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Justify your choice of key theme s inside the

Within the novel “Of Mice and Men”, numerous different styles are noticeable. These cover anything from death (the killing of Curley’s wife and of Lennie) to characteristics (the points of the scenery at the beginning and towards the end of the story). However , the themes i will consider are that of friendship along with the ‘American Dream’.

Friendship, in my opinion, is one of the most regularly occurring themes in the history because of all of the struggles George and Lennie have to get over in their a friendly relationship, for example , keeping Lennie out of difficulty so as to avoid any further predicaments.

Also, it really is considered slightly strange why these two men (Lennie and George) possess travelled together for so long given the trend at the time of itinerant workers who were almost constantly changing their particular workplace. This shows just how strong their very own bond is and how they might never keep each other.

To further enhance this point of the constant occurrence of friendship, we see all the other friendships present around the ranch like Candy’s friendship with his loyal dog and the general a friendly relationship between all of the ranch ‘guys’.

Chocolate particularly has a strong a friendly relationship between him self and his doggie. His emotions are clearly evident in the field in which Carlson volunteers to shoot his dog. Candy is extremely reluctant but allows it anyhow. However , he soon understands his mistake after he has decided to become a a part of George and Lennie’s wish and we can see he remorse it if he tells George “I should ought to of let not any stranger shoot my puppy. “

Another friendship that is certainly present and the most essential to the account is the companionship between George and Lennie. This a friendly relationship has many diverse sides to it like anger and happiness and even George becoming protective of Lennie. George sometimes can’t stand the eyesight of Lennie and constantly breaks in to sudden reactions about how “life would be easy” without Lennie. Yet profound down George realises that he took up the responsibility intended for looking after Lennie after his Aunt Clara died and knows he could under no circumstances desert Lennie because they want each other equally.

Their companionship also links into the different theme I use chosen, the ‘American Dream’. This idea is what bonds Lennie and George together because they know that they have a goal and will eventually get somewhere, which can be another reason so why George won’t leave Lennie. Moreover, this kind of theme is usually one of the main options for conversation among George and Lennie. For example , the way Lennie constantly tells George to “tell how it’s will be. “

Again, like companionship, the concept of the the ‘American Dream’ is also a regularly taking place theme that is certainly never definately not the action. For example , inside the fight picture with Curley and Lennie, it was since Lennie was grinning in the idea of the dream materialising that Curley, upset about his wife, decided to pick a fight with him thinking Lennie was having a laugh at him. Additionally , to emphasise this point further, there is a last recitation than it just before George shoots Lennie. George locations Lennie because he feels that it is his responsibility and he didn’t need Lennie get shot “in the guts” at the hands of Curley.

The desire also has an aura of infectiousness to it plus the reader is able to see this when George and Lennie intend over it again to each other and Candy overhears them and wants to become a part of it. Furthermore, in the scene with all the four ‘rejects’ (Lennie, Crooks, Candy and Curley’s wife), we see that Crooks as well wants to help the desire becoming a fact when Lennie inadvertently lets the idea slide out, nevertheless by the time the scene has ended, Crooks withdraws because of the mental attack by simply Curley’s partner on him. “Keep your place then, Nigger. I could receive you strung up on a shrub so easy this ain’t actually funny. “

A further example of friendship can be how no person tries to befriend Crooks as they is dark with the exception of Lennie because he does not know the difference. Back then, in society, racism was freely accepted and it wasn’t thought uncommon for blacks and white wines to be independent. It was considered to be the way it had been meant to be. In the matter of Crooks, his circumstances likewise link in the themes of Racism and also Loneliness, different themes within the novel.

The 2 themes I possess chosen have twists in their paths. With friendship, it really is introduced almost straight away when we read the points of the two men though at first we don’t know the text between them. However , as the storyplot unfolds, their very own relationship becomes more noticeable and we begin to see the depth of it.

To begin with, we have the basic emotions and issues that can happen within a straightforward friendship. For instance , when Lennie has a useless mouse which is stroking that, George will take it away but Lennie is reluctant. The thoughts range from anger, “give me personally that mouse button or must i have to sock you? “, to a nurturing side when ever George games consoles Lennie after he has confiscated it, “I ain’t taking’ that away jus’ for meanness. “

Alternatively, as we move deeper in to the friendship, we learn that despite the incident in Marijuana, George remains to be taking care of Lennie thus finishing that his feelings pertaining to Lennie are stronger than patients in an normal friendship and we can also notice that their romantic relationship resembles that of one among brothers. Even as move onto the ranch, we see that there is a general sense of friendship among all the ranch ‘guys’ and also see that ethnic discrimination is definitely evident in the type of Crook’s isolation.

Returning to Lennie and George, when they’re introduced to Curley, the protecting element of all their friendship comes back into enjoy when Curley gets irritated that Lennie isn’t speaking, George becomes protective of Lennie and defends him. Again, the friendship provides drastic contrasts, for example , one minute George is nearly going to hit Lennie plus the next, he is preventing him from receiving hit simply by Curley.

A new character has the collapse in the form of Slender who is more appreciated by George than Lennie although he offers Lennie certainly one of his pups. George becomes friendly with Slim by simply confiding in him about Lennie. For example , he tells him about Weed and exactly how when previously, he accustomed to beat Lennie up but Lennie would never retaliate plus the time when he told Lennie to begin the lake and Lennie did. This kind of builds up an element of trust in their newly formed friendship. “An’ he jumps. Didn’t want to swim a stroke. He damn close to drowned ahead of we could obtain him. “

Finally, we come face to face with the final scene and this can be when George and Lennie’s friendship genuinely hits a downfall. Following Lennie has killed Curley’s wife and has run off, Candy detects the body and informs George. Judging from George’s response, (“I should certainly of realized. I guess back in my head I did so. “), it can be interpreted that he understands what the situations will be as a result of Lennie’s actions. Nevertheless, he joins the following manhunt, knowing where to find Lennie, and meets up with him “in the brush”. As of this period inside the novel, we are able to sense the apprehension within just George merely from his actions and responses to Lennie. For instance , when Lennie says “I done one other bad point. “

“It don’t produce no big difference, ” George said, and he chop down silent once again. ” However, George realises that Lennie can prove to be a menace to society and it is unsafe because everyone is trying to find him. George manages to become mentally strong and shoots Lennie because he doesn’t wish his while cherished friend suffering an agonising loss of life at the hands of somebody else. Ironically, we come across that jointly friendship ends, another one blossoms as George walks away with Slender. The theme of Friendship operates through the entire story and even over and above with the fresh friendship shaped between George and Slender – although it can’t quite possibly replace his friendship with Lennie.

Intended for the ‘American dream’, in addition, it follows a path, which in turn changes since it unfolds. All of us first observe it throughout the first scene where we could introduced to George and Lennie when, following George just shouted at Lennie, Lennie tries to win him go back over by telling George to tell “how it’s gonna be”. We are shocked that what could be labelled as two ‘oddballs’ (one is like a giant, the different like a mouse) are unified by anything so simple.

From then on, the dream needs a backseat until it reappears when Lennie and George are telling it again and Candy overhears them. As stated earlier, the dream has an infectiousness feeling about it which is what has drawn Sweets to it, the fact that you could have your own independence and avoid currently taking orders by a employer. It is at this moment in the novel that Lennie and George (with Candy’s input) will be the closest might ever become to actually viewing this ‘dream’ of their own become a reality. Later on, Crooks as well falls sufferer to this idea of independence and freedom these kinds of is its ability to attract people towards that. Unfortunately although, at the end from the scene, this individual withdraws as a result of verbal assault on him by Curly’s wife. Curley’s wife reminds Crooks that he is black and black persons in those days were oppressed, leading to even the most basic aspirations of a person not being realistic.

Stage about the dream can be how really earned Lennie the indicate of being ridiculous. For example , in conversations with Crooks and Curley’s wife, he says reasons for the rabbits he will rapidly be able to have a tendency and how he shouldn’t perform wrong or perhaps he defintely won’t be able to usually tend them. He’s so captivated with this idea that its every he talks about to others and this has lead both Criminals and Curley’s wife to calling him crazy because they can’t say for sure what your dog is talking about and this is a aspect as to why he could be considered sluggish, not just as a result of his mental inability but also due to things he admits that not following a thread of conversation.

Lastly, in the final scene, Candy asks George if the wish is off when they find Curley’s wife’s physique but he doesn’t reply. In any case, when he meets plan Lennie, Lennie requests that George inform the dream again 1 last time. George obliges and then locations Lennie during it, signalling the end with the dream they once distributed. The concept of the the ‘American Dream’, that way of Camaraderie, is released almost from the beginning and works right through right up until the end yet doesn’t extend beyond however as easy methods to given a conclusion.

Both the themes selected are interconnected very closely: The complications of George and Lennie’s a friendly relationship got in the way of them understanding their “dream”. The friendship and fantasy got in the way of each other spelling disaster pertaining to both. For example , Lennie becoming killed (friendship) and the fantasy not viewing the light of day (‘American Dream’). This time also relates to the meaning in the title in the novel.


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