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Joy is the which means and aim of life article

“Happiness is the that means and reason for life, the complete aim and end of human existence”- Aristotle. Will you agree with Aristotle’s statement? Discuss why/ obtain.

While happiness in a clinical sense could be explained since the chemicals released throughout your body, it even now doesn’t tell us fully for what reason these are chemical compounds are dispatched and what it means in the overall human knowledge in clinical terms. From an artistic perspective happiness is the greatest component in providing self-worth to your self and with its absence we see persons delve into the depths of depression losing the motivation and capability to perform duties and live life to it is fullest, and in some intense cases shedding the will to have.

On the opposite side of depression there may be euphoria and this is exactly where people experience moments in your daily course that they keep in mind and treasure during times of expression, it is in these moments when we find the most purpose in our lives especially when we enjoy what we happen to be enjoying so therefore Aristotle’s assertion can easily be viewed as correct while this dissertation will argue for.

What does it imply to be happy? Apparently this is one more of those concerns that can be argued in multiple ways but for this essay I will take Aristotle’s classification. Happiness, from Aristotle’s meaning of a human like a being who also recognises his potential to offer form to himself (Colebrook 2006, g. 2). A person with depression plus the utter lack of happiness opinions themself while worthless and lose all their passion of living, burning off much their ability and potential. This reality of people committing suicide if they are overcome with sadness illustrates that with no happiness humans lose all their meaning and passion in life. With out this interest and travel depressed persons tend to separate themselves , nor ‘live’ all their lives to its fullest extent.

It appears therefore that the purpose of existence is to find those things which in turn make us happy, after which doing them. If there’s a certain person in our lives that makes all of us happy, we have to find a way to shell out more time with them. Since if you’re not happy, you need to take a look at your life and think about how come you aren’t feeling that amazing thing you want to be feeling. Each time a person reflects back on the life within their elder years the memoires they tend to keep in mind are centered around the feelings of delight and pleasure such as the birth of their children or their 1st kiss, spending times with friends etc . These memories happen to be fundamentally the inspiration of their personas and without these types of moments of happiness a person would more than likely truly feel unfulfilled inside their lives in reflection. We see on this occasion and again when famous people who have achieved great accomplishments turn to medicines and drain into mental illness if they are not happy together with the direction of their life. This then shows that regardless of what you complete if you are not really enjoying whatever you are doing you may lose meaning in your life and turn to unhealthy methods so that you can handle your current lifestyle.

Thirdly when people have the offered time and methods it is most likely that they will spend this leisure time doing activities that make these people feel completely happy and give these people self-satisfaction. ‘Happiness can also be a by-product of working’ (Andersen, W, 2008) occupation that the person likes. It therefore appears that humans will go through burdens so that they may possibly enjoy the process of their choice. An example of this may be working all week in a occupation you do not get pleasure from so that you may well go on a camping trip together with your family, promoting the coming saying people ‘live for the weekend’ while that is in the period when they are carrying out activities they enjoy, though these kinds of a single off activities do not display lifelong pleasure it must be a thing ongoing, a much more long term activity that can be used for instance could be training a jr sport staff. This therefore demonstrates in the event recreational activities happen to be what people are working towards and it is what makes them happy it should then match with what they consider important in life and thus be their purpose.

If you can find something which makes you completely happy, truly happy, then your life will be a lot better for you. That can’t be a thing superficial, or something that just lasts for a day or two. It’s something which affects forever. It lasts. It melts away inside of both you and it doesn’t step out. That is happiness. It is therefore crystal clear that Aristotle’s statement that happiness is the meaning and purpose of existence can be argued as accurate on multiple basis’s just like those people inadequate happiness shedding all that means and purpose as explained in the second paragraph. Furthermore when people look back on the lives in reflection it is occasions of joy that people are likely to remember and cherish and never those of uncertainty and heartache. Furthermore people will follow activities they find satisfaction and happiness in the moment given the chance demonstrating that they live for the people brief moments of your time. In conclusion it truly is clear that Aristotle’s affirmation may well be accurate but it is entirely dependent upon the individual to find what makes them happy.


Colebrook, C 06\, Narrative Delight and the which means of life Andersen, T, 2008, Diary of Christian education, vol 51, Number 2, p1/p17

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