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Internet marketing 1 essay

Internet marketing1Internet Marketing

1 . 0) Introduction

Today we are standing on a break from the revolution.

All the things we would yesterday will change.

Last 100 years was designated by television set becouse it might bring to us a pice of the world. Today, we can go there and acquire that pice by each of our selfe.

The net made the world smaller and it is going to receive even smaller when we did start to use internet as much as possible. Internet is a fast growing mass media and it is only the metter of your energy when we almost all will be connected.

Internet can be described as new and powerfull media and I possess conduct the research paper to see where are we (Croatia) in all this.

Research conventional paper include principal and secondary research about internet business.

Performing my main research We tryed to find out who use the internet and how carry out they react on internet adveritsements.

Secundary exploration included a great survey made by GFK center for researching the market.

Their review contains informations about how many people in croatia have access to the internet and how do they use it.

This kind of survey was performed in 2001 and this included 6034 persons betwene 10 and 74 years of age.

I included two more research regarding business on the internet.

eMarketer made em research regarding business to business deals on the net.

Other one is a study about leading industries whitch advertise for the internet.

Different resources I used happen to be from internet delivering presentations and mags specialized in e-business.

Internet marketing2

2 . 0) Internet marketing

This examine is is going to present net history and also our percentage in internet comunity today.

Primary idea should be to show that is the a chance to step in and make a difference.

Internet gives the little man chaince to succede.

Sir Isac Newton when said:

If I have been completely able to find farther than

others, it absolutely was because I stood within the

shoulder muscles of leaders.

That big is internet and it can make things likely.

We just need to start using it properly. Each one can earn income useng net onley thing you need is by using your imaginaton and have a few couradge.

2 . 1) Net hisotry

It all started in ALL OF US durind the Cold Conflict.

Internet is desined to be countless network to get comunication all over the world.

1968 DARPA ( Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) built a contract with BBN ( Bolt, Beranek & Newman) to create ARPAnet. It was a network linking military facets but later on it receive commercial.

70 first five connections was made. It was UCLA, UC Santa claus Barbara, U of Ut and BBN. The number of personal computers have grown swiftly, first there is UNIX structured computers later on personal computers began logging on the web.

This grow inspired the programers to develop a protocol called TCP/IP

( Transmission Control Protocol Net Protocol ).

This process ables the computers to exchange data.

A brief history of present day internet begins in 1990 with World-wide-web.

Bernes-Lee with his team started out the iniciative to make the info exchange more manageable. Today we could see the document and work with multimedia system data (sound, pictures, movies).

Internet marketing3

Becouse of the changes new format was developed HTML (Hipertext Markup language) today all of us knows this as web site, also there exists a new process HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

Initially web browser with graphical backdrop was VARIETY and it had been made by Marc Andreessen who have later founded company known as Netscape.

installment payments on your 2) Television set vs . Internet

TV is recognized as a prime media for advertising but internet is going to change it all.

Difference betwene TV SET and Net is that TV contlols the information and decides when it ought to be provided with their viewers.

As opposed to the internet who provide us with informations round the clock all we need to do should be to go and get it.

This kind of approach is vital to the modern age marketing.

TELEVISION is still the key media to promote becouse of its abillity to manipulate.

Experts say that picture and sound can make you do anything.

The main pitfall with TV is that it has period limits.

Today that problem is resolved by net.

Now advertisements can be dedicated to a very particular group of people that could be interested in ad.

The internet advertising are more powerful becouse this provide us with a choise.

Once we watch TV and commercial appears we get annoyed and we weary.

Internet performs a bit different it displays us the commercial someplace on the web page but it leave us a choise of viewing it.

If the person areas an advertising campaign that fascination him he can explore this but if that doesnt he can simply move on with his function.

Internet marketing4



World wide web Media

several, 732, 670, 000

Financial Services

a few, 654, 145, 000

Retail Products & Providers

3, 057, 230, 500


1, 928, 697, 500

Public Services

one particular, 142, 682, 000

Consumer Items

968, 650, 000


936, 213, 500

Overall health

841, 910, 000

Business to Business

707, 877, 500

Equipment & Electronic devices

672, 413, 000


one particular, 582, 723, 000


19, 225, 195, 000


From this graph we can see that leading internet advertisers are placed in internet media, financial services and price tag business sector. This three sectors cover 54% in the internet promoters. This study was required for a year 2004.

Internet marketing5

2 . 3) e-business

e-Business is actually a concept which includes all types of business ventures and details exchange preformed on the internet.

In seventies the 1st money exchange via internet and in the 80s first data exchange, breaking stage was in 90s when world wide web was performed.

E-business lower our organization costs to make our business transactions far better. Now is much easier to access to the the companies information and we can manage data freely from every corner of the world.


This chart displays how internet revenue has exploded from 1994-2002.

2002 net had 605. 60 , 000, 000 people on line. This is a large market intended for companies and it is just begun growing.

Many companies does their particular business online but American business is infront of the rest of the world. In 2004, globally e-commerce profits are expected to perform USD2. six trillion. Based on the eMarketer analysis, the US will account for over one-half of worldwide profits this year.

In the end the year 2003, B2B ecommerce revenues in america was total of USD721 billion. By the end of 2005, the US ecommerce revenues are required to reach USD1. 01 trillion. The report also reveals that 70 percent of businesses have experimented with purchasing online, but less than 10 percent of their total spending is currently being channelled via the Internet.

Internet marketing6

Internet is just not safe enough right now. It is hard to protect the business from illegal access and violeting copy rights becouse you can log on around the globe and have gain access to.

2 . 4) Primary research

This survey provides the information offered by 14 persons. This was discipline work done in Samobor.

Survey included 22% of people yunger than 18 years, 50% coming from 18 right up until 30 years, 14% was betwene 30-55 and 14% was older than 5 decades of age.

Males made 64% of inhabitants and womans 44%.

58% of the people have access to the internet and 43% include used internet on a handful of ocations, onley 14%uses net every day.

Over a question so what do they think regarding internet adverts 36% of population stated that they think it is usefull, 21% doesnt bother them and 28% will not trust these people and as tha main reason can be fear of put ups and viruses.

The most used ads happen to be with love-making context 50 percent, 21% are games, organization is 14%, music and also other share 8% of population.

From the previous question we can see that TELEVISION SET is still the top media given 64%, yunger population gaved their election to net.

Internet marketing7

3. 0) Conclusion

Internet is definitely endless it gives us options that we are not aware of at this time. Foreseeable future will show what the internet has the ability to of.

This research parer is done in order that it can show it is the right second to help and make a difference. Internet has grown and become big but this really is just a biggining.

Croatia in 2001 had about 480. 000 persons on line in age betwene 10 and 74.

Croatia is stil recovering from the war and things is starting to progress but it has to pass a while to get back on track.

Website marketing is still a fresh discipline which should be developed correctly.

Yunger ages will tourn the world up side down usenig net technology.

This really is a gold mine ready to become digg. Today anyone can make a fortune actually kids who never proved helpful before.

You can generate money with clicking on advertisings becouse internet advertisements will be charged by simply clicking. People started business that provide you with a data what advertisements you must clilk to make money. They will pay out specific amount of money with every just click you make and this money will be transfered right to your bank account.

This kind of example teaches you that everything is possible onley thing you may need is to use your head. If you have time try some thing make it your hobby. Investment can be minnimal, risk is minnimal and earnings can be, who also knows. You may have a market place with over the one billion potential customers use it maybee you succeede.

Net marketing8

some. 0) Sources

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