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Islamic jihad term daily news

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Islamic Jihad and Homeland Protection

The United States of America is known as the planet’s only superpower. There is no other country, which can match its military may. The United States of America’s record changed permanently after the events of September 11, 2001. Two aircraft crashed in to the world trade center in New York 3 thousands Americans had been killed inside the 9-11 episodes. No one predicted an event on this huge range to take place in america of America.

This event surprised the entire world. America declared a war on terrorism and reported several procedures to safeguard the region from additional terrorist problems. The F had cautioned the chief executive and his national security consultant about potential attacks. Though the president great NSA failed to take any action. A homeland reliability department is made to safeguard the American public from further attacks. All of these attacks had been blamed upon Islamic militants seeking jihad.

There can be many and varied reasons why America was the goal of a terrorist attack. America is known as the world’s policeman. They have the ability to affect countries around the world. There have been several policies, which may have infuriated people of certain nations. Persons from the Arab countries happen to be one of the bitterest opponents of biased American policies. A lot Arab countries oppose United States for supporting Israel. One of the main reasons is the career of Middle east by the Israeli army. Countries such as War, Sudan Serbia, Libya, and Syria were declared terrorist states. These kinds of moves failed to win all of them any supporters. The U. S. backed the mujahideen during the bedcover war. They supplied these weapons and logistic support during the bedcover war. Nevertheless the U. S i9000. abandoned these people soon after that they won the war. This kind of led to a whole lot of bitterness amongst the mujahideen who believed that the People in the usa did not love their issue anymore. United kingdom and American jets bombed people in Iraq. Thousands of lives were lost because of those attacks. The United States includes a very biased foreign insurance plan, which has led it for the target of terrorist problems.

These events led to the phenomenon of Islamic extremism. Muslims who had been infuriated by policies of the United States of America took this course of action. Therefore that they declared a holy war or “Jihad” against the Usa. Jihad is actually derived from the term “jahd” which means exertion or power. A “mujahida” is a exertion of power in repelling a great enemy. Jihad can be done against a visible adversary or against the devil. We have a great false impression which links jihad with war. Islam is a religious beliefs of peace. Jihad is merely done when one’s homeland is beneath attack from the enemy. Chances are they have the directly to defend themselves. However jihad does not mean the killing of innocent people. This is not the real meaning of jihad.

America of America fears even more attacks by Islamic extremists belong to terrorist organizations including al qaeda. The homeland department features issued a coloured warning program, which

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