disaster particularly if the traditional network system already in force brake down. To be able to strengthen communications, it has been determined that authorities network (POLNET) will also be used for disaster supervision. For this purpose POLNET communication service will be prolonged to Section Magistrates, Subwoofer Divisional Magistrates as well as the Control Rooms.

To get emergency interaction, mobile dish based models which can be transferred to the site of the disaster are staying procured.

A group was constituted to draw a comprehensive communication arrange for disaster managing and the survey has as been received. This provides to get a dedicated communication system to get disaster management with built in redundancies. In addition to the satellite, connection and education can perform a positive role in mitigation through awareness about the types of disaster and as to how elimination measures could be taken up. There is also a Satellite based communication system called the Cyclone Caution Dissemination Devices (CWDS) intended for transmission of warnings. There are 250 this sort of cyclone-warning units installed inside the cylone vulnerable areas of east and west coast. Lots of people, the seaside residents and fishermen, are warned throughout the Government mechinery and transmitted of warnings through SURROUNDINGS and Television.

What organizations need to be included?







Red Combination

Bloodstream Banks

Marine businesses (are there bodies of water? )

Coast guard

Department of transportation

Departments of environment (if there is clean-up involved)


Rail firms

Community transit companies

Tour bus companies (in case of evacuation)

Border solutions ” if applicable

The use of satellite, personal computers, electronics, better communication features are going to produce significant difference in disaster management. The data processing and personal computers are offering a useful tool in decision making in disaster. When the disaster attacks, power goes out, all modes of interaction (Telephone and so forth ) turns into inoperable, take you stop functioning, when water becomes contaminated, when typical modes of transportation abruptly becomes extremely hard, when casualties start coming in groups that is not the time to get planning but that is the moments of acting.



Host to Disasters in India

Casualties Reported


Earthquake Calcutta, India

three or more, 00, 500


Surges India

1, 1000


Cyclone Andhra Pradesh, India

10, 000


Expensive Flood Gujrat, India

2, five-hundred


Chemical substance Disaster Bhopal, India

2, five-hundred


Coach Accident Quilon, India (Injured)



Atmosphere Crash Ahmedabad, India



13 Blast Blasts In Mumbai, India.

two hundred fifity


Teach Accident Khanna, Pusa, India.



Earthquake Bhuj Gujrat, India.

10, 500

the year 2003

Frontier Mail Fireplace Ludhiyana, Punjab, India

36 (14)

the year 2003

a couple of Bomb Blasts In Mumbai, India.



Cloud Broken Himanchal Pradesh, India.



Stampede In Kumbh, Nasik, India.

35 (75)


Terrorist’s Attack Kaluchak, Jammu.



Terrorist’s Assault on Train Station, Jammu



Terrorist’s Attack upon Railway Station, Jammu.


Conversation facilities to get disaster management system is most significant act as that convey in the right time communication in catastrophe, it may handle disaster and helping to reduce it. Two type of info needs in disaster managing

Pre tragedy information: Query arise that how to get pre disaster information? It is obtaining from the exploration and research department in the geography in the area. Post devastation information: After the disaster, each of our first job is to understand where and where it absolutely was occurs. Precisely what is the next step to help clients? Now a days Dish communication have a determining rold in tragedy management conversation. Communication facilities can be build for save and alleviation operation reasons. That sort of early caution system created at the distinct area’s independently. Here are the disaster conversation facilities:

DCWDS Digital Cyclone Warning Diffusion System arranged at Delhi and other coast area. It can be for the pre catastrophe information. The WLL ” VSAT method is in terms of devices which can be conveniently taken inside of the affected areas and directs information by simply direct audio tracks communication. The MSS Type C revealing terminal created for the sending short messages immediately through satellite tv in remote area. AES-SNG is a system which can send video photos of the influenced area intended for online review from the control center. Tele medicine: It really is one more step for the disaster administration communication. In this system, on-line help may be provided from your hospital and super specialty doctors. Only connect up link to laptop computer or PERSONAL COMPUTER and find the online information regarding cure. Set up of a communications centre ” who requires access and exactly how would it operate (generators, items in case we all need to staymore than half of the day, etc).


Ham A radio station. pdf

Satellite interaction. pdf

Disaster Administration. pdf

Disaster Management Satellite Program Development. pdf file

Pocket Information on First Aid



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