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Jason character s journey and transformation

The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift idea

“The Ultimate Gift” tells the storyline of a economically reckless child named Jerr who is guaranteed an “Ultimate Gift” in his grandfather’s will as long as this individual completes doze seemingly simple tasks called “gifts. inch The movie, based on the best-selling book of the identical title, The greatest Gift simply by Jim Stovall, allows us to sympathize, scold, and commemorate Jerr all in one breath as we observe Jason convert himself from trust fund baby to philanthropist. The film makes the viewer to query whether wealth and prosperity truly dictate human delight. Through his tasks and travels whilst exploring the doze gifts, Jerrika becomes encouraged by the people and conditions around him, and impresses everyone with how this individual treats the “ultimate present. ” The six products that I picked are work, money, friends, learning, concerns and, family members

Before getting the gift of work, Red Dahon, Jason’s grandpa, tells his grandson through will video that Jason will receive a consecutive 12 gifts, at some point leading up to an “ultimate gift idea. ” On the peak of his selfishness and greed, Jason turns into annoyed with tedious conditions of his grandfather’s will, and will keep motivated by the possibility of attaining a large amount of cash. His initial task, working at a ranch intended for his grandfather’s friend Gus, is given to him so that he could learn that achievement and financial success come after hard work, and are not “owed” to him by his grandfather. An immediate quote in the work, “He who enjoys his work never labors, ” communicates how a person devoted to all their craft totally with the finest intentions is going to reap religious, not economical benefits, of purpose in the Lord’s sight. I do consider myself a tough worker, though I are not perfect, and credited subject me personally to laziness from time to time. A vice of mine could absolutely end up being my occasional laziness, mainly because it distracts myself from my present “job, ” institution, and slows my academic ability. I’d personally say the “job” I’d like to include in my individual life-would merely be- being in control of this. I feel just like I let ridiculous items get in the way of my schooling, nevertheless I know it’s the most important activity in my life as of present.

The gift of money in “The Ultimate Gift” proves quite interesting. The attorneys of his grandfather’s hacienda decide to hand Jason a specific sum of money during his trial offers, only to question him to find someone else whom needs this more. As per his grandfather’s request, every his accounts, cars, and home are taken away from him, and he’s forced to identify the grip that money has over his life. Surprisingly enough, the giving away involving, an impossible concept pertaining to the initial Jerr to grasp, soon became a priority once obtaining the “ultimate” gift idea. The quotation, “Money is nothing more than an instrument. It can be a pressure for good, a force intended for evil or simple always be idle, ” expresses money as a driving and all-consuming force, and how people come to praise it rather than God. Once losing all his life possessions, Jason quickly learns it is more important to give money then to obtain it excessively and dedicate it with materialistic intentions. Jason sees that there are people like him, who have misplaced everything that concerns to all of them, who tend not to even have a suitable bench to sleep on during the night. He sees the impact this individual could have had on the destitute, poor, or otherwise destitute this individual could’ve done as a youthful heir, and addresses the value of charity. Fortunately, I actually do believe I have learned this kind of lesson. I usually make sure to engage in any cathedral activity related to the aid of the less happy, and always find a way to help during my own particular way. I often feel quite content after engaging any of these charitable activities, many people the delivery of a warm meal, attention package, or cleaning up after having a major tornado. As a united people, we need to recognize the strifes from the poor and sick, and assume that as a countrywide responsibility. I am pleased that Goodness has allowed me personally to recognize the struggles of the less fortunate, for there are plenty of rich people who usually do not.

The gift of friendship is definitely one of superb importance. When Jason’s life possessions are taken out of his life, his own good friends saw it fit that they can no longer connect with Jerr. Instead, the lawyers of Red Steven’s estate obtain that Jason find a the case friend. Seeing this as close to impossible, Jerrika wonders about the park right up until he stumbles upon a young girl called Emily who has agreed to imagine to be his “true good friend. ” Little did Jason know, the “fake” relationship he created with the youthful girl what alter the course of his existence indefinitely. The quotation, “It is a rich person, without a doubt, who calculates riches certainly not in rare metal but in friends, ” could not ring truer in Jason’s situation. It was Emily who made him realize and validate the twelve presents, and prefer the overall pleasure and gift idea that is lifestyle. The attributes of a authentic friend, I believe, are like, support, style, and patience. With unconditional love we could appreciate the interesting depth of romantic relationship and return the treatment and top priority our friends place in us, when support will serve to guide our friends and give these people confidence in whatever they could do. With grace, we all learn that friendship just grows with adversity, and subsequently learn to devote our lives to those we love. Patience, overall, calls for to accept our family members and friends for all that they will be and could become, and allow us not to judge them or perhaps make harmful assumptions. The gift of friendship can fill the void within a lackluster lifestyle, and give this the color and substance Goodness intended.

The surprise of learning is presented into Jason’s life if he is delivered to Ecuador to rebind ebooks and deliver them to villagers, who receive him very well and are restless to learn nearly anything they can. Crimson Stevens, although never receiving a formal education, saw wonderful importance in reading and the expansion of knowledge. As Jerr observes the villagers and the excitement in trading literature, Jason learns that understanding can transfer anyone anywhere out of their present condition, and give all of them hope for a brighter future. Red, explaining, “Education is actually a lifelong trip whose vacation spot expands because you travel, inch sought out not directly to teach Jason, but help to make him value education and its power in order that he may teach himself. Once asked about my own favorite subject matter or book I cannot answer because I am unable to be tied up to one particular material. I actually continue to pull inspiration from every resource, subject, or perhaps text I actually come in contact with, because of their is anything to learn in everything. Choosing a favorite subject or book would demonstrate impossible to me considering My spouse and i am blessed to have just about any form of know-how on any subject at my disposal (the gift of technology! ) That being said, i’ve no idea what I will examine in college or university. I know that God is going to put a thing in my path to steer me in the right direction, enjoyably towards the associated with my life.

The gift idea of concerns, ironically, can be described as sensational gift in itself. Inside the film, we watch Jason become removed of his wealth and subsequent anger, but actually he himself realizes that there is much more serious going on in the world around him. After befriending Emily, Jerrika becomes mindful of her battle with cancer and her mother’s financial inadequacies. He as well learns that one of the legal professionals of his grandfather’s house, Mr. Edinburgh, had dropped his partner when they had been practically newlyweds. Red Stevens himself appears back unto Jason’s parental input and misgivings his controlling of his families’ lives, regretting his “sheltering” of these from the genuine word. These kinds of problems demonstrate Jason that life basically about fun and games, it can about weathering the challenges that come along, finding resilience, and moving on. Red’s consider that “Problems can only be avoided by working out good wisdom. Good common sense can only always be gained by experiencing life’s problems, inch express his true intentions for his family. Though he did shelter his family and mess up them mercilessly, Red genuinely believes that wisdom can easily come from people with truly knowledgeable life through all the problems and triumphs alike. Although much easier said than done, I do discover myself listening to advice from my struggles. I have found that love is the only step to happiness, and meeting other folks with hatred will only cause more injury than great. I’ve learned that jealousy will not get me personally what I want in life, and should not function as motivation to prosper and discover success is obviously. Most importantly, I have learned that all though it may not want to, God continues to watch over myself in every thing I do and truly includes a master program.

The gift of family is what binds all of us together as being a people and provides us with a steady basis to build existence upon. In the film, we see that Jerrika comes from a large family, although largely divided. When Crimson urges Jerr to visit his family, Jerrika takes Emily’s mother, Alexia, to share Thanksgiving holiday dinner with the extended Stevens family. As opposed to loving chat, jokes, and reminisce the dinner leads to a massive debate over Red’s estate. Though Jason and Alexia keep before the evening is over, Jerrika recognizes that there is a lesson to be trained in regards to friends and family, specifically “Some people are created into wonderful families. Other folks have to find or create them. Being a member of a family group is a precious privilege which in turn costs only love, inch in the phrases of Crimson. Keeping this in mind, Jerrika recognizes that he can give you the love and support therefore desperately desired by Emily and Alexia. He provides an impressive “family” in spirit, spending his time with all of them and eventually starting Emily’s home, the home pertaining to sick children unable to pay their medical center fees, inside their honor. When i want a family, I believe of the they can offer me personally appreciation, determination, time, resilience, spirituality, and communication. Children that could love and praise its associates unconditionally can be one of great strength. When ever committed to almost all its people and particular time is defined aside to pay together, a great foundation can produce. A family that accepts its weaknesses and is able to deal with crisis healthily can provide its members together with the wisdom and life encounter needed to grow intellectually and deal with personal problems later on. In religious union, below God, and practice of forms of sincere communications, the family device can prove irrepressible.

“The Ultimate gift” is an incredible story with meaning further than comprehension. With this story, we all observe the ful and astounding transformation of Jason Dahon from based mostly to a reliable, loving, and charitable person. The a dozen gifts given by Red Dahon proved to remodel Jason’s lifestyle more than cash ever could. “The Best Gift” shows all that simply love and charity is definitely viable inside the pursuit of joy.

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