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Julius caesar composition

100 – 44 bc
Caesar’s main contribution to world
modern day diary
creator of JC
first play to be performed in Globe theater
month. JC was performed
shakespere put study into plays
shakespere put research into plays
popular playwrites that were motivated by shakespere


time/setting of JC
Ancient rome 44 bc
sort of govt Ancient rome had
persons in triumverant



event in 54 bc
cesar little girl dies
event in 53 bc
crasuss passes away
whom became presindet after triumverate fell
precisely what is the establishing at the pleading of the perform
cesar is usually returong from battle against popmey
celebraation on feb 15
feast of lubercal
ides of march time and relevance
march 12-15 44 bc

death of cesar

topics in JC
missuse of power

jealousy and slefishness of man




conspiracy and anarcy

lament for the dead
caesar’s’ friend, one of the conspirators; provided the senate member; co-leader of the rebellion; Antony announced him “the most most gracious man of Rome”; gave “Romans, countrymen, and lovers” speech; last to rute caesar’; the best choice of the conspiracy theory
julius ceasar
main character; brain of triumverate, became tyrant
just how many times JC declined the crown
3 times
function that happend right after ceasr refused the crown
droped into a ceizure; JC called for forgiveness of anything he might have said or perhaps done during his episode
ceasars’ best friend; general of army and head of triumverate post-rebelion; gives “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend myself your ears” speech
number of peopele in united states senate
the conspirators
Casca, Cassius, Cinna, Decius, Ligarius, Brutus, Metellus, Trebonius
told history of ceasar refusing the crown to cassius and brutus; conspirotor; first to stab ceea
cesars partner; has desire forshadowing cesars death; begs caesar to stay home
how often times ceasar was supposedly stabbed
33 times
conspirator; persuades JC to attend senate agisnt clapurnias alert
warns rendir about death; forshadows key events in story
conspirator; co-leadaer of conspirators; persuades brutus on side
senator; on the list to be killed by post-civil war trumverate; Roman Senator Casca to whom talks on the eve from the assassination
post-war triumverate



strategies with Cassius about how to get Brutus to join the conspiracy; conspirator; plants artificial documents in Brutus’s space
that which was used to convince brutus to participate conspiracy?
page made by cinna
cinna the poet person
victim of radical romans out for blood vessels angainst tratiors; mistaken pertaining to cinna the conspirator
better half of brutus; accustomed to staying Brutus’s confidante, is disappointed to find him so reluctant to speak his mind once she detects him bothered; has slain herself away of tremendous grief that Antony and Octavius have become therefore powerful
how would porita make scuicide
ingested hot black coals
nearly will save Caesar, this individual presents Caesar with a page warning alert Caesar that he will always be killed; gives Caesar a letter of warning identifying the conspirators
part of post-war triumverate; Caesar’s adopted child and appointed successor
3rd member of second triumverate; trustworthy by octavius;
exactly what does antony assess lepidus to in his convorsation with ocatavius
his equine
soldeir and supporter of brutus and casiuss; holds Brutus’ suicide sword
what does antony send his servant to ask the conspirators afterthey hae killed ceasar
may he have an auidnece wothout harm being done
who would be the tribunes


In Scene I actually, what do Flavius and Marcellus want the commoners to perform?
They want the commoners to be able to up and move along; they avoid want those to celebrate Caesar’s triumphs.
What is the Soothsayer’s advice to Caesar?
The Soothsayer told Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March.

several. Explain the difference between the sights of Caesar held by simply Cassius and Brutus.
Cassius openly desires Caesar away of power. He is jealous and would like better intended for himself.

Brutus has become thinking about Caesar and the condition of his countrymen, including this point is able to listen to Cassius. Although Brutus loves Caesar, he recognizes Caesar’s defects.

5. Caesar plainly gives his thoughts regarding Cassius. What does he declare?
Caesar says that Cassius “has a lean and hungry seem. He feels too much and such men are dangerous. ”
five. Summarize Casca’s explanation of why Caesar looked so sad.
Antony offered Caesar a top. When he declined it, the crowd cheered. So , even though Caesar really wanted the crown, he at that point could not openly accept it. Then he previously a seizure.
6. At the end of Scene II in lines 312 – 326, Cassius makes plans. What plans really does he generate? Why?
He can going to move notes to Brutus from several people in order to support sway Brutus against Caesar.
7. Casca says, “For I believe they are portentous things/Unto the climate that they point after. ” Exactly what does he indicate?
He considers the list of “unnatural” sights he just told Cicero about are signs of the tragedy about to unfold inside their country.
8. Why does Cassius desire Brutus to join the conspiracy theory?
Brutus is known as a favorite with the people. He can honorable and well-thought-of. In the event the people will see that Brutus supported the conspiracy, the conspirators can be in better favor together with the people following assassination.
1 . To what decision will Brutus come in his orchard? Why?
This individual decides to join the conspiracy theory to homicide Caesar. He believes after Caesar can be crowned, he will abuse his power, and so Brutus thinks it far better to “kill him in the cover; that is, to murder him before he gets a chance to abuse his power
2 . Exactly what does Lucius give Brutus in Scene I?
He gives the solid note which will had been thrown through Brutus’ window.
3. Why doesn’t Brutus want to swear a great oath with all the conspirators?
This individual thinks a just trigger needs no oath to bind the doers for their cause.
4. Why does Metellus Cimber wish Cicero to sign up the conspiracy?
“… his silver hairs/Will purchase us a good view, /And purchase men’s noises to compliment our actions…. ”
5. Brutus is against including Cicero and against killing Tag Antony. Why?
He says Cicero will not adhere to any prepare started by simply someone else. Killing Mark Antony isn’t necessary; it would be as well bloody.
6. How come did Brutus say, “Render me worth this commendable wife! “?
Portia indicates her concern for him and insists on sharing his mental burden.
7. Of what does Calpurnia try to persuade Caesar?
The lady tries to influence him that her dreams are omens of disaster and that he probably should not go to the Senate meeting.
8. Caesar yields to Calpurnia’s wishes at first. Why does he change his mind and decide to go to the United states senate meeting?
Decius reinterprets Calpurnia’s dream to lure Caesar to go to the meeting.
9. What really does the note Artemidorus wants to share with Caesar declare?
It alerts Caesar about the conspiracy and brands the conspirators.
1 ) What is sarcastic about the timing of Caesar’s killing (in relation to the previous events)?
He has just completed saying just how he is individual who is as “constant as the Northern Star” and comparing himself to Olympus. He’s destroyed soon after proclaiming his magnificence and indestructibility.
2 . Inside the moments next Caesar’s fatality, what do the conspirators proclaim to rationalize their action?
“Liberty! Independence! Tyranny is definitely dead! ”
a few. Antony’s servant brings a communication to Brutus. What does he say?
Antony praises Brutus for being genuine and respectable and needs to be able to safely come observe Brutus to know why Caesar was murdered. 24
4. Antony wants to speak at Caesar’s funeral. What reaction does Brutus possess? Cassius?
Brutus would allow him to speak. Cassius thinks it really is too harmful for them to allow Antony converse with the people.
5. Below what conditions will Antony speak on the funeral?
He may be allowed to speak if this individual doesn’t fault the conspirators, admits he speaks by way of a permission, and speaks previous (after Brutus).
6th. What would Brutus say to the people on the funeral?
He said he loved Caesar, but he loved Ancient rome more. He asked them if they can “rather Caesar were living and perish all slaves then that Caesar were dead, to live all freemen. ” This individual asked for any individual he had upset to step forth. (No one performed. ) Brutus attempted to appeal to the crowd’s reason, showing them the fact that assassination was your only logical way to do the great thing for those.
several. What performed Antony say to the people with the funeral in his now popular “Friends, Aventure, countrymen, give me the ears” conversation?
Antony referred to as the conspirators “honorable men” and does not certainly attempt to weaken the crowd’s new-found heroes. Instead, this individual begins aiming our instances of Caesar’s patterns which clearly contradict the accusations made by the conspirators. He records that Caesar shared the spoils of war, revealed compassion pertaining to the common persons, and refused acceptance of the crown three times. These were not deeds associated with an ambitious man, so Antony said. Through the entire speech, he masterfully manipulates the crowd’s emotions right up until, at the end, they praise him and Caesar and are ready to riot.
8. Why did Brutus and Cassius flee Ancient rome?
Their lives were at risk after Antony’s remarks on the funeral.
9. What is the point of Act 3 Scene III? ( cinna the poets death)
That graphically displays the chaotic mood in the crowd. Even if told they may have the wrong Cinna, they want to damage him in any case for his bad compared to and for obtaining the same term as Cinna the conspirator.
1 . What did Antony, Octavius and Lepidus gather to talk about?
They were determining which Romans should live or pass away. They desired to eliminate anyone who could cause these people trouble.
2 . To what does Antony compare Lepidus?
He even comes close him to his own horse and calls him an animal being trained and used. twenty-five
three or more. What difficulty has developed among Cassius and Brutus? Just how is it settled?
Cassius was offended that Brutus did not seriously consider his letters for Lucius Pella. Brutus said Cassius probably should not have created on behalf of such a man and he goes on to accuse Cassius of accepting bribes himself. It is solved (after a great deal of name-calling and threats to fight) by the end of their dialogue. Brutus quite simply holds to his position and lets Cassius talk himself out.
four. What information did Messala bring Brutus?
He brought news that Antony, Octavius and Lepidus have had a hundred Senators murdered and that Portia also is dead.
your five. For what reasons does Brutus want to lead his soldires to Philippi?
(a) They can gather new forces because they march to Philippi (b) That the foe is elevating and his military services is at an increased point willing to decline, and (c) They can be on a “tide” of “fortune” and should hit while they can be on a very good tide. (Note that it is satrical that Brutus’ decision to move early is the key to his defeat. In the event he had continued to wait, the outcome may have been different. )
6th. What meaning did Caesar’s ghost deliver Brutus?
This individual said he’d see Brutus at Philippi.
1 ) Why did Pindarus rute Cassius?
Cassius ordered Pindarus to get rid of Cassius following he thinks Titanius has been captured by the enemy. (Note the irony that Titanius was at fact NOT captured; rather, he was becoming congratulated by simply his personal side. )
installment payments on your What causes Titinius to say, “The sun of Rome is set! “?
He learns of Cassius’ death.
3. Who do the soldiers believe that they have captured in Landscape IV? Who will be it really?
They believe they have captured Brutus, but they have basically captured Lucilius.
4. How does Brutus die?
Brutus runs on his own sword. This individual recognizes wipe out and refuses to give Antony the “honor” of killing him.
5. Why did Antony say Brutus was the “noblest Roman of which all”?
All of those other conspirators slain Caesar of envy or perhaps for personal gain. Brutus genuinely believed he was doing the ideal thing for his countrymen.
how much does antony tease the people with to get them on his area?
caesar’s is going to
what is the soothsayers warning?
‘beware the ides of March’
what is the ides of march
march 15
name 3 bad omens that appear in the story
thunderstorms, fountains of bloodstream, ghosts, dead people walking, animals without hearts, poor dreams, ravens, crows
what shows up in Brutus’ tent in Act 4?
The ghost of Caesar
exactly what are ceasars famous last phrases?
‘Et su, Brute? Then fall Caesar. ‘
How often times does Caesar refuse the crown wanted to him by Mark Antony?
3 times
what type government does The italian capital have?
What position offers Caesar been offered upon his return from fight?
emperor of Rome
Who will rule after Caesar’s death?
What position truly does Mark Antony hold in Rome?
basic of the military services
who may be caesar’s wife?
who is brutus’ wife?
Precisely what is Octavius’ relationship to Caesar?
He is Caesar’s adopted boy
What does Mark Antony call Brutus at the end with the play?
The noblest Roman
Define pathos.
A great appeal towards the emotions
Where is definitely Caesar slain?
In the Senate
How can Portia perish?
By ingesting hot coals
Precisely what is the cause of the argument between Brutus and Cassius in Act 4?
Cassius is in debt for Brutus cash
Which of the following is Not really a conspirator: Cinna, Decius, Lucius?
How does Decius convince Caesar to come to the Senate around the ides of March?
He claims Calphurnia’s fantasy has been misinterpreted, emasculates him…
who have said-

“He was my friend, faithful and just to my opinion. /But Brutus says he was ambitious, /And Brutus can be an professional man. ”

Mark Antony
whom said

“It has to be by his death. As well as for my portion, /I find out no personal cause to spurn by him, /But for the overall: he would end up being crowned. ”

who stated

“What mean you, Caesar? believe you to walk forth? / You will not stir away of your house today”

who said

“I could be very well moved if I were whenever you. /If I really could pray to move, prayers would move myself. But I actually am regular as the Northern Legend, /Of in whose true fixed and sleeping quality /There is no guy in the heavens. ”

who have said

“I have a mans mind, but a women’s might. /How hard it can be for women to hold counsel! ”

Name and define the principal rhetorical appeal that Brutus uses in his funeral speech.
Ethos – an charm to the speaker’s character

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